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Michigan Suburban Deer Management Archive

A list of articles in the Archive.  Alphabetical Order.

'Give us a brake' sign attached to dead deer in Oakland Twp. November 14, 2014 Michigan

Afton Deer Management raffle successful at fair August 10, 2013 Michigan

Alma: Deer becoming nuisance in Alma April 30, 2012 Michigan

Ann Arbor announces park closures for deer cull December 26, 2018 Michigan

Ann Arbor approves $481K to continue deer management efforts July 6, 2017 Michigan

Ann Arbor City Announces 2017 Deer Management Program Details January 6, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor City Announces 2017 Deer Management Program Details January 6, 2017 Michigan

Ann Arbor Considers Killing Some Deer In City May 6, 2014 Michigan

Ann Arbor considers spending $20K to develop deer management plan August 15, 2014 Michigan

Ann Arbor council member facing recall threat for vote on deer cull December 2, 2015 Michigan

Ann Arbor council members ready to hire sharpshooters to cull deer August 13, 2015 Michigan,

Ann Arbor council votes 7-3 to scale back park closures for deer cull December 22, 2015 Michigan

Ann Arbor council votes 8-1 to approve controversial deer cull August 18, 2015 Michigan

Ann Arbor cutting down trees to kill deer to save trees January 24, 2018 Michigan

Ann Arbor deer cull ends with 63 deer killed in city parks, Map March 2, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor deer cull protesters tape mouths shut during latest protest January 15, 2019 Michigan

Ann Arbor deer population topic of Dec. 10 public meeting at Huron High December 5, 2014 Michigan

Ann Arbor deer under threat from city January 8, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor enacts citywide ban on feeding deer September 9, 2015 Michigan

Ann Arbor officials ask whether $35K is enough for deer management next year February 23, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor officials divided on taking legal action against deer cull protesters January 8, 2019 Michigan

Ann Arbor officials lay out lethal and non-lethal options for managing deer April 17, 2015 Michigan

Ann Arbor Officials Seek Resident Input To Help Curb Deer Population December 17, 2014 Michigan

Ann Arbor Officials Seek Resident Input To Help Curb Deer Population December 17, 2014 Michigan

Ann Arbor plans to kill significantly more deer this winter October 16, 2017 Michigan,

Ann Arbor protesters spell 'Save The Deer' in lights outside city hall January 8, 2018 Michigan

Ann Arbor releases details of plan to kill up to 250 deer, sterilize others December 4, 2017 Michigan,

Ann Arbor releases plan to kill 100 more deer in the winter October 19, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor residents express strong opinions for and against hunting deer in city December 27, 2014 Michigan,

Ann Arbor residents ponder: to cull deer or not? December 11, 2014 Michigan

Ann Arbor residents still divided on shooting deer, survey shows May 4, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor seeks feedback on deer cull in new survey April 6, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor voters have important City Council races to decide on Aug. 2 July 28, 2016 MIchigan,

Ann Arbor waits for DNR approval to start next deer cull, ovary removal December 29, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor's plan to shoot deer in neighborhoods has some residents in fear December 7, 2017 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor deer cull now part of national high school ethics debate September 13, 2017 Michigan,

Ann Arbor, A Fight Over Deer As Ann Arbor Readies for First-Ever Cull January 1, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor, $145K for deer management included in Ann Arbor's new city budget May 17, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor, 2 lawsuits seeking to prevent urban deer culls pending in Michigan courts April 5, 2016

Ann Arbor, 2019 Deer Management Program Safely Completed and Parks Have Been Reopened January 21, 2019 Michigan

Ann Arbor, 26 parks and nature areas to close daily at 4 p.m. during Ann Arbor deer cull December 16, 2015 Michigan

Ann Arbor, A cull is a kill, and it’s an overreaction to deer ‘problem’ March 28, 2015 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor council members not bending to requests to call off deer cull December 8, 2015 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor facing second lawsuit over deer cull January 27, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor officials expected to make a decision on deer culling by next month July 14, 2015

Ann Arbor, Another lawsuit over Ann Arbor's deer cull dismissed in Court of Claims August 10, 2016 Michigan,

Ann Arbor, Are Ann Arbor's deer enough of a threat to warrant firepower? December 21, 2015 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Biologist tells Ann Arbor officials success can be had with non-lethal deer management plan February 6, 2015 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Candidates debate for contested Ward 2 seat October 12, 2015 Michigan

