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... more than 200 counts of illegal hunting... sentenced a Bend man to 30 days in jail and ordered him to pay $66,050 in fines for guiding illegal hunting expeditions...

Access and Habitat board meets July 21-22 in Sweet Home and Salem July 8, 2014 Oregon, ODFW News
... The field tour of area habitat work departs at 1:30 pm on Monday, July 21 from the Cascade Timber Consulting Annex, 3220 Santiam Hwy (US 20) in Sweet Home. Members of the public are welcome to join the tour but need to provide their own transportation. The tour should be over by 4:30 p.m. Members of the public may also attend a lunch and discussion scheduled at the Annex from noon-1:30 p.m. but must provide their own lunch.  A board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 22 beginning at 8 am in ODFW’s Commission Room, 4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE, Salem... For additional information on attending the meeting, call program staff at 503-947-6087. More information about the A&H Program can be found at www.dfw.state.or.us/lands/AH

... a man who reported a "wild deer running around" in the Bethany area... The call was released as part of the dispatch agency's "You called 911 for that?!" campaign. One example of an inappropriate use of 911 is released a month to educate people ...

OSP investigates poaching after decapitated deer head found July 8, 2014 Oregon, Mail Tribune & Daily Tidings 
... A decapitated deer head with the skull cap and antlers cut off was found on Antioch Road last week ... A reward is being offered through the Oregon Hunters Association's Turn in Poachers program ... 1-800-452-7888. ... 

... the illegal killing of a buck deer recently in the East Evans Creek or Sams Valley area off Antioch Road in Jackson County... near milepost 10 on July 2, 2014. Evidence at the scene indicates that the buck deer was recently killed elsewhere and butchered... reward ... 1-800-452-7888

A camper-inspired dangerous diet for deer June 25, 2014 Oregon, Bend Bulletin
... Four deer suddenly appeared ... at Minam State Park ... While the four critters entertained us, what we didn’t see was another deer making a slow end-around and sneaking behind us. The deer slipped past and walked up to our picnic table. In a second, it grabbed a bag of pita bread and started running toward the woods...

Hunting by the numbers June 20, 2014 Oregon, Chinook Observer
... A 2012 Colorado State University study of Oregon deer hunters between 2008 and 2009 saw a 7 percent decrease in participation during the period.  Hunters cited reduced access to hunting grounds, low deer populations and excess concentrations of hunters as factors that diminished the experience.... Like state wildlife agencies across the country, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife depends heavily on license and tag sales for fishing and hunting...

Suit: Logging threatens wandering wolf's den, pups June 20, 2014 Oregon, Capital Press
... conservation group is challenging a national forest timber sale ... the timber industry, which supports the timber sale, said OR-7 and his family would be better served if the project goes ahead because it would reduce the risk of wildfire and increase the amount of food available to deer and elk, which wolves eat...

Controlled hunt draw results now available June 19, 2014 Oregon, ODFW
     Hunters who applied for a 2014 fall controlled hunt can find out now if they drew the tag through the Hunting Resources section of ODFW’s website or by calling (503) 947-6102 or (800) 708-1782 (calls made within Oregon only).  ODFW no longer mails postcard notifications of draw results.
     This year, ODFW processed 389,172 controlled hunt applications compared to 381,511 applications last year. A total of 134,312 controlled hunt tags were available this year. Last year, 131,954 tags were available.

... ODFW said in the past two weeks alone, wildlife biologists have reported several instances of people taking deer fawns out of the wild.  People are often mistaken when they believe something is wrong because a young animal is alone. The young animal’s mother is probably close by, maintaining what she sees as a safe distance between herself and humans or foraging for food...

...a "wolf effect" exists, favoring red foxes where wolves are present and coyotes where wolves are absent... studied the influence of carnivores on their prey -- such as deer and elk -- and on vegetation from aspen trees to willows. He and his colleagues have shown that the removal of top predators can cause dramatic shifts within ecosystems...

Ashland, Deer attack leaves Ashland woman shaken up June 15, 2014 Oregon, Mail Tribune
... When Felmley told her story to others, she found little support for herself but lots for the wildlife.  "Their first response was not, 'are you OK?' but that I should have known better and the deer must have fawns nearby," ... They consider dogs predators and will proactively defend fawns ... tall deer fences. It proves effective and is affordable, but it forces the deer into wildlife corridors ...

Deer in the campground? June 7, 2014 Oregon, Associated Press
... Eastern Oregon is known for its tame deer in campgrounds. The campground at Wallowa Lake has deer that often mingle with campers. Photos of little kids feeding snacks to deer are common... it's fun to watch wildlife, and it's neat to get such great photo opportunities of critters coming through camp...

Big game tags, trapping regulations set June 6, 2014 Oregon, Corvallis Gazette Times
... A total of 134,312 big game (deer, elk, pronghorn, Rocky Mtn goat, bighorn sheep) tags will be available in the draw, the number and type proposed by ODFW staff. Draw results will be available by June 20 online at My Hunter Information ...

