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Deer Resistant Plants for North Carolina

abelia, cast iron plant (Aspidistra elatior) can tolerate heavy shade,  a long-lived perennial, and is a substitute for hostas,  crapemyrtle,  eastern redcedar, Japanese plum yew,  nandina, palms, rosemary and other herbs, ornamental grasses, southern magnolia, yaupon holly,  vitex,

Annuals: ageratium, angel trumpet, annual vinca, cleome, cosmos,diamond frost euphorbia,  four o’clocks, foxgloves, gloriosa daisies, gomphrena, heliotrope, larkspur, lantana, lobelia, Persian shield, Shirley poppies, summer snapdragon, sweet alyssum, tall verbena, zinnia

Bulbs: alliums,  daffodils

Perennials: agastaches, artemesias,  bee balm, catmint, iris, catmint, coreopsis,  crocosmia, dianthus, epimedium, goldenrod, ferns, Lambs ear, lavender, Lenten rose, mums, red hot poker, rosemary, Russian sages, sages, salvias, yarrow,

Shrubs:  boxwood, butterfly bushes, daphne, gardenia holly, junipers, lilac bushes, loropetalum, mahonia pieris japonica

Gardening - Consider a few native plants that resist deer November 15, 2015 North Carolina, Star News Online 

... smaller trees that are deer-resistant, consider Carolina cherry laurel, eastern redbud, or red buckeye, a small native whose bright red flowers are favorites of hummingbirds ... Highbush blueberry, inkberry and arrowood are shrubs ...