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Massachusetts Deer in the News Archive

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Crazy Jane And The Deer February 19, 2013 Massachusetts

Deer downing a common occurance March 10, 2015 Massachusetts

Deer jumps from ice floe to ice floe in Boston Harbor March 17, 2015 Massachusetts

Deer rescued from thin ice December 28, 2011 Massachusett

Deer rescued in dramatic fashion from sea August 22, 2013 Massachusetts

Despite rescue, deer that jumped from Cohasset bridge can't be saved October 2, 2013 Massachusetts

Equally majestic, horns and antlers are not the same January 18, 2015 Massachusetts

Fall River, Berkley man charged with shooting deer at Fall River intersection December 6, 2013 Massachusetts,

Hiker discovers deer in Spencer well November 30, 2013 Massachusetts

Hunter finds scarce 8-point antlered doe November 10, 2014 Massachusetts,

Looking at the biology and chemistry of deer milk September 17, 2013 Massachusetts

New director for Tufts animal policy center May 31, 2012 Massachussetts

Northampton police employ use of drone for first-ever field operation April 8, 2017 Massachusetts

Pete the Moose's preserve is set to close in Vermont November 4, 2011 Massachusetts

Transportation workers pull tiny deer stuck between concrete barriers to safety July 16, 2012 Massachusetts

Upton, an antler search 'deer' to their hearts March 1, 2014 Massachusetts