Westlake, in Dunes City Oregon, on Siltcoos Lake. - June 4, 2014

Man saves fawn trapped in fence... May 23, 214 Oregon, OregonLive
Chad Anderson was driving toward Pendleton when he spotted the trapped deer... . When the fawn fell down to the ground, it couldn't walk [see video below]  ...

Ok but don’t touch: Young animals are rarely orphaned so leave them where they belong—in the wild May 9, 2014 Oregon, ODFW News
... Peggy Cheathem of Umpqua Wildlife Rescue in Roseburg has been rehabilitating deer fawns for 18 years. She usually discovers that people who have picked up fawns just assumed that the animal was orphaned. She urges them to put the fawn right back where it was found so it can be reunited with its mother. “I explain to them the natural process of mom and baby in the wild and that taking the fawn was a mistake,” she says. “I ask them to put it back exactly where they got it or close by, and to follow up in the morning. Nine times out of 10, the fawn is gone by morning because mom has picked it up.” ...
    Call your local ODFW office, Oregon State Police office, or a local licensed wildlife rehabilitation center when: 1) you see an animal that you know is orphaned because you observed the dead parent animal, or 2) the parent hasn’t returned for several hours or even up to a day, or 3) if the animal is clearly inured or in distress.

... “Deer come here because even in the dry season, we water, we fertilize, we plant tasty stuff,” says Dr. Michael Parker, Chair of Southern Oregon University’s Biology Department. “We’ve created beautiful habitat for this particular animal.” ... the black-tailed deer has been in decline across its range since the late 1970s. A state-wide survey in 1979 estimated the total population at 452,000; the 2004 estimate pegged it at only 320,000...

Eugene may allow 8-foot-tall deer fences May 6, 2014 Oregon, RegisterGuard.com
... City Councilor Betty Taylor proposed the amendment in October after south Eugene residents contacted her regarding problems with deer eating food in their gardens...

2015 regulation changes May 2, 2014 Oregon, ODFW News
     ODFW kicked off a series of public meetings last night to present tag numbers and get public input on changes to 2015 regulations. Some of the bigger changes under consideration are: Add days to Western Oregon deer rifle general season in some units in SW Oregon where deer numbers are good.  Allow spike harvest in some NW Oregon units during Western Oregon general season by changing the bag limit to “One buck with a visible antler” (currently bag limit is “One buck deer having not less than a forked antler”).Change the bag limit for 600 series deer hunts in some or all areas from “Antlerless or Spike” to “Antlerless.”   

The Deer Debate, decline of black tail deer May 1, 2014 Oregon, Jefferson Public Radio
... Though this may surprise residents of deer-infested towns, the black-tailed deer has been in decline across its range since the late 1970s. A state-wide survey in 1979 estimated the total population at 452,000; the 2004 estimate pegged it at only 320,000. ODFW cites a number of reasons for the decline, loss of habitat and disease chief among them...

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Oregon Data: The Oregon deer population has been in a long decline since the 1960s, but has been relatively stable for the past few years, although the ODFW no longer publishes a population estimate. The black-tailed deer population was estimated be about 452,000 in 1979 and 320,000 in 2004, 300,000 in 2012. The mule deer population, east of the Cascade Crest, was estimated at 216,000 in 2009. Around 215,000 total mule deer in 2014 and about 32,000 of those are bucks.
     There is a small population of Columbian white-tailed deer in Douglas County and the Columbia River Gorge, some of which were moved during 2013 when it was feared they would be flooded.  These deer were common in Western Oregon, but fewer than 700 remained in 1970, farming altered their major habitat.  
     General deer management policies have led to low buck to doe ratios, ratios from 19 to 33 bucks per 100 does reported for the Rogue Unit. Peak deer harvest was in 1961 at 163,939 with 31 percent of total mule deer harvest being antlerless and 37 percent of black-tail antlerless.  The percentage of does in the harvest has generally gone down since then.  In 2004, the numbers fell to below 10 percent for mule deer and in the 9 to 14 percent range for black-tail deer.  The 2012 harvest was 43,098, or 26.3 percent of the historical high. In 2012, hunter success was about 36 percent.  Every fall thousands of mule deer make a 30 to 75 mile trip between Bend and La Pine, increasingly difficult due to development. 
    As of 2011, Oregon had about 6,000 cougars.

Report poaching, rewards:  1-800-452-7888

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MULE DEER INITIATIVE Commission Briefing - February 20, 2009. Issue:
Researchers and wildlife managers generally concede mule deer achieved maximum abundance during the 1950s and ‘60s. Since then, mule deer have declined across the West, including Oregon. The most recent decline appened during the early 1990s and, though not fully understood, it is believed to be primarily due to the combined effects of drought and severe winters. Historically, deer populations rebounded quickly after such climatic extremes. However, in recent years, production and survival of fawns have remained at depressed levels. Low recruitment, severe winters, dry summers, changing predator/prey relationships, and increased habitat loss have pushed mule deer populations lower than the department and public desire.

Mule Deer Music Video of Home on the Range