Ann Arbor, City conducts helicopter flyover to count Ann Arbor's deer population February 13, 2015 Michigan,

Ann Arbor, City Council to Consider 2 Deer Management Resolutions at Nov. 5 Meeting October 30, 2015 Michigan

Ann Arbor, City Council unanimously passes 2017 budget May 3, 2016 Michigan,

Ann Arbor, City ends 4th annual deer cull early, parks reopen January 24, 2019 Michigan

Ann Arbor, City says deer found dead near Arb wasn't killed by sharpshooters February 20, 2017 Michigan

Ann Arbor, City to hold final meeting on Ann Arbor deer issue before report goes to council April 10, 2015 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Controversy abounds as Ann Arbor undergoes another deer cull January 10, 2019 MIchigan

Ann Arbor, Council member's emails about deer cull scrutinized by critics April 5, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Deer Cull Concludes with 96 Deer Killed by Sharpshooters February 7, 2017 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Deer cull divides 5th Ward candidates for Ann Arbor City Council July 13, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Deer cull fell short on planning, and controversy followed February 6, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Deer cull moves forward despite local opposition in City Council meeting November 6, 2015 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Deer cull turns Ann Arbor into 'killing fields' January 9, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Deer management topic of special Ann Arbor council work session July 13, 2015 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Emotions high as Ann Arbor considers options for controlling urban deer population September 7, 2014 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Federal judge dismisses lawsuit over Ann Arbor deer cull July 19, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Group files lawsuit against Ann Arbor in attempt to stop deer shoot January 2, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Group hits Michigan city with criminal complaint over plans to kill 100 deer September 21, 2015

Ann Arbor, Group hopes to put deer issue on ballot for Ann Arbor voters to decide February 3, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Group protests deer cull before Council meeting December 22, 2015 Michigan,

Ann Arbor, Helicopter flyover to count Ann Arbor deer today February 18, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Homeless man found living in deer shooting zone in Ann Arbor January 9, 2018 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Humane Society defends its advocacy against Ann Arbor deer cull October 16, 2015 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Humane Society lobbying for fertility control instead of shooting deer in Ann Arbor May 17, 2015 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Humane Society to assess potential for deer fertility control in Ann Arbor May 25, 2015 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Lack of public notice about shooting deer in Ward 3 was an oversight, city says January 9, 2019 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Lack of public notice about shooting deer in Ward 3 was an oversight, city says January 9, 2019 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Lawsuit filed against Ann Arbor over deer cull resolution January 6, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Local animal rights group launches online petition to end lethal deer cull program November 5, 2017 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan city hires snipers to kill 100 deer, despite state warning not to August 24, 2015

Ann Arbor, Michigan House: No future deer sterilization for Ann Arbor April 17, 2018 Michigan

Ann Arbor, More than 1500 sign petition urging Ann Arbor to stop killing deer November 17, 2017 MIchigan

Ann Arbor, New report examines Ann Arbor deer population, control efforts March 13, 2017 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Officials not releasing information about deer cull in Ann Arbor January 6, 2015 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Peaceful memorial rally in Ann Arbor honors lives of 63 deer killed March 6, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor, People in shooting zones posed a challenge during Ann Arbor deer cull June 7, Michigan

Ann Arbor, Protesters call for end to shooting deer in Ann Arbor December 3, 2018 MIchigan

Ann Arbor, Protesters urge Ann Arbor officials to call off 'deer massacre' October 10, 2015 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Residents still fawn over their dear deer November 20, 2017 Michigan

Ann Arbor, See 2018 trail-cam photos of Ann Arbor's urban deer herds March 24, 2018 Michigan

Ann Arbor, See results from flyover count of Ann Arbor's deer population March 17, 2015 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Sharpshooters can begin Ann Arbor deer kill January 12, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Sharpshooters must get permission to shoot deer near homes December 24, 2015

Ann Arbor, Sharpshooters Permitted To Kill Up To 150 Deer In Ann Arbor Next Month December 18, 2018

Ann Arbor, Special legislative panel to consider bill banning Ann Arbor deer sterilization January 24, 2018 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Sterilized Ann Arbor deer may get yoga mats to help with recovery January 2, 2018 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Ten parks removed from Ann Arbor deer cull January 14, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Tensions mount as Ann Arbor deer cull is set to begin January 4, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Two-year push for deer cull reveals city divide March 17, 2016 Michigan

