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Arizona Deer in the News Archive

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Allow fawns to return to mothers August 12, 2012 Arizona

Animals orphaned by AZ monsoons are in safe hands August 20, 2014 August 20, 2014 Arizona

Archery hunting in Flagstaff to be scaled back May 21, 2016 Arizona

Artistic Deer Crossing - Cave Creek, Arizona - Uncommon Crossing ... June 14, 2011

AZGFD responds to resident concerns about feeding deer January 30, 2018 Arizona

AZGFD seek info leading to suspected serial poachers September 27, 2012 Arizona

Baby deer saved by elite firefighters from Arizona wildfire July 3, 2017 Arizona

Baby fawn dropped off at animal rehab center July 24, 2012 Arizon

Canyon visitors scolded for helping fawn June 29, 2016 Arizona

Come Feed the Deer! July 24, 2012 Arizona

Cowboys help rescue deer from Valley canal December 18, 2015 Arizona

Dead deer found tied to tree in Catalinas November 10, 2015

Deal! Get up close and personal with animals at the Grand Canyon Deer Farm September 13, 2012 Arizona

Decades-old Farm in Northern Arizona specializes in wildlife people can safely interact with August 24,2017 Arizona

Deer fawn improperly taken from Wickenburg area will now live in captivity August 7, 2017 Arizona

Flagstaff students take part in Southwest Experimental Garden Array project May 11, 2015 Arizona

Game and Fish officers seize 'kidnapped' baby deer during traffic stop April 14, 2017 Arizona

Man abandons newborn fawn in Tucson July 30, 2013 Arizona

Mother Nature's nest [deer spotting] April 30, 2011 Arizona

Mule Deer Foundation on the Move in Arizona July 15, 2012

Orphaned fawns are doing well, adapting to mule deer habitat at Keepers of the Wild January 9, 2018 Arizona,

Poacher leaves decapitated mule deer September 11, 2012 Arizona

Pregnant mule deer poached, twin fawns found dead; up to $1,000 reward available July 3, 2015 Arizona

Tucson game and fish seizes baby javelina, deer and bobcat kept as pets June 9, 2017 Arizona

Two Tucson men sentenced in deer poaching case August 27, 2015 Arizona

Up to $4000 reward offered in slaughter of nine does, fawns near Wilcox December 7, 2010 Arizona

Vet takes 12 hours to rescue deer which got a TIRE stuck in its antlers after the animal walks into her yard September 7, 2016 Arizona