Michigan Deer Population and Management Archive -  Michigan

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Michigan Deer Population and Management Archive

Annual Deer Hunt, From Survey

1958:  25,733

1996* 478,342

1997: 478,725

1998: 597,980

1999: 544,895

2000: 541,701

2001: 462,706

2002: 476,215

2003: 499,747

2004: 456,422

2005: 417,251


2007: 483,984

2008: 489,922

2009: 444,231

2010: 417,850

2011: 422,014

2012: 418,012

2013: 385,000

2014: 329,040

2015: 334,612

2016: 347,219

2017: 376,000

2018: 361,000

2019: 364,000

2020: 411,000

2021: 395,000



*Mandatory reporting started in 2022.

All Wildlife Surveys

* 1996 and 97 from 1998 report

The deer harvest hit a low in the early 1970s, falling to below 100,000.  Mild winters and improved forest habitat brought the harvest back to more than 400,000 in the mid 1980s.  Hard winters dropped the harvest into the mid-1990s, but by 1998 the harvest peaked at 597,580.  


COVID restrictions may have limited Mich. deer hunters during firearm season February 1, 2021 Michigan

Natural Resources Commission approves 2021 deer hunting regulations February 12, 2021 Michigan

The Michigan DNR has verified 65 reports of cougars in the state March 5, 2021

Wildlife Habitat Grant application period now open April 20, 2021 Michigan


2020 Michigan Deer, Forecast September 11, 2020

2021 deer hunting regulations package to be introduced to NRC Thursday November 6,2020 Michigan

Michigan DNR sees uptick in hunting and outdoor activities during the coronavirus pandemic October 11, 2020

Michigan Elk Population Estimate June, 2020

More Hunters in 2020

Natural Resources Commission approves 2020 deer hunting regulations July 17, 2020 Michigan

The Great Michigan Moose Transfer of 1985 April 28, 2020

UP Habitat Workgroup returns reinvigorated October 16, 2020 Michigan

Winning an elk hunt draw means the ultimate adventure July 15, 2020 Michigan


100 years ago, private deer hunt a flop on Rock Island February 9, 2019 Michigan

An update from the DNR before Deer Season July 31, 2019 Michigan

Deer baiting ban could continue hunting decline in Michigan February 14, 2019

Dickinson deer fitted with GPS collars February 23, 2019 Michigan

DNR reports moose survey results to Michigan Natural Resources Commission March 15, 2019

Elk update: hunting season wrap-up and population survey results February 21, 2019 Michigan,

Fawns that appear abandoned rarely are May 10, 2019 Michigan

Hunters leaving Michigan to find 'trophy deer' January 26, 2019

Information on Food Plots for Deer and Habitat Management from the Michigan DNR April 26, 2019

Michigan finalizes PFAS deer testing report, recommendations remain the same January 29, 2019

Michigan Peninsula 2019 Deer Forecast September 3, 2019

Operation Deer Watch is underway, offering citizen-scientists the opportunity to participate in crucial deer research with the Wisconsin DNR August 6, 2019 Michigan

Public comment opportunities available on DNR recommended deer regulation changes April 29, 2019 Michigan

See number of 2018 deer crashes in your Michigan county October 15, 2019

Three more elk poached in northern Michigan; DNR seeks information December 18, 2019

Winter Might Wipe Out 40% of Region’s Deer Herd March 4, 2019


2018 Michigan Deer Forecast October 30, 2018 Game and Fish

Antler point restrictions proposal divides hunters September 27, 2018 MIchigan

Average deer survival predicted this winter March 10, 2018 Michigan,

Busy days ahead for DNR October 28, 2018 Michigan,

DNR game camera records cougar in Gogebic County October 25, 2018 Michigan

Evolution of hunting tactics and changes hunters could see in the future November 8, 2018 Michigan

Hunters and citizens invited to collaborate on Michigan’s chronic wasting disease response March 26, 2018

Michigan hunting in major decline — why that matters November 8, 2018

Michigan Natural Resource Commission to make deer decision in July or August May 15, 2018

New DNR regulations impact fawn rehabilitation in Michigan October 16, 2018

Public meetings on proposed deer antler point restrictions for Thumb-area counties September 18, 2018 Michigan

The wolf issue in Michigan July 25, 2018

Wolves in Michigan, 2018


Michigan 2017 Deer Forecast September, 2017 DNR 

9 things to know about deer-vehicle crashes in Michigan October 16, 2017 MIchigan

