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Arizona Deer Population and Management Archive

Annual Deer Hunt

1946 to 2016

2017:   20,313

2018: *

2019:  18,924

2020:  17,103

2021:  11,226 



*No survey in 2018 due to low hunter participation.

Hunting Statstics

Annual Deer Surveys for

1948 to 2017



2020  Mule White


2021:  4269

2022:  9101

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Arizona 2019 Deer Hunt Statistics

Baby elk abound in Rim Country July 24, 2020 Arizona

Deer Hunting Season Forecast August 12, 2020

Study: Wolves have plenty of great habitat – in Mexico February 5, 2021

Wild Mexican wolf numbers surged in 2019 April 24, 2020 Arizona


Arizona Game And Fish Department To Conduct Annual Survey Of Big Game January 6, 2020

Elk and deer antler growth should be good this year April 5, 2019 Arizona

In Sonora, Hunting Means Big Business And Conservation February 11, 2019 Arizona


Arizona aids West Virginia elk restoration efforts March 15, 2018

Arizona Game And Fish Votes To Ban Some Trail Cameras June 15, 2018

AZ Conserving Wildlife License Plates Provides Grant Money February 4, 2018 Arizaona

Drought of 2018


Burro Fire could be good for Mount Lemmon wildlife July 19, 2017 Arizona

Hunt deer antler sheds in Northern Arizona, ranger reminders February 23, 2017

Jaguar caught on video could be first female in Arizona in 50 years September 14, 2017

Kaibab hunt full of challenges and memories with a selective hunter December 19, 2017 Arizona

Mexican gray wolf population hits high of 113 in wilds of Arizona, New Mexico February 17, 2017 Arizona

Non-native deer discovered dead near Nogales November 23, 2017 Arizona

Public's support is important to survival of hunting ... April 29, 2017 Arizona,

Wolf plan gets skeptical greeting at Flagstaff meeting July 19, 2017 Arizona


Adoption program eyed for wild Arizona burros February 29, 2016 Arizona

Arizona Big Game Super Raffle nets record $634K for wildlife August 12, 2016

Game Management Unit 33 January 15, 2016 Arizona

Game Management Unit 6B January 14, 2016 Arizona

Game Management Unit 6B January 14, 2016 Arizona

Kaibab Mule Deer Herd January 13, 2016 Arzona,

Local deer population holds steady April 6, 2016 Arizona

Survival of desert mule deer fawns in central Arizona 2016 The Southwestern Naturalist

The Lonely Jaguar of the United States February 4, 2016 Arizona

Today in Arizona History December 14, 2016

Unit 10 Deer Status January 14, 2016 Arizona

Unit 2B January 15, 2016 Arizona

Unit 43A January 15, 2016 Arizona

Unit 44A January 15, 2016 Arizona

Unit 45A January 15, 2016 Arizona


2015 hunting regulations up for approval April 7, 2015 Arizona

2015 hunting regulations up for approval April 7, 2015 Arizona

3 charged with using helicopter to herd antelope March 9, 2015 Arizona

All-day coyote hunting in Unit 16A to be discussed at today's G&F meeting February 24, 2015 Arizona

Arizona Big Game Super Raffle Nets Record $598400 for Wildlife July 28, 2015

Arizona Game and Fish Department applauds Four Forest Restoration Initiative decision April 28, 2015 Arizona

Border Security Efforts Clash with Movement of Wildlife February 2, 2015 Arizona

Breeding wolf pair released April 30, 2015 Arizona

Deer hunting season has started - hunters urged to 'Hunt Fair' October 25, 2015 Arizona

Despite big turnout and good conditions, only 32 coyotes taken in annual hunt March 26, 2015 Arizona

G&F working to boost deer population in Unit 16A November 3, 2015 Arizona

Game and Fish shining spotlight on poachers September 18, 2015 Arizona

Here's Poop in Your Eye: Studying Deer Scat for Science January 5, 2015 Arizona

January Is Archery Deer And Javelina Season January 6, 2015 Arizona

Locals, activists decry border fence's environmental impacts February 25, 2015 Arizona

Mexican Gray Wolf Population Jumps To 109 February 17, 2015 Arizona

Recommendations generally call for fewer deer permits March 3, 2015 Arizona,

Reproduction and Nutrition of Desert Mule Deer With and Without Predation 2015 The Southwestern Naturalist

Resilient forests, resilient communities July 30, 2015 Arizona

Robotic Deer Turns Tables on Poachers in Arizona October 1, 2015

State Vows Lawsuit To Stop Wolf Plan January 9, 2015 Arizona

To protect pronghorns, Arizona agency kills coyotes February 21, 2015 Arizona

University of Arizona Wild Cat Research and Conservation Center researches 'wildcats' like mountain lions November 12, 2015 Arizona