Ann Arbor, What would a deer feeding ban mean for Ann Arbor? What's allowed, what's not August 24, 2015 Michigan

Barton Hills, Authorities to thin deer herd in Barton Hills January 30, 2013 Michigan

Barton Hills, Deer activity in Barton Hills doesn't justify plan to thin herd February 2, 2013 Michigan

Bemidji, Archery deer hunts within Bemidji city limits to return in fall July 6, 2017 

... city ordinances and special hunt regulations will apply. Hunters must be of legal hunting age, pass a criminal background check and successfully complete an archery proficiency test...

attacked... Parasites were close behind, killing 30 percent of the moose, including a brainworm ... 21 percent of the confirmed deaths were caused by bacterial infections, often infected wounds or injuries...

Bill dictates hunting, not sterilization to control deer populations December 13, 2018 Michigan

Blandford Nature Center plans three hunts for fall as deer damage shrubs ...July 21, 2011 Michigan

Bow hunting in Hills leaves neighbors appalled October 16, 2011 Michigan

Chatham: Urban archery season would thin Chatham's deer population September 26, 2011 Michigan

Dearborn Council says no to deer cull, university does not plan to revisit January 6, 2015 Michigan

Dearborn, Deer cull planned at University of Michigan Dearborn February 22, 2018 Michigan

Dearborn, Campus deer taken down over break March 11, 2015 Michigan

Dearborn, Deer cull completed at University of Michigan-Dearborn March 3, 2015

Dearborn, Deer kill is under way at U-M in Dearborn February 25, 2015 Michigan

Dearborn, Hunters bag 14 deer during 1st night of Dearborn cull February 26, 2015 Michigan,

Dearborn, University of Michigan-Dearborn contracted hunters kill 14 deer first day of special hunt February 26, 2015

Deer Carcasses Found In Meridian Twp. Field December 5, 2014 Michigan,

Deer continuing to die on large, fenced private property in Clarkston March 6, 2018 Michigan

Deer Cull Causes Controversy in Roscommon County June 25, 2011

Deer impales itself trying to jump cemetery gate October 11, 2013 Michigan

Deer kill at Ella Sharp Park, Cascades Golf Course suspended January 20, 2012, Michigan

Deer kill likely on hold in Rochester Hills November 21, 2010 Michigan

Deer Park issue remains hot button topic for many January 6, 2015 Michigan

Duluth City bowhunt under way, with changes September 24, 2017 

East Lansin, City Council defers deer management action to 2016 November 30, 2015 Michigan

East Lansing continues conversation about deer population in the city November 5, 2014 Michigan

East Lansing debates deer management plan October 13, 2015 Michigan

East Lansing may have deer strategy by mid-summer June 8, 2015 Michigan

East Lansing to consider deer feeding ban June 4, 2014 Michigan

East Lansing, City Council passes ordinance to limit deer population July 8, 2014 Michigan,

East Lansing, Mandated Deer Kills Move to East Lansing October 20, 2015 Michigan

East Lansing, Ordinance passage means EL deer hunt could happen February 25, 2016 Michigan

East Lansing: Survey shows deer overpopulation is widespread December 5, 2011 Michigan

Extended deer season in metro Detroit lets archery hunters take aim through Jan. 31 January 6, 2021 Michigan

Farmington Hills approves ban on feeding deer June 13, 2017 Michigan,

Farmington Hills considers bow ban due to spate of wounded deer December 1, 2011 Michigan

Farmington Hills includes deer survey in summer tax bills July1, 2016 Michigan

Farmington Hills Police ID suspect in deer killings October 15, 2011 Michigan

Farmington Hills, Another Injured Deer Reported in Farmington Hills November 30, 2015 Michigan

Farmington Hills, Council to take aim at bow hunting November 6, 2011 Michigan

Farmington Hills, Deer Stuck With Arrows In Farmington Hills November 1, 2011 Michigan

Farmington Hills, Oppose Urban Deer Killing in Michigan May 23, 2015 Michigan

Farmington Hills, Proposal bans bows, arrows, but allows target shooting August 30, 2012 Michigan

Farmington Hills: Bow hunting in Farmington Hills leaves deer wounded, wandering October 13, 2011 Michigan