Antler Point Restrictions, Deer hunting management strategy successful up north, statewide expansion eyed June 20, 2017 Michigan

Appeals court upholds endangered species protection for Great Lakes gray wolves August 1, 2017 Michigan

Deer hunting expected to be abolished in Wexford County December 22, 1917

Deer season shows improvement November 24, 2017 Michigan

Did I just see an elk? August 25, 2017 Michigan

DNR moose survey results estimate a population increase June 12, 2017 Michigan

DNR proposes deer regulations to Natural Resource Commission, antler restrictions May 12, 2017 MIchigan

DNR to propose deer regulation changes at May 11 Natural Resources Commission meeting April 28, 2018 Michigan

Gov. Rick Snyder signs legislation increasing penalties for illegally importing deer, elk October 18, 2017 Michigan

Leave wildlife in the wild – do not take baby animals from the wild this spring March 21, 2017 Michigan

Michigan 2016 Deer Harvest Survey June, 2017

Michigan once traded turkeys to Canada to replenish moose population in UP June 7, 2017

Michigan should mandate whitetail antler point restrictions for entire state July 12, 2017 Michigan

More deer expected to survive winter February 7, 2017 Michigan

More than 100 plan to hunt elk in Northern Michigan August 3, 2017 Michigan

NRC says no statewide antler point restrictions for Michigan July 13, 2017

Opening day of deer hunting season in Michigan brings promise of new spending November 15, 2017

Signs point to more deer this season November 4, 2017 Michigan

Supplemental deer feeding permits available in southern UP January 17, 2017 Michigan


2016 Michigan Deer Hunting Prospects report

Amid harsh winters, Upper Peninsula deer need all the help they can get February 29, 2016 Michigan

Amid harsh winters, Upper Peninsula deer need all the help they can get February 29, 2016 Michigan

Annual meeting discusses deer herd health and futures March 4, 2016 Michigan

As hunting wanes, selling Michigan to a new outdoors generation July 19, 2016

Biologists conducting U.P. wolf survey, DNR supporting efforts to return wolf management to Michigan March 9, 2016

Breaking down Michigan’s white-tailed deer hunting seasons by the numbers November 15, 2016

Chippewa County Prescribed Burn Started in Hiawatha Forest to Benefit Environment July 19, 2016 Michigan

DNR announces expansion of Chronic Wasting Disease Core Area and Management Zone July 5, 2016 MIchigan

DNR biologists conducting UP wolf survey March 9, 2016 Michigan

DNR may expand coyote hunting rules February 26, 2016 Michigan

Elk monitoring in Michigan starts from above February 10, 2016

Elk monitoring in Michigan starts from above February 10, 2016

Fire, jack pine and aspen – understanding a historic relationship May 31, 2016 Michigan

Fire, jack pine and aspen – understanding a historic relationship May 31, 2016 Michigan

Learn what you can do to manage your forest land for enhanced deer habitat February 22, 2016 Michigan

Natural Resources Commission approves year-round coyote hunting April 26, 2016 Michigan

Otsego County 2015 deer harvest up in all categories February 9, 2016 Michigan

Predator-Prey Study: Wolves not threat to deer you may think January 31, 2016 Michigan

Spatial quantification of white-tailed deer habitat of a wetland-dominated landscape in Central Lower Michigan, 2016

Strategic tree planting, cutting in Upper Peninsula could help suffering deer population rebound July 22, 2016 Michigan

Study finds 10 percent of 2015 soybean yield lost to white-tailed deer in Presque Isle County March 17, 2016 Micigan

Suspect CWD deer harvested in Eagle Township, Clinton County November 22, 2016 Michigan

Trees planted for winter deer habitat December 7, 2016 Michigan

UP wolf survey shows no significant change in population April 28, 2016 Michigan,

Weather grays wolf count January 15, 2016 Michigan

Why moose were trapped, crated off this Michigan island April 13, 2016

Why Plus/Minus is Good Enough for Deer Management April 20, 2016 Michigan

Wild bull elk has made mid-Michigan its temporary home October 6, 2016


$50,000 available for deer improvement projects in northern Lower Peninsula July 16, 2015 Michigan

8 questions about wildlife activity in spring April 13, 2015 Michigan

A look at 2015 big-game hunting and furbearer seasons August 28, 2015 Michigan

A look at 2015 big-game hunting and furbearer seasons August 28, 2015 Michigan

Another bad year for Michigan deer hunters July 25, 2015 Michigan

Are there bigger bucks in the woods? October 22, 2015 Michigan,

Commission decides not to halt U.P. deer hunt May 8, 2015 Michigan

Compared to 50 years ago, present Michigan deer harvest abundant November 17, 2015

