Pennsylvania Deer Resistant Plants   - Pennsylvania Page

Perennials: ajuga, barrenwort, bleeding heart, brunnera, columbine, daffodils, epimedium, ferns (Christmas, maiden hair, wood and ostrich),  foxglove, hardy ginger, helleborus (Lenten rose), hyaccinths, iris, Japanese forestgrass, lady's mantle,  lamium, lavender, monkshood, peonies, pulmonaria (lungwort), pachysandra, sedges, Solomon's seal, sweet woodruff, yarrow.   Butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa), a bushy deer-resistant perennial with bright orange flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. 


Mary Dutkovic's of the Pittsburgh Rose Society has a great recipe to deter deer. 2 large HEADS of garlic halved 2 large strong onions halved Simmer in 4 quarts of water for 4 hours (outside if possible). Let cool and strain. Add one half can of hot Hungarian paprika 1 teaspoon of dish soap. Spray on plants three times a year or when needed April, June and July ...

Annuals: ageratum, heliotrope, dusty Miller, flowering tobacco (Nicotiana), licorice plant, tuberous begonias.  Annual flowering herbs:  dill, calendula, lantana, salvias.

Shrubs: arrowwood viburnum, beautyberry, bottlebrush, boxwood, deutzia, elderberry, Hinoki cypress, Japanese kerria, Japanese plum yew, leucothoe, Oregon grapeholly, rugosa rose, Russian cypress, St. Johnswort, smooth hydrangea, sumac, sweetbox, Virginia sweetspire.

Beebalm (Mondarda fistulosa) is, a deer resistant plant that attracts birds and bees. The leaves have a minty smell and the flowers are edible.