Farmington Hills: Bow target restrictions miss mark February 16, 2012 Michigan

Fergus Fall exploring deer management program June 8, 2012 Michigan

Foster Crouse Land Preserve, Deer hunters await ordinance clarification October 4, 2012 Michigan

Genesee County park land have to take an antlerless deer before they take aim at trophy bucks September 28, 2013 Michigan

Genesee Township seeking approval of ordinance to allow hunting on township-owned property December 28, 2011 Michigan

Gov. Snyder signs law freezing deer sterilization permits December 20, 2018 Michigan

Grand Haven OKs agreement for fall deer cull September 19, 2017 Michigan

Grand Haven to consider law to ban deer feeding March 28, 2017 Michigan

Grand Haven, Deer cull approved by Grand Haven city council November 22, 2016 Michigan

Grand Haven, 70-plus petition signatures collected toward Grand Haven deer cull March 29, 2016 Michigan

Grand Haven, City delays deer cull until fall March 14, 2017 Michigan

Grand Haven, City gets look at GVSU deer research plan October 22, 2013 Michigan

Grand Haven, Debating the deer cull December 21, 2016 Michigan

Grand Haven, DNR OK's city deer cull application February 28, 2017 Michigan

Grand Haven: More research before decision on urban deer August 17, 2010 Michigan

Grosse Ile, Deer culling causes confusion March 9, 2014 Michigan

Harbor Springs begins using birth control to control deer park population September 18, 2013 Michigan

Harbor Springs deer park population further reduced December 6, 2011 Michigan

Harbor Springs Deer Park Standoff August 18, 2016 Michigan

Harbor Springs deer to get contraceptives December 4, 2012 Michigan

Harbor Springs struggles with managing herd; shooting, donating to food bank ... December 14, 2011 Michigan

Harbor Springs, Debate over deer park splits Harbor Springs February 4, 2016 Michigan

Harbor Springs, Future of Harbor Springs Deer Park up for vote October 16, 2016 Michigan,

Harbor Springs: More talk about deer park during Harbor Springs council meeting December 20, 2011 Michigan

Hillsdale City receives grant monies from HCCF for deer culling project November 13, 2011 Michigan

Hillsdale: Second Year of Deer Culling Underway January 27, 2011 Michigan

Hillsdale: 77 deer harvested March 19, 2012 Michigan

Increase in Lyme disease cases might have a coyote connection July 8, 2012 Michigan

Ironwood Commission approves scaled down deer hunt August 26, 2014 Michigan

Jackson cancels annual deer cull for 2017 February 1, 2017 Michigan

Jackson City Council approves deer cull in Ella Sharp Park for sixth year January 8, 2013 Michigan

Jackson City Council to vote on allowing annual deer cull during council meeting this week December 17, 2013 Michigan

Jackson seeks to reduce deer herd through cull at Ella Sharp Park December 16, 2015 Michigan, MLive

Jackson, Council expected to prohibit feeding deer recreationally within Jackson city limits September 4, 2013 MIchigan

Jackson, Cull allowed for eighth straight year in Jackson city limits in effort to control urban deer population January 13, 2015 Michigan,

Jackson, Decision to kill deer and coyotes is wrong January 7, 2014 Michigan

Jackson, Don't feed the animals: Jackson residents could face $500 fine for feeding deer within the city September 11, 2013 Michigan

Jackson, Sharpshooters cull 16 deer in Ella Sharp Park, on pace to bag 32 this season February 7, 2015 Michigan

Jackson: Annual deer kill tally in Sharp Park, Cascades Golf Course now at 52 January 16, 2012 Michigan

Jackson: Deer kill in Jackson parks would continue, target fewer deer June 6, 2012 Michigan

Jurisdictions struggle over how many deer are enough May 15, 2017 

Lawmaker wants hunters, not sterilization, to control deer population December 10, 2017 Michigan,

Man shoots 8-point buck in Muskegon's Kruse Park, cited by police and DNR October 13, 2014 Michigan

Manistee Approves City Deer Cull October 22, 2014 Michigan

Manistee Votes To Move Forward With Deer Cull December 17, 2015 Michigan

Manistee, City again considering cull December 21, 2015 Michigan

Manistee, City likely to proceed with deer cull January 10, 2019 Michigan

Meridan Township Moves Forward With Deer Management Plan October 13, 2011 Michigan

Meridian deer hold their own against hunters October 28, 2011 Michigan

Meridian plans managed hunt for deer problem October 15, 2011 Michigan

Meridian Township Mulls 'Special Hunt' To Control Deer Population August 25, 2011 Michigan