Deer forecast: better than last year October 7, 2015 Michigan,

Deer habitat improvement funding awarded to local conservation district April 12, 2015 Michigan,

Deer Hunt in Michigan down again last year July 17, 2015

Deer hunters await NRC decision May 28, 2015 Michigan

Deer hunting preview for Michigan October 1, 2015

Deer management group presents DNR with Robo-Deer ... March 13, 2015 Michigan

Deer numbers surprise DNR officials during firearm season December 1, 2015 Michigan

Deer response to exclusion from stored cattle feed in Michigan, USA MJ Lavelle, HIII Campa, K LeDoux, PJ Ryan… - Preventive Veterinary …, 2015

Deer Tracking Dogs, an Untapped Resource for Responsible Hunters February 16, 2015

DNR Boasts of State's Natural Resources April 5, 2015 Michigan

DNR official says Local herd 'collapsing' December 21, 2015 Michigan

DNR reports 2014 deer hunting harvest down across Michigan July 22, 2015 Michigan

DNR reports 2014 deer hunting harvest down across Michigan July 22, 2015 Michigan

DNR teams with lumber company to help deer herd March 27, 2015 Michigan

Early impressions from 2015 firearm season show deer harvest up in Lower Peninsula, down in Upper Peninsula December 10, 2015 Michigan

Early impressions show deer harvest up in Lower Peninsula ... December 10, 2015 Michigan

Early spring good for U.P. deer herd April 27, 2015 Michigan

Feeding site helps Grand Marais deer herd March 16, 2015 Michigan

Firearm deer outlook features healthy herd, antler growth as season opens November 15, 2015 Michigan

Firearm deer season begins across Michigan November 15, 2015

Grants Applications to Develop Deer Habitat July 29, 2015 Michigan

Habitat provided by eastern hemlock forests may be in jeopardy December 29, 2015 Michigan

House Bill 5146 (2015)

Hunting conditions vary by region November 13, 2015 Michigan

Improving winter deer range in U.P. a priority January 20, 2015 Michigan

Invasive hemlock tree parasite discovered in Michigan August 14, 2015

Legislator talks about deer season with hunters December 21, 2015 Michigan

Let the tradition begin: Deer hunters heed call November 14, 2015 Michigan

Michigan court tosses elk farm suit against state March 31, 2015

Michigan Deer Could Be Affected by End of Personal Checks in Wisconsin for CWD November 18, 2015

Michigan Deer Harvest Continues to Decline; Southwest District Shows Signs of Stabilizing July 27, 2015

Michigan Predator Prey Project April 21, 2015

Michigan's 2014 Deer Harvest Down--Not A Surprise July 22, 2015

Milder winter has helped northern deer herd March 18, 2015 Michigan

More Deer Venturing Out Of Woods, Into Urban Vistas July 30, 2015 Michigan

More older bucks, fewer adolescents killed in Michigan February 8, 2015

MTU professor: Hunter numbers expected to continue dropping October 22, 2015 Michigan

New Upper Peninsula antlerless deer hunting regulations for archers August 4, 2015 Michigan

No Upper Peninsula deer season an option for smaller herd May 1, 2015 Michigan

NRC approves 2015 U.P. antlerless deer hunting restrictions June 11, 2015 Michigan

Payments offered to area landowners who allow hunting on private property June 26, 2015 Michigan

Plenty happening at Midwest Wolf Stewards Conference May 12, 2015 Michigan

Problem deer management hits mark May 6, 2015 Michigan

Project studies deer mortality rates July 24, 2015 Michigan

Proposed deer ranch in Humboldt Township has been approved with conditions October 26, 2015 Michigan

Role of predators, winter weather, and habitat on white-tailed deer fawn survival in the south-central Upper Peninsula of Michigan [PDF] March 20, 2015 Michigan

Rough deer season comes to a close December 1, 2015 Michigan

Severe Winters, Disease Drastically Reduce Michigan Deer Numbers July 26, 2015

Shiawassee, 2014 deer-hunting results are in for Shiawassee Wildlife Refuge April 10, 2015 Michigan

Should Humbug Marsh target deer for hunting? September 7, 2015 Michigan

Some hunters say changes in northern Michigan deer hunting rules mean bigger bucks November 24, 2015

