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" ... The number of deer that a community wants is a community decision. There is no biologically correct number. The biological carrying capacity of many of our urban areas can be over 100 deer per square mile. What the community needs to determine is the social carrying capacity, —how many deer the citizens are willing to tolerate."   From “Urban Deer Management in Wisconsin. ” Wisconsin Urban and Community Forests, A Quarterly Newsletter of the Wisconsin department of Natural Resources Forestry Program. Volume 8, No. 1, Spring, 2000, p. 1

Wisconsin Suburban Deer Management Archive

A List of Articles in the Archive

18 county governments must decide on rifle hunt before Nov. 23 October 29, 2013 Wisconsin

Allouez, Ashwaubenon and De Pere: Limited deer hunt may happen in three area communities September 16, 2013 Wisconsin

Ashwaubenon could OK deer hunts in parks August 2, 2015 Wisconsin

Ashwaubenon deer population should not be killed April 16, 2014 Wisconsin

Ashwaubenon thins deer population February 18, 2016 Wisconsin

Bayport authorizes fall bow hunt; Aim is to control deer herd, focusing on Point Road neighborhood August 13, 2014 Wisconsin

Bill Preempts Local Restrictions On Bow, Crossbow Hunting September 18, 2013 Wisconsin,

Blaine to prohibit feeding of deer March 11, 2017 Wisconsin

Brookfield Committee: Deer Sharpshooting Program Successful, Worthwhile July 21, 2011 Wisconsin

Brookfield, Has the city of Brookfield surveyed the white tail deer population this winter March 13, 2013 Wisconsin

Brookfield, Survey shows stable deer population in Brookfield January 17, 2014 Wisconsin

Buchanan, Towns consider rifle bans after state deer hunting rule rollback November 9, 2013 Wisconsin

Chrysler site deer trapped and relocated January 19, 2018 Wisconsin

City outlines deer-thinning plan May 16, 2013 Wisconsin

D Pere, Communities not ready to act on urban deer June 4, 2014 Wisconsin

De Pere to leave deer alone; Ashwaubenon undecided May 15, 2014 Wisconsin

De Pere, Deer concerns have De Pere revisiting hunting limits March 13, 2014 Wisconsin

De Pere, Does The City Of De Pere Have Too Many Deer? April 8, 2014 Wisconsin

De Pere, Survey, state bill hint at possible municipal hunting June 12, 2013 Wisconsin

De Pere, Urban deer cause concerns September 20, 2013 Wisconsin

Delafield establishes management committee to focus on reducing deer population March 20, 2018 Wisconsin

Delafield eyes herd control April 4, 2017 Wisconsin

Delafield will purchase tower stands to help control deer population January 30, 2019 Wisconsin

Delafield, State's new permit rules complicate Delafield deer harvest April 18, 2017 Wisconsin,

Door County: Gun Deer Hunt in State Parks August 31, 2010 Wisconsin

Eau Claire deer plan recommends hunting expansion in future years September 23, 2015 Wisconsin

Eau Claire's deer question June 12, 2015 Wisconsin

Eau Claire, City defies DNR on deer law May 13, 2015 Wisconsin

Eau Claire, Commission OKs urban deer hunting plan August 27, 2015 Wisconsin

Eau Claire, DNR asking for public input on anterless deer hunt quota in Eau Claire County April 17, 2015 Wisconsin

Eau Claire, DNR: City can’t require permits for hunting on private land May 15, 2015 Wisconsin

Eau Claire, More land, lower fee proposed for urban deer hunt August 23, 2014 Wisconsin

Eau Claire, Relaxed deer hunt rules reasonable August 28, 2014 Wisconsin

Eau Claire, Report suggests deer hunting at city well field, Putnam Park August 22, 2015 Wisconsin

Eau Claire, Tallies totaled from city's deer counting task March 10, 2015 Wisconsin

Eau Claire, Urban deer causing issues in Eau Claire May 26, 2015 Wisconsin

Fence catches deer in Lake Delton November 28, 2014 Wisconsin

Germantown bans use of rifles in hunting areas October 22, 2013 Wisconsin

Grants available to help Wisconsin municipalities deal with nuisance wildlife October 2, 2012

Green Bay, Aerial survey targets Green Bay’s urban deer population February 14, 2014

Green Lake, City deer shoot easily renewed February 12, 2014 Wisconsin

Holland bans rifles for deer season; most others won't November 12, 2013 Wisconsin

Hudson City considering another special deer hunt this fall August 11, 2011 Wisconsin

