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Equally majestic, horns and antlers are not the same January 18, 2015 Massachusetts, South Coast Today
... While antlers are shed each year, horns stay with an animal for its entire life, with a few exceptions, including the pronghorn antelope... Antlers are made of bone, while horns are made of compressed hair (keratin, like fingernails), around a bony core... Animals in the deer family, such as whitetail and mule deer, elk, moose and caribou, have antlers...

Blue Hills, Deer hunting in the Blue Hills? January 17, 2015 Massachusetta, The Boston Globe ·
... State Senator Brian A. Joyce, whose district includes the Blue Hills, said 6 to 8 deer per square mile is considered to be a healthy population for this region [see other recommendations, U.S. Forest Service recommend 15 to 28 deer per square mile] ... Joyce added a provision to last year’s Environmental Bond Bill calling for the state to develop and implement a plan to control deer populations in areas where their density exceeds 50 per square mile ...

Jogger shot by deer hunter on Cape Cod December 9, 2014 Massachusetts, CBS 12 News 
...  a deer hunter has been arrested after mistakenly shooting a jogger in the woods... reported in stable condition ... Many bucks have lost 20 percent of their pre-rut body weight from fighting and mating last month...

Chances of getting deer decreasing, but not extinguished December 8, 2014 Massachusetts, Worcester Telegram
... The little-understood second rut of December ... is on right now. The very few mature does that didn't mate in November are now ovulating again 28 days after their first November cycle...

Wildlife officials consider allowing deer hunts in state parks December 1, 2014 Massachusetts, Newburyport Daily News 
... “Many of our reservations are closed to hunting by regulation either because they are in urban areas, border neighborhoods, or as a result of deed restrictions placed on the properties before the commonwealth acquired them,” ...

Wildlife officials consider deer hunting in state parks November 27, 2014 Massachusetts, Eagle-Tribune
...  including Willowdale State Forest in Ipswich -- to cull herds that have flourished under state and local protections. The move, details of which are still being worked out, will likely require legislative approval ... a meeting between local hunters, town and state officials ...

Martha's Vineyard, Shotgun deer hunting season begins Monday November 25, 2014 Massachuseetts, Martha's Vineyard Times
... In 2013, Island hunters took 726 deer ... 257 deer during the six-week archery season; 368 deer during the two-week shotgun season; and 101 deer during the approximately three-week primitive firearms season...

Hunter finds scarce 8-point antlered doe November 10, 2014 Massachusetts,  WCSH-TV
... an 8-point antler female deer -- or doe. The deer was unique because of its gender. The doe weighed in at 244 pounds, and the dressed weight was 185 pounds... "The feet of the deer had the big dewclaws and the tracks that were leaving the marks were completely typical of a buck." ... 

A couple in Massachusetts didn't catch a fish on their latest boating trip, they caught a deer! - November 10, 2014

White-tail deer crossing from Grape Island in the Boston Harbor

... he dates for ArcheryHunting in the Landlocked Forest for the 2014 season are Oct. 20, 2014 to Dec. 31, 2014, with no hunting on Sundays... General questions about the Burlington hunting program should be directed to the Burlington Conservation Department at (781) 270-1655.

Hingham, Bow hunting allowed again in Hingham  September 9, 2014 Massachusetts, Taunton Daily Gazette 
... The final draft included a fee for applying for a town hunting permit and a separate fee for a replacement permit card should the original be lost. The commission decided to move forward without those fees... The final draft also required hunters to spend two hours each year helping to maintain the conservation lands by picking up trash and clearing the trails... The commission decided to change the language to encourage, not require, hunters to do two hours of service...

Massachusetts Data: Between 85,000 and 95,000 deer in the state according to the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.  Deer have been on the decline in the western part of the state and the WDFW issued fewer antlerless deer permits in 2013 with about the same number issues for 2014.   From 30 to 50 percent of the fawns die each year, 20 to 35 percent killed by predators.  Coyotes take about 25 percent of all fawns.  About 8500 coyotes in the state.
    Overall, deer numbers are near target levels - below target in the West, but above target in the East near the New York border and east to Ashby and Westminster.  Deer numbers are very low in Cape Cod as a result of extensive development, lack of good habitat and nutrition, and deer-vehicle collisions.  Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket have higher deer densities. Hunting Statistics

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