State firearms deer forecast is mixed October 22, 2015 Michigan

State panel considers curtailing UP deer hunting season May 1, 2015 Michigan

Survey suggests Michigan's moose population dropping March 17, 2015 Michigan

The 2015 deer season should be a lot like 2014 September 11, 2015 Michigan

The effect of different measures of winter severity on models of wolf-deer interactions D Archey, D Rinna, MZ Michel - Journal of Coupled Systems and Multiscale …, 2015

U.P. Focus: U.P. deer harvest in line with DNR forecast November 24, 2015 Michigan,

University of Michigan researchers track coyote-wolf hybrids March 2, 2015

Unofficial 2015 deer population estimate September 25, 2015 Michigan

UP winter deSafari Club International Foundation is a critical partner in this endeavor. July 32, 3026 Michigan

Upcoming deer season hit or miss, officials say November 8, 2015 Michigan

Upper Peninsula firearm deer season opens with improvement over last year November 16, 2015 Michigan

Upper Peninsula running low on deer May 1, 2015 Michigan

Upper Peninsula wolf issues linger for hunters, DNR, deer November 25, 2015 Michigan

Where are the Deer? Part 1 May 18, 2015 Michigan

Wildlife officials consider limits to U.P. deer hunt June 11, 2015

Will deer hunting survive in UP May 6, 2015 Michigan

Will DNR close 2015 U.P. deer season? April 29, 2015 Michigan


2013 Antler Point Restrictions Survey: North-Central Lower Peninsula [PDF] March, 2014 Michigan

2013 Michigan Hunting Access Program Survey [PDF] July, 2014

2014 Michigan Deer Herd Status and Hunting Prospects

2014 Michigan Deer Herd Status and Hunting Prospects November 7, 2014

2014 Michigan Deer Hunting Prospects [PDF] October 9, 2014

A few less hunters November 11, 2014 Michigan,

Anti-wolf hunt votes in Michigan deliver a blow even as attacks grow, now courts will make the call November 5, 2014 Michigan

Antlerless deer license applications on sale now through Aug. 15 July 15, 2014 Michigan

Archers may have tough deer hunt for this year September 26, 2014 Michigan

As criminal elk killings jump, conservationists call for increasing Michigan's penalties December 15, 2014

As season approaches, deer forecast a mixed bag November 9, 2014 Michigan

Bagging the big bucks: From apps to ads, spending on hunting yields a bountiful harvest in Michigan November 16, 2014

Conditions prove challenging for deer hunt December 16, 2014 Michigan

Conditions prove challenging for deer hunt December 16, 2014 Michigan

Debate continues for antler point restrictions during deer season March 22, 2014 Michigan

Deer Antler Rules: Divided We Fall March 14, 2014 Michigan

Deer Baiting A Double-Edged Sword For Michigan Farmers November 24, 2014

Deer baiting impacts Michigan farmers November 12, 2014,

Deer count numbers continue decline November 21, 2014 Michigan

Deer Harvest Down December 14, 2014 Michigan

Deer harvest reports disappoint ... December 16, 2014

Deer herd could be affected by severe cold January 24, 2014 Michigan

Deer Hunting in Michigan September 28, 2014

Deer hunting outlook is good for upcoming season October 2, 2014 October 2, 2014 Michigan

Deer Private Land Assistance Network grant application period opens August 15, 2014 Michigan

Disappointing firearm deer totals are coming out December 2, 2014 Michigan

DNR allows supplemental deer feeding in southern U.P. January 11, 2014 MIchigan

DNR announces 2015 Wildlife Habitat Grant recipients October 1, 2014 Michigan

DNR announces deer check station locations, new deer check locator for smartphones November 14, 2014 Michgan,

DNR raises fines for poaching September 25, 2014 Michigan

DNR reminds deer hunters of recent licensing changes October 1, 2014 Michigan

DNR reports decrease for firearm deer harvest December 12, 2014 Michigan

DNR says deer numbers significantly lower than last year December 1, 2014 Michigan

DNR says severe weather, increased licence fees factors in drop in deer harvest December 15, 2014 Michigan

DNR wildlife chief: 2 bad winters hard on deer herd November 17, 2014 Michigan

DNR will allow supplemental deer feeding in U.P. November 24, 2014 Michigan

Early snow wrecks U.P. deer hunt, brings other problems November 29, 2014 Michigan

Exeland club calls for major changes in deer management January 12, 2014 Michigan

