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Utah Disease of Deer Archive

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Cache Valley's ungulates showing no hint of wasting disease January 2, 2012 Utah

Chronic wasting disease found in bull elk killed on private Utah ranch January 31, 2015 Utah

Chronic Wasting Disease Found in San Juan Deer Hunting Unit December 26, 2011 Utah

Chronic Wasting Disease reported in Weber County elk February 13, 2015 Utah

CWD, A rare black mule deer in Moab has died — and Utah wildlife officials are worried about what killed it January 27, 2020 Utah

Diseased deer near Monticello September 5, 2012 Utah

Hunting in these areas? Utah DWR wants to test your deer for disease September 30, 2021

USU leads the way in Chronic Wasting Disease testing December 29, 2011 Utah

Utah wildlife officials collecting deer samples October 24, 2010