Meridian Township searching for answers to deer issues June 12, 2011

Meridian Township to seek second deer kill December 25, 2011 Michigan

Meridian Township, Archers, sharpshooters will hunt at some Ingham County parks August 23, 2017 Michigan

Meridian Township, Community works to control deer population August 31, 2-13 Michigan

Meridian Township: Pregnant does caught in deer control crossfire January 24, 2012 Michigan

Mt. Pleasant conducts final deer cull March 8, 2012 Michigan

Mt. Pleasant’s herd trimmed by 10 February 12, 2016 Michigan

North Ottawa, 16 deer taken in first hunt at North Ottawa Dunes Park in Spring Lake December 17, 2012 Michigan

Norton Shores citizen survey queries residents on deer ... options May 10, 2014 Michigan

Norton Shores council members officially ban deer and turkey feeding March 20, 2015 Michigan

Norton Shores to begin research on controlling city's sprawling deer population January 30, 2014 Michigan

Norton Shores, Latest discussion on city's wildlife leads Norton Shores officials to consider deer baiting ban October 3, 2013 Michigan

Oakland County Parks Deer Management Program Controlled Hunts August 24, 2011 Michigan

Oakland County: Deer culling program questioned February 3, 2010 Michigan Urban

Ottawa County park deer hunt is 'beyond reckless' opponents argue September 7, 2012 Michiga

Ottawa County parks, open spaces focus of hunters in firearm deer season November 13, 2014 Michigan,

Ottawa County plans two hunts to reduce deer population in dunes near Hoffmaster State Park September 1, 2012 Michigan

PETA trounces Grand Forks Mayor for his deer cull ideas August 19, 2010 Michigan

Petoskey, City defers on deer discussions November 9, 2017 Michigan,

Police asked prosecutor to reduce charge against deer hunters March 12, 2013 Michigan

Portage continues to study deer population, but not ready to fund helicopter aerial survey August 24, 2016 Michigan,

Portage, Deer forum in Portage draws large crowd April 15, 2016 Michigan

Reedsburg approves plan to decrease city deer population August 28, 2018 

Rise in coyote population linked to Lyme disease June 21, 2012 Michigan

Rochester Hills continues to wrestle with overpopulation of deer October 23, 2018 Michigan

Rochester Hills Deer Management October 24, 2012 Michigan

Rochester Hills deer population down September 16, 2015 Michigan

Rochester Hills Will Consider Committee's Recommendations for Managing City's Deer November 14, 2011 Michigan

Rochester Hills, Deer campaign continues October 4, 2016 Michigan

Rochester Hills, Where the Deer Are: Map Shows Hubs for Car-Deer Crashes in Rochester November 16, 2011 Michigan

Rochester Hills: Suburb cuts deer-car collisions by 25 percent November 23, 2011 Michigan

Royal Oak Park, Deer to be 'caged out' of Royal Oak park September 18, 2012 Michigan

Royal Oak urges residents to stop feeding deer, explores possible penalties June 14, 2016 Michigan

Royal Oak, Deer make surprise return to Tenhave Woods February 25, 2014 Michigan

Royal Oak, Deer threaten Royal Oak nature conservancy August 29, 2012 Michigan

Royal Oak, Wildflowers the losers when it comes to hungry deer in Royal Oak September 10, 2012 Michigan

Sharp Park: Fifth deer cull set at Sharp Park, Cascades Golf Course October 13, 2011 Michigan

Should Blandford Nature Center allow deer hunting? September 9, 2011

St Joseph, Deer not a big worry in St. Joseph January 8, 2013 Michigan

Tecumseh City Council approves lethal deer cull funding February 6, 2019 Michigan

Troy man concerned about deer poaching in the city October 20, 2014 Michigan

Two Harbors urban deer hunt considered a success January 12, 2012 Michigan

Warren, 2 charged with killing a deer in Warren; mayor outraged, calls animal domesticated December 27, 2012 Michigan

Warren, Accused Warren deer hunters back in court Tuesday March 5, 2013 Michigan

Warren, Men who killed deer in Warren get probation, banned from hunting April 17, 2013 Michigan,

Warren, No plea bargain reached for Warren deer hunters February 12, 2013 Michigan

Warren, Plea bargain for pair charged with killing deer in Warren March 5, 2013