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New Hampshire 2014-2015 Wildlife Rule Changes June 28, 2014 Outdoor News Daily
... The number of either-sex deer days during the muzzleloader and/or regular firearm seasons has increased in several wildlife management units (WMUs). ... The length of the season to bait for deer has been reduced in WMUs A-L ... [For more information see Deer Hunting in New Hampshire]

2 deer rescued from ocean off Hampton Beach, had been playing June 6, 2014 New Hampshire, The Republic
.... Two men using paddleboards helped with the rescue of two deer who wandered into the ocean off of Hampton Beach [see video below taken when deer seemed to be playing] ...

News 9's Hampton Beach camera spotted two deer playing in the water on Hampton Beach - June 6, 2014

... New Hampshire is in the first year of a three-year study on moose mortality ...  New Hampshire currently has about 4,400 moose, down from about 7,600 in 1996.

World champion shed hunting dog competes to defend title March 27, 2014  New Hampshire, WMUR 
... New Hampshire has a world champion shed hunting dog who is headed out to Minnesota to defend her title. DeeDee can smell an antler dropped in the woods by a deer ...

... Over the past year, the First New Hampshire Branch has accomplished a great deal in its local community.  In June, the Branch prepared a three-fourths acre food plot at Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown, New Hampshire ...

Room For A Deer-Farming Boom March 6, 2014 New Hampshire, New Hampshire Public Radio
... Ahern and Downing harvest 40-60 deer annually, selling for anything from $2 a pound for kidneys to $25 for roast. They also harvest antler velvet as a dietary supplement, which Ahern says is good for joints, stamina, and to promote healing...

How did a plane hit a deer in Nashua - while climbing? March 6, 2014 New Hampshire, Nashua Telegraph ·
... the FAA's database of aircraft bird strikes ... May 22, 1994 ... The FAA report says the Nashua plane (a Piper PA028) hit the deer not while taxiing or taking off or landing, but while climbing ... The most likely answer is that the database is wrong ...

... We hear coyotes howling more frequently over the course of winter as deer weaken in the deep snow ... The deer ... tend to ascend and descend in the wooded corridors between adjacent fields and houses. Coyotes drive deer uphill into ambush positions where steep terrain slows the prey and hinders escape from pursuing hunters as other coyotes wait at the base of the ledges or bottlenecks where trails converge...

... Deer don't experience severe winter tick infestations. They tend to groom off questing winter ticks in autumn...Overwintering deer ticks may be reduced by extreme cold. That good news translates into a reduction in future rates of human Lyme disease... In winter forests devoid of low browse, chainsaws toll a deer dinner bell. Local logging operations temporarily increase availability of natural foods at ground level ... 

Mild Winters Credited for Twin State Deer Hunting Success January 18, 104 New Hampshire, Valley News 
... , hunters took more than 14,100 deer in Vermont, 320 more than the average of the previous three autumns, and New Hampshire saw its biggest take since 2007... “The last three winters have been three of the mildest on record in New Hampshire since Fish and Game started recording winter severity data during the winter of 1964-65,” deer-project leader Dan Bergeron said recently. “This has helped increase deer survival and reproduction.” ...

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New Hampshire data: The state estimates 87,000 deer in the herd pre-hunt in 2013.  About 85,000 - 90,000 deer in the state in 2013 to 2011, pre-hunt. Last year roughly 1/3 of the deer taken were does and 2/3 were bucks.  The goal of the wildlife agency is to increase the deer herd, except in southeastern New Hampshire where deer population control efforts are underway to reduce deer vehicle collisions and browsing on agriculture and ornamental plants.  The hunt is taking about 11 to 14 percent of the herd each year.  Stable population, significantly higher than in the 1980s.  The herd is still recovering from some severe winters beginning in 2007-08, the mild winters of 2010-12 reduced fawn mortality.  Management is trying to improve the age structure of the northern deer herd, reducing the kill of young deer. The herd population took a big drop in the 1980's.  The population has been on a general upward trend following that die off. Bucks were about 65 percent of the harvest in 2013.  About 1,300 deer are killed by cars every year in the state. Whitetails were virtually wiped out from unregulated hunting in the 1800's and early 1900's.
     About 4,500 Moose, down from 7,600 in 1996.

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New Hampshire Big Game Plan: Goal 1: NH will regionally manage white-tailed deer populations by balancing and incorporating social, economic, ecological and public safety factors using the best available science/knowledge.

The graph below shows the historic reported deer harvest for New Hampshire.
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