Fewer deer, fewer hunters, lower harvest December 18, 2014 Michigan

Firearm deer season: Plan on scouting if you want to find deer November 9, 2014 Michigan

Firearms hunt a tough go in 2014 December 4, 2014 Michigan

First Michigan wolf hunt falls short of quota, but not on controversy January 2, 2014

Follow the rules for feeding deer March 5, 2014 Michigan,

Further antler point restrictions proposed for Lower Peninsula January 26, 2014 Michigan

Group sets sights on EUP deer herd January 13, 2014 Michigan

Hard winters may mean diminished deer November 5, 2014 Michigan

Harsh winter impacts deer May 24, 2014 Michigan

Harsh winter's impact to linger in Michigan March 16, 2014

Harsh winters far from the only reason for low deer harvest December 15, 2014 Michigan

Heavy snow, cold contribute to slow start for firearm deer season in Kalamazoo area November 20, 2014 Michigan

Holland Township, Game farm proposed for Holland Township raises concerns March 4, 2014 Michigan,

Hunters divided on benefits of antler point restrictions November 17, 2014 Michigan

Hunters find a robust Michigan deer herd November 21, 2014

Hunters – important license changes coming soon February 21, 2014 Michigan

Hunting Fees Going To Private Landowners July 18, 2014 Michigan

Implement the Lower Peninsula Deer Management Initiative (LPDMI), A petition August 22, 2014 Michigan

Improving Deer Habitat Across the State November 19, 2014 Michigan

Influence of landscape features on spatial genetic structure of white‐tailed deer in human‐altered landscapes A Locher, KT Scribner, JA Moore, B Murphy, J Kanefsky - … of Wildlife Management, 2014 Michigan

Just how well do deer see and hear? July 12, 2014 Michigan

Long winter for EUP deer February 27, 2014 Michigan

Michigan bill would ban hunting with drones September 19, 2014

Michigan deer harvest down considerably from last year, DNR reports December 9, 2014

Michigan hunting license sales up 7 percent despite price increases October 6, 2014

Michigan Hunting Regulations Designed to Help Farmers October 25, 2014 Michigan

Michigan widens northern farmers' deer hunt rights October 12, 2014

More deer hunting changes may happen February 3, 2014 Michigan

Mother Nature thinks of everything, Michigan’s white-tailed deer are built to endure tough winters February 8, 2014 Michigan

New deer rules designed to help farmers October 11, 2014 Michigan

No antler restriction this fall for local hunters September 11, 2014 Michigan

Northern Michigan Deer PLAN projects aim to improve habitat, health of the herd October 31, 2014

Penalties for poaching upped January 5, 2014 Michigan

Poaching penalties tougher but still don't go far enough October 12, 2014 Michigan

Readers say DNR to blame for decline in deer, agency points to big picture December 16, 2014 Michigan

Risk on Neonatal White-Tailed Deer Survival JF Duquette, JL Belant, NJ Svoboda, DE Beyer Jr… - PloS one, 2014

Silence in September: Criminals are killing our trophy elk; help catch them September 28, 2014 Michigan

So, what can those deer hear? July 19, 2014 Michigan

Southwest Michigan's deer herd fine in deep snow, competition reduced by 2012 disease February 6, 2014 Michigan

Standing corn factor in firearm deer opener November 14, 2014 Michigan

Sustaining the Deer Population March 14, 2014 Michigan

White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) population dynamics in a multi-predator landscape October, 2014 Michigan

Wildlife struggles in brutal winter weather January 30, 2014 Michigan

Winter not looking good for U.P. deer January 24, 2014 Michigan


2012 deer season on par to 2011 " doing well January 5, 2013 Michigan

2013 firearm deer forecast November 14, 2013 Michigan

A plethora of albino deer in the UP July 3, 2013, Michigan

Antlerless deer license quotas approved July 29, 2013 Michigan

Antler regulations pass for Emmet, Charlevoix counties June 14, 2013 Michigan,

Are antler point restrictions for deer hunters a good idea? November 14, 2013 Michigan

Climate change blamed for plight of wolves on Isle Royale October 18, 2013 Michigan

Confirmed cases of EHD-positive white-tailed deer signifigantly lower in 2013 November 18, 2013 Michigan

Crossbow Deer Hunter Survey BJ Frawley, BA Rudolph - 2013 Michigan

Deer antler point restrictions meetings to be held June 11-27 June 8, 2013 Michigan

Deer changes coming to Michigan? February 24, 2013

Deer check stations November 28, 2013 Michigan

Deer habitat grants applications to be taken to March 31 February 16, 2013 Michigan