Hudson, Deer control program will continue in the city of Hudson September 20, 2015 Wisconsin

Hudson, Special archery deer hunt is under way in the city October 11, 2012 Wisconsin

Lake Elmo and Washington County, High deer numbers in 2 Lake Elmo parks prompts fall harvest Minnesota,

Madison City commission OKs authority to kill deer January 12, 2012 Wisconsin

Madison: Commission to vote on plan to use sharpshooters to thin deer herd January 10, 2012, Wisconsin

Madison: Find ways to keep deer out of parks January 14, 2012 Wisconsin

Marshfield, Bow hunters pass test to hunt in city October 20, 2013 Wisconsin

Marshfield, Four sites in city planned for deer management hunt September 27, 2013 Wisconsin

Mequon approves deer culling contract January 9, 2013 Wisconsin

Merrill opens city for bow deer hunt August 11, 2011 Wisconsin

Nashotah Park to host first-ever bow hunt aimed at reducing deer population September 21, 2017 Wisconsin

New Richmond bans deer feeding January 18, 2013 Wisconsin

Newport, Second-annual deer hunt to take place in Newport May 21, 2014 Wisconsin

Oh, Deer: They're soft, furry, cute, tasty - but how many is too many? (summary of urban deer management issues) April 10, 2011 Wisconsin

Oshkosh plan wildlife management calls for sharpshooters February 8, 2011 Wisconsin Urban

Oshkosh wildlife committee recommends city cull deer at quarry November 26, 2011 Wisconsin

Pewaukee, City eyes ways to check deer population April 16, 2014 Wisconsin

Portage City considering bow hunting again to curtail deer August 18, 2013 Wisconsin

Portage Deer bow hunt dead; city board rejects idea May 23, 2011

Portage police could be used to kill deer September 17, 2014 Wisconsin

Portage shoots down deer hunting proposal November 16, 2011 Wisconsin

Portage, City leaders' proposal targets problem deer September 18, 2014 Wisconsin

Portage, City reports biggest deer harvest in 3 years April 25, 2017 Wisconsin

Portage, City's deer eradication program likely dead September 5, 2014 Wisconsin

Portage, Nuisance deer harvest off to successful start in Portage January 23, 2018 Wisconsin

Red Fox declines Coincide with Lyme Disease Increases January 31, 2014 Wisconsin,

Reedsburg City changes bow hunting ordinance February 19, 2014 Wisconsin

Reedsburg man gets year in jail for threatening police officers over deer control policies July 24, 2019 Wisconsin

Reedsburg prepares deer plan January 2, 2019 Wisconsin

Reedsburg’s deer management plan produces no success January 22, 2019 Wisconsin

Report on Stevens Point Wisconsin Deer Cull Program 1999 to 2012 with Cull Numbers and Deer Car Crashes March 8, 2012

Rhinelander looks to future after low deer harvest February 7, 2012 Wisconsin

Rhinelander, City Deer Hunts Possible Statewide October 24, 2013 Wisconsin

Rhinelander, Panel OKs amending deer nuisance ordinance Dec 31, 2015 Wisconsin

Rifles for Urban Deer, Deer Hunting Decision October 9, 2013 Wisconsin

River Valley: 32 antlerless deer taken in 2011 bow hunt on city land March 3, 2012 Wisconsin

Sheboygan, Public hearing on thinning Sheboygan deer herd scheduled June 17, 2013 Wisconsin

Sheboygan, Specialist thins deer herd on Sheboygan's north side May 16, 2014 Wisconsin

Shell Lake, Aerial deer survey to resume around Shell Lake February 6, 2014 Wisconsin

Shooting of white deer was legal, but violates towns' informal code November 21, 2012 Wisconsin

SpayVac using vaccines to control wildlife populations June 25, 2019 Wisconsin

Town of Eldorado considers rifle restriction for deer hunt October 31, 2013 Wisconsin

Town of FDL restricts rifle use during deer hunt November 18, 2013 Wisconsin

Urban Deer Management in Wisconsin

Waupaca City seeks input on deer plan March 16, 2017 Wisconsin,

Waupaca, City seeks input on deer December 13, 2016

Waupaca, City to vote on deer management plan March 30, 2017 Wisconsin

Waupaca, Majority favor city bow hunt February 1, 2017 Wisconsin

West Bend Deer Management update April 9, 2019 Wisconsin

West Bend,Deer Management Committee to request another controlled hunt in West Bend parks August 9, 2019 Wisconsin

Wisconsin towns fight repeal of bow ban July 25, 2014