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Colorado Suburban Deer Management Archive

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Alamosa may set up deer task force September 21, 2012 Colorado

Alamosa's urban deer problem September 11, 2012 Colorado

Alamosa, Citizen input sought on deer population October 26, 2012 Colorado

Alamosa, Deer may be issue — or not April 30, 2015 Colorado

Alamosa, Deer me, what a problem! November 10, 2012 Colorado

Alamosa, Deer stump Alamosa city council September 8, 2012 Colorado

Boulder, Possible illegal deer shooting investigated in Boulder's Eldorado Springs November 7, 2016 Colorado

Canon City, Colorado Parks and Wildlife proposes deer harvesting in Cañon City in 2018 July 5, 2017

Cañon City Council revisits proposed deer harvest October 4, 2018

Cañon City deer harvesting to address problem, protect albino deer December 4, 2018 Colorado

Cedaredge, Deer count begins for Cedaredge herd February 28, 2018 Colorado

Colorado cougars routinely traverse urban areas, study finds September 28, 2011

Colorado Springs deer could become targets of urban hunters July 19, 2017 Colorado

Colorado Springs grappling with deer population problem May 1, 2018

Colorado Springs not ready to address deer overpopulation August 15, 2019 Colorado

Colorado Springs, Officials set tentative timeline for culling August 3,2018 Colorado

Colorado Springs, Archery hunt dropped as option to reduce deer population in Colorado Springs August 16, 2018 Colorado

Colorado Springs, County considers urban hunting to combat exploding deer population December 7, 2017 Colorado

Colorado Springs, Deer dilemma continues in Colorado Springs August 3, 2018 Colorado

Colorado Springs, Presence of moose near Colorado Springs shrouded in mystery May 7, 2015 Colorado

Colorado Springs, Two decisions on wildlife made by Colorado Springs City Council November 29, 2018 Colorado

Colorado Springs, Urban hunt to control Colorado Springs' deer population tabled while options explored December 25, 2018 Colorado

Colorado Springs,Culling, not hunting, likely solution to deer overpopulation in Colorado Springs January 19, 2018

Colorado Springs,Parks and Wildlife looking for a deer poacher while the city searches for someone to kill deer October 31, 2018 Colorado,

Craig area 2nd-grade students offer solutions to city deer issue February 5, 2011 Colorado

Craig City Council pauses on deer issue December 29, 2010

Craig City Council pauses on deer issue December 29, 2010 Colorado

Craig: 'Enjoy' the deer in Craig November 5, 2010

Craig: Don't kill the deer November 2, 2010 Colorado

Craig: Jody Maxson: DOW deer plan 'wrong' October 30, 2010 Colorado

Craig: Ron and Betty Gorbet: Save our deer November 3, 2010

Craig: Shawn Coleman: Craig a deer 'sanctuary' November 3, 2010

Craig: Use Fence to Control Deer November 6, 2010 Colorado Urban

Deer wounded by arrow in The Pinery; Homeowners group opposes hunting to control deer overpopulation November 14, 2013 Colorado

Durango, CPW asks: Remove items from yards that could entangle big-game animals November 25, 2014 Colorado

Durango, Deer haters are downright ignorant July 24, 2014 Colorado

Effects of GonaCon immunocontraceptive vaccine in free‐ranging female Rocky Mountain elk (Cervus elaphus nelsoni) JG Powers, RJ Monello, MA Wild, TR Spraker… - Wildlife Society Bulletin, 2014

Elizabeth deer bow hunting plan drawing fire from opponents April 9, 2014 Colorado

Elizabeth Town Board votes unanimously to move forward with deer hunt plan July 9, 2014 Colorado

Elizabeth, 9 deer killed by hunters in Colorado culling program January 14, 2015

Elizabeth, Cities are just deer in the headlights June 14, 2015 Colorado

Elizabeth, Colorado town looks into bow hunting to limit deer April 8, 2014 Colorado

Elizabeth, Deer hunt in town of Elizabeth on Tuesday agenda; town says deer population is out of control July 7, 2014 Colorado

Elizabeth, Deer Management July 18, 2014 Town of Elizabeth

Elizabeth, Town explains plan to cull deer October 31, 2014 Colorado

Elizabeth, Town Meeting to Discuss Deer Cull April 7, 2014

Elizabeth,Deer-culling program gets extended June 13, 2016 Colorado

Hunter cited after deer shot near Red Rocks November 18, 2014 Colorado

Keep wildlife in mind when decorating for the holidays November 27, 2013 Colorado

Mule Deer Hunting: How to Tag a Suburb Buck August 2, 2013 Colorado

Ottawa Hills residents reject ordinance that would allow deer culling November 4, 2010 Colorado

Parker, Critics blast residential deer-hunt proposal July 31, 2012 Colorado

Pinery deer reignite concerns January 22, 2018 Colorado

Pinery, Euthanized buck puts Pinery deer issue back in the spotlight November 19, 2013 Colorado

Raven Rock,Planning Commission continues discussion on Raven Rock development October 20, 2017 Colorado

Salida City Council takes aim at deer September 8, 2011 Colorado

Salida City, Wildlife seek mule deer solutions August 4, 2011 Colorado

Salida, Intern offers deer task force update January 10, 2014 Colorado

Salida, Wildlife, city will examine urban deer controversy June 3, 2013 Colorado

Stevens Point looking at new option to cut deer population November 14, 2013

Stevens Point looking at new option to cut deer population November 14, 2013

US Air Force Academy to host deer hunt Dec 16-18 December 15, 2017 Colorado

Wildfire, deer, governor close eventful week in southern Colorado April 13, 2018 Colorado

Woodland Park may legalize deer hunting within residential areas June 9, 2017 Colorado,

Woodland Park residents hear deer management options August 14, 2018 Colorado,

Woodland Park, No vote taken Thursday on proposed deer plan in Woodland Park September 20, 2019 Colorado

Woodland Park, Third annual count collects data on Woodland Park deer population February 13, 2019 Colorado