Deer have had favorable winter January 2, 2013 Michigan

Deer hunters take to the woods for opening day November 15, 2013 Michigan

Deer regulations changing for this fall July 26, 2013 Michigan

Deer season success? Me neither December 5, 2013 Michigan

Deer, fishing fees headed for change under Snyder plan February 7, 2013 Michigan

Deer, wolf hunts start November 15, 2013 Michigan

DNR approves more deer licenses in Alcona County July 15, 2013 Michigan

DNR finds 2012 firearm deer season successful, encourages hunters to share harvest information August 20, 2013 Michigan

DNR seeks help in find winter 'deer yards' in UP January 25, 2013 Michigan

DNR: Firearm deer hunters faced challenges December 6, 2013 Michigan

Elk harvest above average as season nears end December 14, 2013 Michigan

Fewer deer for hunting season December 3, 2013 Michigan

Filling the gap: A compositional gap regeneration model for managed northern hardwood forests JDA Millington ... Ecological Modelling, 2013

G&F Forecast: Best Places For Deer Hunting in Michigan in 2013 October

Growing number of Michigan deer hunters give crossbows a try February 21, 2013

GT County deer harvest down December 3, 2013 Michigan

Harvest down this deer season December 3, 2013 Michigan

Harvest of 1.5 year old bucks May 29, 2013 Michigan

Hunters trade shots over deer breeding, killing methods September 15, 2013 Michigan

Hunters up in arms over proposed buck limits July 5, 2013 Michigan

Hunters warned to count before pulling the trigger June 24, 2013 Michigan

Hunting in Michigan generates $2.3 billion economic impact November 18, 2013 Michigan

Hunting, fishing fees set to rise September 17, 2013 Michigan

Hunting, fishing fees would increase through bill approved by Michigan House June 5, 2013 Michigan

Inside the story of the DNR license fee increase February 23, 2013 Michigan

It's hunting season, so don't poach October 28, 2013 Michigan

Late winter weather to challenge deer herd April 22, 2013 Michigan

Law stiffens fines for illegal killing of deer November 26, 2013 Michigan

Mackinac Bridge count down 34 percent from 2012 November 2, 2013 Michigan,

Meeting on Michigan deer antler point restrictions June 1, 2013

Michigan county that counts on cherries fighting a battle with deer April 7, 2013

Michigan cuts deer permits July 21, 2013

Michigan Deer Harvest Survey Report 2012 State of Michigan

Michigan Deer Season 2013: Hunting Forecast October 25, 2013

Michigan Deer Season 2013: Hunting Forecast October 4, 2013

Michigan deer trackn hounds October 11, 2013

Michigan DNR Raising Licensing Fee's September 12, 2013 Michigan

Michigan firearm deer season ends November 30, 2013 November 30, 2013

Michigan firearm deer season ends November 30, 2013 November 30, 2013

Michigan Firearms Deer Season: Better Bait Than Never November 12, 201

Michigan Herd, Deer hunting plentiful in Northern Lower Peninsula October 11, 2013

Michigan NRC approves antlerless deer quotas for this fall July 15, 2013

Michigan Senate deadlocks on bill that would raise hunting, fishing fees June 18, 2013

Michigan wolves need protection, not hunting April 4, 2013

Michigan's first wolf hunt will no longer include trapping July 26, 2013

Michigan's Lower Peninsula Deer Hunters Seeking Regulation Change May 13, 2013

More doe permits may be offered March 22, 2013 Michigan

Nature & the Economy Owe a Debt of Gratitude to Michigan Sportsman July 23, 2013

New law targets 'trophy' deer poachers December 30, 2013 Michigan

Next several months key in antler development for deer March 20, 2013 Michigan

NRC antler point restrictions in northwest LP approved June 23, 2013 Michigan

Numbers appear slightly down from last year for harvested deer December 4, 2013 Michigan

Opposes antler restrictions July 22, 2013 Michigan

Organizations awarded DNR deer habitat grants June 18, 2013 Michigan

Owosso Township man ordered to pay $75,000 in deer, turkey poaching case August 16, 2013 Michigan

Pavlov's anti-poaching bill on its way to Snyder November 14, 2013 Michigan

Preliminary deer season results indicate drop in harvest/Inside the DNR December 6, 2013 Michigan,

Slower deer season seen by DNR November 25, 2013 Michigan, Escanaba

Some U.P. residents say wolf hunt badly needed May 26, 2013 Michigan

Southwest Michigan deer rut activity peaks, whitetails scurry to dodge hunters, breed November 14, 2013

