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Ohio Suburban Deer Management Archive

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7 Cuyahoga County cities unite to ask voters to curb deer population October 15, 2015 Ohio

Adena deer hunt applications being accepted July 12, 2012 Ohio

Akron, Dates for deer culling shouldn’t be secret January 27, 2014 Ohio

Amberley, A (Lone) Wolf in the Village: Deer Management June 29, 2012 Ohio

Athens, City hopes to rein in deer problem November 17, 2013 Ohio

Athens, Residents concerned about city dwelling deer November 3, 2013 Ohio

Avon Lake 'Save the Deer' Group Forms to Stop Bow Hunting March 28, 2012 Ohio

Avon Lake adds deer sharpshooting site June 11, Ohio

Avon Lake begins process to allow sharpshooters to kill deer February 24, 2015 Ohio

Avon Lake City Council discusses deer, coyotes August 16, 2016 Ohio

Avon Lake City Council moves forward with deer culling plan November 24, 2015 Ohio,

Avon Lake City Council OKs program to help cut deer herd January 18, 2013 Ohio

Avon Lake concerns over deer management programs increase June 18, 2013 Ohio

Avon Lake continues to work to find answers to growing deer population April 26, 2012 Ohio

Avon Lake Council is considering changes in deer management program June 17, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake Council looking into deer hunting recommendation May 3, 2012 Ohio

Avon Lake councilman against bow hunting in city limits (with video) May 19, 2012 Ohio

Avon Lake councilman suggests paintballs to scare off deer August 29, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake councilman, tired of criticism, may abandon idea of using paintball guns on deer September 5, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake deer control in state’s hands February 6, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake deer control ordinance takes effect August 21, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake deer cull starts today at Weiss Park March 12, 2015 Ohio,

Avon Lake deer culling ordinance signed into law July 23, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake deer culling program is ineffective, mayor says December 12, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake deer culling setup called impractical April 18, 2013 Ohio

Avon Lake deer feeding ordinance being tweaked April 27, 2012 Ohio

Avon Lake deer survey results pinpoint overpopulation areas September 19, 2013

Avon Lake defines deer-culling program July 18, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake hires company for deer count March 5, 2013 Ohio

Avon Lake keeps targeting deer problem January 27, 2015 Ohio

Avon Lake looks into new deer management April 20, 2013 Ohio

Avon Lake looks to culling, contraceptives to control deer population June 14, 2013 Ohio

Avon Lake looks to expand deer culling May 20, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake looks to expand deer culling May 20, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake may start testing for common deer disease September 24, 2013 Ohio

Avon Lake mulling sharpshooters this winter; goal is 80 deer August 19, 2015 Ohio

Avon Lake officials battling deer population may set up new warning signs July 22, 2013 Ohio

Avon Lake officials make plans for deer population management February 3, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake OKs year-round deer bow hunting July 15, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake passes law allowing rifles to cut deer numbers January 15, 2013 Ohio

Avon Lake plans no deer culling over the summer May 22, 2015 Ohio

Avon Lake renews agreement for deer cull; goal is 70 this year November 15, 2016 Ohio,

Avon Lake residents oppose deer legislation June 30, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake residents weigh in on city’s deer population September 2, 2019 Ohio

Avon Lake scales back on deer culling plan December 6, 2012 Ohio

Avon Lake to Test Contraception, Full text of proposed amendment to Avon Lake's hunting ordinance November 14, 2012 Ohio

Avon Lake to use chopper to take deer census today March 6, 2013 Ohio

Avon Lake votes to allow deer culling via sharpshooters March 10, 2015 Ohio

Avon Lake wants more accurate count of deer population February 27, 2013 Ohio

Avon Lake will mull allowing landowners to have deer killed February 7, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake's anti-deer sharpshooting program needs to be carefully controlled March 28, 2015 Ohio

Avon Lake, As deer-gun season opens in Ohio, Avon Lake plans nuisance controls November 30, 2015

