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Nevada Transportation and Deer Archive

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Deer Safety: NDOT installs I-80 crossings for animal migration August 7, 2013 Nevada

Dining on roadkill becoming legal in more states, not Nevada April 24, 2013

Driver Beware Elk, Deer Migrating Across Roads March 22, 2013

Drivers urged to use caution during wildlife migration October 27, 2012 Nevada

Gruesome deer carnage on I-80 could be avoided November 19, 2014 Nevada,

I-80 Safety Crossing Begins Construction in Northeast Nevada June 19, 2012 Nevada

Land bridge on I-80 to reduce deer-related car accidents September 2, 2013 Nevada

Motorists reminded to drive safely as wildlife migration begins October 9, 2013 Nevada

Mule deer and US 93’s wildlife crossings June 21, 2104 Nevada

Nevada to spend $14 million to put deer crossings across Interstate 80 December 27, 2015

Nevada-California Deer Herd at a Crossroads January 29, 2014 Nevada

With wildlife crossovers, Nevada hopes to reduce carange July 15, 2012