Study Shows Michigan Crossbow Hunters Have Doubled Since 2009 February 5, 2013

The bucks stop in the Thumb November 12, 2013 Michigan

The Evolution of Land and Fire Management at Seney National Wildlife Refuge: From Game to Ecosystem Management DS Marsh - 2013

The Science of Yellow Snow: White-tailed Deer may be Ruining their own Winter Havens June 3, 2013 Michigan

Turkeys and deer prepare for winter’s worst November 14, 2013 Michigan

U.P. deer hunting not over just yet December 6, 2013 Michigan

Under the gun: whitetail deer struggle for survival November 25, 2013 Michigan

Under the gun: whitetail deer struggle for survival November 25, 2013 Michigan

UP deer hunters can get help to improve deer habitat March 20, 2013 Michigan

UP groups awarded deer habitat improvement grants May 21, 2013 Michigan

Warm weather likely culprit in slow firearm deer opener November 16, 2013 Michigan

Warmer weather might rearrange Michigan wildlife July 18, 2013

Why venison isn't found in more Michigan restaurants November 25, 2013 Michigan

Wolf advocates want statewide vote February 4, 2013 Michigan

Wolves In Michigan: Are They Out Of Control? July 4, 2013 Michigan

Wolves should not be hunted August 15, 2013 Michigan

Wrestling with this year's deer forecast November 10, 2013 Michigan


2012 Antler Point Restrictions Survey [PDF] December 17, 2012 Michigan

A hunting season for wolves in UP? November 3, 2012 Michiga

Advisory teams to aid in Michigan deer management April 12, 2012

Comments on Deer advisory team February 17, 2012 Michigan

Coyote, Deer predator enters crosshairs on October September 7, 2012 Michigan

Coyotes a growing threat to deer in region May 9, 2012 Michigan

Coyotes top list of Upper Peninsula deer predators March 21, 2012 Michigan

Deer advisory council to meet this month February 6, 2012 Michigan

Deer baiting impacts Michigan farmers November 14, 2012

Deer feed prices to increase this season August 1, 2012 Michiga

Deer hunter numbers in Michigan February 28, 2012 Michigan

Deer hunters may see new antler restrictions in 2013 December 14, 2012 Michigan

Deer hunting totals for 2012 flat or slightly up, DNR says December 7, 2012 Michigan

Deer kill in 2011 exceeds 420,000 July 19, 2012 Michigan

Deer management group hosts final meeting before hunter survey [age restrictions] August 2, 2012 Michigan

Deer regs spur comments, antler restrictions June 22, 2012 Michigan

Deer season wrap-up: Harvest rate same, but deer ages are up December 12, 2012 Michigan

Deer, fishing regulations to be covered in Onaway May 16, 2012 Michigan

Deer-hunting antler restriction proposal the focus of Manistee meeting May 29, 2012 Michigan

Deer-hunting industry in Michigan may be losing steam November 14, 2012

DNR - Regional Deer Advisory Teams - State of MichiganDepartment of Natural Resources January 24, 2012

DNR funds 7 UP groups to help improve deer habitat May 22, 2012 Michigan

DNR reports slight rise in license sales for this firearms season November 20, 2012 Michigan

Drummond Island, DNR's proposed rules aim to renew hunting on Drummond Island August 6, 2012 Michigan

Dwindling deer count raises concern May 24, 2012 Michigan

Experts surprised by which predator is No. 1 killer of deer in Michigan's Upper Peninsula April 2, 2012

illegal deer kill numbers January 8, 2012

Is hybrid a wolf or coyote? July 22, 2012 Michigan

Kaliseum to host public meeting on proposed raising of antler restrictions in 12 area counties May 9, 2012 Michigan

Landowners can get funds for wildlife habitats May 1, 2012 Michigan

Legislation aims at bagging 'trophy' poachers November 30, 2012 Michigan

Less snow, more deer? February 23, 2012 Michigan


Mild winter prompts early migration March 29, 2012 Michigan

Mother Nature cares for young June 12, 2012 Michigan

New study shows good news, bad news with Blandford Nature Center's deer population January 20, 2012 Michigan

