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Wisconsin Deer in the News Archive

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10 Whitetails Killed by Dog Attack on Webster, Wis. Deer Farm April 16, 2014 Wisconsin

29-year-old Jason Elliott, “Bow Tie” the deer’s poacher, ordered to pay $1,540 in fines January 12, 2016 Wisonsin

A Cecil the lion case in Wauwatosa? Popular deer named “Bowtie” poached with crossbow December 15, 2015 Wisconsin

A glimpse of the big buck July 18, 2015 Wisconsin

A must for families with younger children- Wisconsin Deer Park September 10, 2013

Albino Deer 'Merlin' Killed in Washington County January 14, 2016 Wisconsin

Albino deer disappear March 31, 2016 Wisconsin

Albino deer steals hearts in Northwoods community February 6, 2015 Wisconsin

Animal abuse can lead to more serious crimes August 17, 2015 Wisconsin

Autumn antler damage common to rut November 6, 2015 Wisconsin

Bald Eagle Attacks a Swimming Deer August 17, 2017 Wisconsin

BUCKING THE TREND: After 60 years, the Wisconsin Deer Park in the Dells stays true to its roots May 26, 2012 Wisconsin

Buffalo County man, teen convicted of illegal deer hunts September 15, 2015 Wisconsin

Charlotte the deer, December 15, 2011 Wisconsin

Deer pen in Fond du Lac park getting a makeover March 25, 2019 Wisconsin

Deer rescued from frozen river (photos and videos) February 1, 2019 Wisconsin

Deer rescued from ice on Tichigan Lake in Racine County November 30, 2012 Wisconsin

Deer slaughter leads to 11 year sentence November 29, 2011 Wisconsin

Deer thrill kill case back on track September 23, 2011 Wisconsin

Deer thrill kill suspects given trespassing tickets December 17, 2014 Wisconsin

Deer Wanders Around Macarthur Square June 1, 2011

DNR investigating shooting of albino deer in Lafayette County November 28, 2018 Wisconsin

DNR rescues Door County deer after she fell through ice on Green Bay near Little Harbor January 16, 2019 Wisconsin

Doe gets killed by car, gives birth to three fawns in Dunn County May 23, 2020 Wisconsin

Family mourns loss of pet deer after it was killed by the DNR June 17, 2011 Wisconsin

Family of five albino deer living in Lincoln County neighborhood November 4, 2016 Wisconsin

Fawn season! Admire from afar, mom is near May 16, 2017 Wisconsin

Fawns natural defenses June 26, 2015 Wisconsin

Ghost deer March 12, 2014 Wisconsin

Giggles, Bambi's got nothing on Midwest deer drama December 13, 2013 Wisconsin

Good family fun - Review of Wisconsin Deer Park, Wisconsin Dells July 10, 2013

Green Lake deer kill suspects charged January 15, 2015 Wisconsin

Group effort lauded in catching deer-killing snowmobilers June 7, 2013 Wisconsin

Judge refuses to step down in deer-killing case October 12, 2011 Wisconsin

Jury awards $2,500 to hunter who sued DNR warden for wrongful arrest February 18, 2015 Wisconsin

Kayakers help free deer trapped in Lake Superior sea cave August 21, 2015 Wisconsin

La Crosse DNR warden saves two deer in distress January 31, 2012 Wisconsin

Local wildlife hospital cares for 2000 injured animals every year January 29, 2018 Wisconsin

Man could face criminal charges for hitting deer May 7, 2013 Wisconsin

Man uses truck to run down deer March 20, 2015 Wisconsin

Michael Cox sentenced for intentionally running down a deer December 11, 2013 Wisconsin

My Deer June 29, 2012 Wisconsin

Mystery of Three-Legged Wisconsin Buck Solved September 1, 2014 Wisconsin,

Peak of Fawning Season May 28, 2015 Wisconsin

Person who posted deer fawn for sale on Facebook charged and fined December 18, 2018 Wisconsin

Pet deer's death raises storm of controversy June 5, 2011

Pet deer's death raises storm of controversy June 17, Wisconsin

Petting Zoos With Deer in Wisconsin July 14, 2011

Police rescue deer from canal in Kaukauna October 12, 2015 Wisconsin

Popular white buck illegally shot December 12, 2016 Wisconsin

Prized buck turns out to be 8-point doe in Wisconsin November 23, 2016

Really Enjoyed Interacting with the Deer! - Review of Wisconsin Deer Park June 21, 2011

Ripon man goes to jail in deer ‘thrill killing’ case August 3, 2015 Wisconsin

Shed deer antlers a buried treasure in snow March 7, 2015 Wisconsin

Sheriff 'shocked' by video depicting injured deer, unborn fawn April 12, 2016 Wisconsin

Shoulder mount of beloved deer 'Bow Tie' to return to Milwaukee Co. Parks May 5, 2016 Wisconsin

Sightings of 'mythical' white deer end with death of buck December 4, 2013

St. Clair man fights to save lives of deer herd at farm July 14, 2016 Wisconsin

T-Shirt Put On Wild Deer By Wisconsin Men; Outraged Sparked By Apparent Animal Abuse April 12, 2013

There's a lonely moose looking for a mate in central Wisconsin, heading east September 21, 2018

Touching the wild: Joe Hutto’s seven years living with mule deer January 4, 2015 Wisconsin,

Trail cams no flash in pan August 17, 2012 Wisconsin

Walker signs law allowing hunters to wear blaze pink February 4, 2016 Wisconsin,

White Deer Spotted in Grafton February 12, 2014 Wisconsin

Wild Instincts: saving animals in the Northwoods June 17, 2011 Wisconsin

Wisconsin 3-legged deer welcomes fourth fawn in four years July 2, 2019

Wisconsin Bowhunter Gets Attacked By Deer He Shot With Arrow, Internet Reacts In A Big Way January 4, 2015

Wisconsin Family Mourns Loss Of Pet Deer May 25, 2011

Wisconsin legislative committee OKs hunter blaze pink bill January 14, 2016

Wisconsin man encounters rare white deer fawn on Sauk County morel mushroom hunt May 15, 2018

World Class Buck Poached Near Shiocton February 6, 2016 Wisconsin,

‘Bambi went home': Deer rescue caught on dash cam September 24, 2014 Wisconsin

“Worst thing I’ve experienced:” Injured deer wanders into Piggly Wiggly store in Oconomowoc June 26, 2016 Wisconsin