2 Pinal County poachers fined $12000 for deer killings June 5, 2014 Arizona

Arizona Deer Population Down October 24, 2014

Arizona Game and Fish commits $1 million to improving mule deer and quail habitat October 17, 2014

Arizona: Mexican wolf proposal would be 'disaster' October 9, 2014

Feds favor expansion of endangered wolf territory November 25, 2014 Arizona

Game and Fish urges public to leave baby wildlife alone July 2, 2014 Arizona

Habitat for quail, mule deer new focus March 4, 2014 Arizona

Mama deer respond to the cries of human babies September 17, 2014 Arizona

Mountain lion mysteries revealed, Exhibit at Anasazi Cultural Center shows history, behavior of big cat January 2, 2014 Arizona

New Mexico Investigator Offers Stern Wolf Warning To Arizona October 29, 2014

North Rim wolf set for capture, testing November 7, 2014 Arizona

Possible wolf sighting north of Ruidoso November 22, 2014 Arizona

Reward Fund in Redington Poaching Case Now Totals More Than $3000 September 4, 2014 Arizona

Tale of a Buck - The life of a male deer through the seasons October 1, 2014 Arizona


Expanding wolf range unwise October 26, 2013 Arizona

G&F Forecast: Best Deer Hunting in New Mexico & Arizona in 2013 October, 2013 Arizona

Help antelope to crawl May 7, 2013 Arizona

Mountain lion population growing too quickly June 12, 2013 Arizona

New rule for importing deer and elk meat to AZ now in effect September 24, 2013 Arizona

Officials To Enforce Big Game Baiting Ban July 15, 2013 Arizona

Officials To Enforce Big Game Baiting Ban July 15, 2013 Arizona

Plan To Let Wolves Wander Draws Sharp Reactions September 9, 2013 Arizona

Road hunting is illegal and can have consequences November 12, 2013 Arizona

Stable deer populations reported at Ariz. preserve March 9, 2013 Arizona

Wildlife programs begin June 20, 2013 Arizona


Activists say vetoing bow-hunting ban misses mark October 29, 2012 Arizona

Arizona Game and Fish Department seeks public comment on draft Wildlife 20/20 Strategic Plan; comment deadline is Oct. 26, 2012

Bow hunting in Scottsdale preserve met with concerns June 17, 2012 Arizona

Burn area rewakens two years after wildfire July 21, 2012 Arizona

Fulfill the vision: Protect Grand Canyon May 2, 2012 Arizona

Fundraising for Mule Deer February 17, 2012 Arizona

Fundraising for Mule Deer February 17, 2012 Arizona

Groups Win Chance To Intervene In Lawsuit Over Uranium Mining Around Grand Canyon April 20, 2012 Arizona

Hunters fear dead House bill could resurface March 30, 2012 Arizona

Lead ammunition still hampers condor recovery August 29, 2012 Arizona

New project aims to boost antelope herds January 11, 2012 Arizona

New project aims to boost antelope herds January 11, 2012 Arizona

Panel explores options besides bow-hunting ban on preserve land July 12, 2012 Arizona

Poaching suspect caught near Seligman November 28, 2012 Arizona

Proposed AZ Monument Shooting Ban Stirs Controversy January 31, 2012 Arizona

Yavapai Ranch plan ignores wildlife agencies' concerns October 9, 2012 Arizona


Aldo Leopold's Wilderness [deer boom ande bust] January 11, 2011 Arizona

Arizona creates website to track wildlife December 2, 2011

Arizona Land and Water Trust acquires conservation easement over 1000 acres JUNE 23, 2011 Arizona deer and elk hunters can assist in monitoring for wildlife disease September 26, 2011 Arizona

Canyon ecological haven left unscathed by Huachuca fire July 11, 2011 Arizona

Fawn's shooting in Hualapai Mountain Park sparks reward offers November 7, 2011 Arizona

Forests can't wait August 30, 2011 Arizona, Arizona Daily Sun

Keep lead out of our landscape June 10, 2011 Arizona

National Public Lands Day Project to Restore Mule Deer Habitat September 20, 2011 Arizona

Reward offered in killing of mule deer July 20, 2011 Arizona

Should Mexican gray wolf be cared for by states of federal government? September 25, 2011 Arizona

Water to wildlife before monsoons August 4, 2011, Arizona

Wildlife conservation at risk in debt crisis August 2, 2011 Arizona


Arizona WAFWA

Nutritive value of mule deer forages on ponderosa pine summer range in Arizona Urness, P. J.; Neff, D. J.; Watkins, R. K. 1975.