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Bad Policy and Chronic Wasting Disease March 16, 2014 Idaho

Blanco to tackle chronic wasting disease July 20, 2018 Idaho

Bluetongue cases increase among wildlife, livestock October 1, 2015 Idaho

Chronic Wasting Disease, CWD, Idaho's deer in danger July 26, 2021

Controversy in Idaho Legislature over the threat posed by the meningeal worm to elk, mule deer, and moose March 2, 2015

Deer lice spreading in Idaho May 18, 2012

Deer Tales from the Check Station October 24, 2013 Idaho

Deer Warts, What Is Wrong With That Deer? September 1, 2016 Idaho

Fish and Game: Exotic deer lice could be spreading in Boise June 18, 2013 Idaho

Graying moose: proof that ticks suck April 16, 2014 Idaho

Idaho House, Senate split on proposed elk importation rule March 16, 2015 Idaho

Idaho lawmakers approve rule lifting elk import restriction April 22, 2015 Idaho

Idaho Wildlife Officials Keep Watch for Outbreak of Deer Disease August 23, 2015

Keep elk testing at 100 percent February 18, 2014 Idaho

Moose ticks: Infestations cause scratching, leading to variety of problems April 5, 2014 Idaho

Orofino, Deer Disease, EHD December 13, 2012

Orofino, Deer Disease, EHD December 13, 2012

Warm Winter Results in Tick Infestation, “Ghost Moose” in Idaho April 2, 2015

Wildlife agency kills 60 lice-infested deer in central Idaho to prevent the problem from spreading March 9, 2012

With five cases of CWD confirmed just miles from Idaho border, state officials shore up the defenses August 1, 2019 Idaho,