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Kansas Disease of Deer Archive

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Chronic wasting disease confirmed in 7 Kansas deer July 19, 2012 Kansas

Chronic wasting disease found in Sumner County deer July 19, 2012 Kansas

Chronic Wasting Disease In Kansas Deer: 2018-2019 Update February 22, 2019

Chronic Wasting in Kansas November 25, 2016

CWD, Deer disease spreading into south-central Kansas September 10, 2017

Deer disease continues to spread eastward March 6, 2013 Kansas

Deer industry works with scientists to develop live-animal test for Chronic Wasting Disease October 6, 2014 Kansas

Disease blamed for rise in number of dead deer, EHD November 17, 2012 Kansas

Disease continues to kill Kansas deer October 11, 2011 Kansas

EHD cases in deer reported in Greenwood, Osage counties October 17, 2015 Kansas,

Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease Report Clarifies Extent of Kansas Outbreak March 31, 2013, Kansas

First Case of Chronic Wasting Disease in Kansas

First CWD case of year surfaces in Decatur County January 11, 2011 Kansas

Four more deer test positive for chronic wasting disease March 9, 2013, Kansas

Future deer population could be in jeopardy in Kansas June 13, 2017 Kansas

Hunting biz owner admits illegally importing deer to Kansas February 6, 2018

Kansas sees chronic wasting disease cases February 28, 2014

KDWPT finds sick deer in Emporia August 16, 2012 Kansas

KDWPT: 30 Kansas deer reported for foot rot disease in 2016 July 8, 2017 Kansas

Prevalence of deadly deer disease increasing in some parts of Kansas March 1, 2016 Kansas,

Rare foot rot disease may be infecting Kansas deer population January 8, 2017

Researchers developing new live-animal test for CWD March 28, 2016 Kansas

Sick and Dead Deer Reported from Eastern Kansas September 1, 2011

Sick and Dead Deer Reported in Eastern Kansas August 11, 2012 Kansas

Sumner County deer cleared of deadly disease August 23, 2012 Kansas,

Ten Deer Test Positive for CWD in 2014-2015 July 16, 2015 Kansas

Ten Kansas Deer Confirmed Positive in Chronic Wasting Disease Tests March 31, 2011 Kansas

Tests complete, CWD found in 10 deer April 4, 2011 Kansas

Veterinary lab cautions about chronic wasting disease December 13, 2018 Kansas

Wasting disease spreads through more western Kansas deer April 1, 2015 Kansas

White-tailed deer taken in Decatur County Nov. 7; complete results due in spring January 6, 2011

Wildlife and Parks testing for chronic wasting disease November 28, 2014 Kansas