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String deer fence, White-tailed deer aplenty as summer progresses in Kentucky July 9, 2014
... String fences are a viable option on small plots. They are constructed with metal fence posts, twine used to bale hay, and fluorescent one-inch plastic flagging tape. The idea is to create a web of string around and across rows of crops. Deer see the “fence” of tape fluttering in the breeze as a barrier. They can easily jump over the string, but are afraid they might be entangled...

Man delivers deer on side of highway May 29, 2014 Kentucky, WKYT 27
... "The deer passed away and as I was dragging the deer up the road, the little fellow's head just happened to pop up, and I got him out of the deer," said Newsome... He eventually gave the fawn to a friend to raises cattle to care for it before it is ready to released into the wild...

Leave young wildlife alone at this time of year May 9, 2014 Kentucky, The Floyd County Times
... If a threatening presence comes close to the fawns, the mother will run off to draw the danger toward her and away from her fawns. Newborn deer stay bedded in tall weeds or grass for the first few weeks of life until strong enough to keep up with their mother.  “If you are forced to move a fawn while mowing a field, set the fawn off in the tall weeds where it can hide,”  ...

Spreading the word about herds, Quality Deer Management in Daviess County March 10, 2014 Kentucky,  messenger-inquirer
     Brad Hoffman and several area deer hunters are organizing a chapter of Quality Deer Management Association in Daviess County.  "We're not a trophy hunting organization," said Hoffman, who is the Owensboro chapter president. "Our purpose is to ensure the future of white-tailed deer by preserving their habitat and protecting our hunting heritage."

... The bill, easily approved by the House Agriculture and Small Business Committee, would give landowners or their designees the authority to kill or trap any wildlife causing damage to crops or personal property... 

Prediction February 14, 2014  Kentucky,  Kentucky Hunting Forums
...My prediction is that in less than 3 years, legislation will be passed that will prohibit the use of drone aircraft in the attraction, location and tracking of game...

Record deer harvest February 12, 2014 Kentucky,
 ... In recent years, Kentucky's deer herd has been characterized as “stable” and and biologists estimate that the state’s herd numbers about 900,000 ... “A poor mast crop across most of the state pushed deer into the open and we had a wet growing season, so a lot of deer were out there to be harvested,”  ... Tina Brunjes, deer and elk program coordinator ... it’s uncertain if our cold winter and extended ice and snow cover will impact deer herds in northcentral Kentucky ...

Fort Mitchel, Deer hunt called off in Fort Mitchell February 4, 2014 Kentucky,
... “In our final analysis, we decided that with about four accidents a year in a residential area where you are driving 25 miles per hour, this is not the way to solve the problem,” Public Safety Committee chairman and councilman Jim Hummeldorf said...

Hunters set new deer harvest record January 28, 2014 Kentucky, Floyd County Times 
...  A record 104,619 deer were taken by firearms hunters. Archery hunters harvested 20,833 whitetails while muzzleloader hunters bagged 15,641 deer and crossbow hunters reported taking 3,311 deer.  Male deer accounted for nearly 54 percent of the deer harvested...

Deer not in danger from recent arctic temps January 25, 2014 Kentucky, Lexington Herald Leader
... “Large mammals can handle extended cold weather as opposed to extended hot weather,” said Tina Brunjes, a biologist and deer program director for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife...

Kentucky deer harvest totals 144,404 January 25, 2014  Courier-Journal ·
... One factor could have been the average to below-average mast crop, which probably kept whitetails moving in search of food, making them more vulnerable to hunters. The state wildlife agency also sold about 9,000 more deer permits than in the previous season ...

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Kentucky data:  Herd estimated at 750,000 in 2013 before fawning, 900,000 by October.  A stable population,  slightly declining in the southeastern part of the state where a study is underway to determine the cause. Fawn production was good in 201, the acorn crop was modest, but farmers increased acres of corn and soybeans. About 850,000 to  900,000 in 2012 and 2013, up from an estimated 740,000 deer in 2011, which was down a little from the previous recent peak of 800,000. Approximately stable population over the past 10 years, but the declining population in parts of southeastern Kentucky is under study.  The state manages toward achieving balanced herd demographics, bucks were about 54 percent of the 2013 harvest.   
    The deer herd was hunted to near extinction in the early 1900's, conservation efforts restored the deer.  By 1979 the total deer harvest was about 9,000.
    Elk were reintroduced to the state beginning in 1997, over five years 1547 were released.  The herd has grown to 10,000, the largest in the eastern states.

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