Northern Michigan deer hunting headed for a comeback November 1, 2012

NRC approves deer quotas July 23, 2012 Michigan

Orphaned baby animals: Are they really abandoned? June 25, 2012 Michigan

Quality Deer Management meeting tackles all topics deer June 1, 2012 Michigan

Several changes for deer hunting this year June 24, 2012 Michiga

Shiawassee performs prescribed burns June 3, 2012 Michigan

Should once-endangered gray wolf be the next Michigan game animal? October 17, 2012 Michigan

Snyder signs land management legislation July 2, 2012 Michigan

State To Limit Future Baiting & Feeding Bans August 13, 2012 Michigan

Survey could change hunt going forward, Antler Point Restrictions. November 15, 2012 Michigan

The problems with antler point restrictions August 11, 2012 Michigan

When hunters speak up, the DNR listens June 23, 2012 Michigan

Whitetail Management in Extreme Habitat Conditions January 9, 2012 Michigan

Wildlife moves north, south, as climate warms, forest regrow September 14, 2012 Michigan

Wildlife Unlimited receives Grant August 21, 2012 Michigan

Winter could impact deer herd health November 13, 2012 Michigan

Wolves should not be hunted November 15, 2012 Michigan


A Guide to Hunting in Pure Michigan November 9, 2011

Antlerless whitetails: Hunting license applications now available July 15, 2011 Michigan

Are Wolves Reducing Deer Numbers in Michigan? July 15, 2011

Bait ban lifted for hunters November 14, 2011 Michigan

Baiting OK'd in Presque Isle, south Iosco counties November 11, 2011, Michigan

Bill would kill age limits for hunting July 12, 2011 Michigan

Coyotes lead way in deer deaths February 3, 2011 Michigan

Declining industry affects conditions for deer in Michigan November 3, 2011

Deer baiting ban lifted for Michigan hunters in Lower Peninsula June 9, 2011

Deer Baiting Ban Up For Discussion In Lansing April 6, 2011 Michigan

Deer feed controversy reignited September 30, 2011 Michigan

Deer forecast 'decent,' crossbow users up September 25, 2011 Michigan

Deer hunters ... in UP November 20, 2011 Michigan

Deer hunters down last year in state January 27, 2011 Michigan

Deer Hunting Brings Big Economic Impact November 9, 2011 Michigan

Deer Hunting Brings Big Economic Impact November 9, 2011 Michigan

Deer Licenses Onsale in Michigan for 2011 July 15, 2011

Deer population heading toward downfall September 9, 2011 Michigan

Deer Say: Action Needed on "Land Cap" Bill December 8, 2011 Michigan

Deer take declines 6% in 2010 in Michigan July 15, 2011

Deer weren't always plentiful in SW Michigan November 5, 2011

Deer, hunting, guns and 10-year-olds November 15, 2011 Michigan

DNR clarifies what constitutes deer-baiting September 29, 2011 Michigan

DNR officials, hunters at odds over proposed changes for deer hunting season April 17, 2011 Michigan Population

Environmental Scientists Call North American Model of Wildlife Conservation Flawed June 9, 2011

Eric Sharp: Real deer hunters don't take the bait April 10, 2011 Michigan

Farmers seek to kill more deer in Michigan September 27, 2011 Michigan

Feds say states will decide fate of gray wolf, 6,200 Wolves December 25, 2011 Michigan

Firearms deer season nears November 8, 2011 Michigan

First meeting for Deer Advisory Team March 27, 2011 Michigan Management

Grand Traverse County to allow hunting on Power Island September 1, 2011 Michigan

Green light to kill wolves creating a stir December 25, 2011 Michigan

Gun season for deer starts next Tuesday November 10, 2011 Michigan

House bill would put gray wolf under DNR control November 18, 2011 Michigan

Law that eliminates Michigan's minimum hunting age won't be ready until 2012 September 8, 2011

Legislation would allow Michigan farmers to shoot more deer with fewer hassles September 23, 2011 Michigan

Man from Michigan's Thumb caught with 9 deer in his barn gets 15 days in jail June 23, 2011

Michigan commission reconsiders deer-baiting ban May 28, 2011

Michigan DNR 2011 Deer Forecast October 3, 2011

Michigan DNR looks at proposals to develop Drummond Island, within limits of land title July 18, 2011

Michigan DNR Workgroup Seeks Public Input on Mentored Youth Hunting Program September 1, 2011

Michigan's ban on deer baiting might be lifted May 12, 2011

National Resources Commission just can't allow deer baiting May 29, 2011

Nature centers turn to controlled hunts as way to keep growing deer populations in check November 12, 2011 Michigan

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Whitetails, Presenting Michigan's Deer Problem, October, 1938