Bobcats and Deer



You might never see one, but Wisconsin's bobcats are on the rise September 12, 2023

... According to the state Department of Natural Resources, northern Wisconsin had about 1,500 bobcats in 1980. By 2016, that number was 3,500. Recent estimates are that, statewide, 46,500 bobcats make Wisconsin home. Nationally, there were about 1 million bobcats in 1981. By 2008, there were 3.5 million..,

'Mystery Predator' Caught Feasting on 100-Pound Deer in New York May 25, 2023 New York, Newsweek

... "The deer was a young female, approximately 80 to 100 lbs, there aren't many predators in the Adirondacks big enough to take down prey that size." ... the DEC revealed that the predator was actually a bobcat...

Bobcat Sneaks Within Inches Of Deer Before Taking It Down December 14, 2022 Whiskey Riff

....The cat gets within inches of the deer and pauses ... before taking a big ol’ leap ... The bobcat gets a good grip and goes for the kill zone, quickly taking the deer to the ground.  Game over ...

Bobcats breeding on Jekyll Island February 21, 2017, Florida, Florida Times-Union

...  discovery of two adult and two juvenile bobcats on the 5,700-acre island, ... the carcass of a 50-pound doe that had been attacked and killed. The deer had been attacked in the neck while bedded down in heavy brush, he said. “The deer didn’t have a chance,” ...