Avon Lake, Committee OKs Avon Lake's 10-year deer plan April 14, 2016 Ohio

Avon Lake, Costs of Avon Lake deer cull less than expected May 7, 2015 Ohio

Avon Lake, Deer culling begins at Weiss Field in Avon Lake March 13, 2015 Ohio

Avon Lake, Deer culling draws controversy in Avon Lake March 13, 2015 Ohio

Avon Lake, Deer culling in Avon Lake, Bay Village to start next week December 2, 2015 Ohio,

Avon Lake, Deer killed within Avon Lake city limits February 10, 2016 Ohio

Avon Lake, Deer moving out of Avon Lake? The latest low count has mayor skeptical April 3, 2015 Ohio

Avon Lake, Deer ordinance receives mixed response in Avon Lake November 16, 2012 Ohio

Avon Lake, Deer shooters in Avon Lake’s sights February 19, 2015 Ohio

Avon Lake, Environmental committee moves forward with deer plan November 12, 2015 Ohio

Avon Lake, Helicopter survey identifies 173 deer in Avon Lake March 11, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake, Leo Kaliszewski, Advocate of Saving Deer in Avon Lake August 20, 2013 Ohio

Avon Lake, Lorain County communities take another look at ways to control deer population February 12, 2015 Ohio

Avon Lake, Mayor signs cruel deer cull law into effect July 23, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake, Municipal deer control permits are a terrible idea, Letter to the Editor July 15, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake, No Easy Solutions in Deer Debate September 18, 2013 Ohio

Avon Lake, Poaching in Avon Lake? Rumors Swirl About Competing Hunting GroupsNovember 21, 2011 Ohio

Avon Lake, Proposed deer legislation find Avon Lake residents and council members divided. July 1, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake, Rare Deer spotted in Avon Lake August 19, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake, Revised ordinance for culling white tailed dear in Avon Lake passed council July 15, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake, Sharpshooters kill 21 Avon Lake deer in two days December 18, 2015 Ohio,

Avon Lake, Sharpshooters take aim at Avon Lake deer starting Wednesday December 4, 2015 Ohio

Avon Lake, Shondel Will Seek Re-election to Avon Lake Council in November July 7, 2013 Ohio

Avon Lake, Shortened Avon Lake deer cull takes 61 March 31, 2017 Ohio

Avon Lake, Solving the deer problem with paintball guns? August 30, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake, Some outdoors crooks make agents earn pay June 5, 2016 Ohio

Avon Lake, Stricter education, proficiency guidelines added to deer management proposal December 21, 2012 Ohio

Avon Lake, Survey seeks residents' help on Avon Lake deer problem August 28, 2013 Ohio

Avon Lake, The proposed deer culling ordinance dominated Avon Lake City Council Collective Committee Meeting July 8, 2014 Ohio

Avon Lake, Tufts University Evaluating Deer Birth Control Option October 16, 2012 Ohio

Avon Lake: Birth Control Shots for Deer Being Explored in Avon Lake April 2, 2012 Ohio

Avon Lake: Councilman on New Deer Hunting Map: 'This is Just Dumb' May 16, 2012 Ohio

Avon Lake: Deer counting June 29, 2011 Ohio

Avon Lake: Deer Culling, Bow Hunting Review at March 8 Meeting March 2, 2012 Ohio

Avon Lake: Deer Problems January 29, 2012 Ohio

Avon Lake: Deer to their hearts March 21, 2012 Ohio

Avon Village Board targets growing population of deer in village October 28, 2016 Ohio

Avon, Avon Lake, Sheffield Village and Sheffield Lake mayors exchange barbs, accomplishments March 18, 2015 Ohio

Bay Village City Council once again discussing deer issue June 14, 2016 Ohio

Bay Village City Council passes resolution on deer July 7, 2016 Ohio

Bay Village, Deer discussion continues October 28, 2014 Ohio

Bay Village, Ohio wildlife representative says state won't kill deer for Cuyahoga communities November 18, 2014 Ohio

Beachwood gives residents hopeful solution to the increasing deer population August 21, 2012 Ohio

Bedford officials consider killing deer in the city, some residents opposed July 8, 2013 Ohio

Berlin Heights, Lottery for controlled deer hunt in Edison Woods Metropark looks for participants August 4, 2016 Ohio

Bowling Green, Winter brings prime deer-spotting time December 26,2017 Ohio

Brecksville, Parks work together to meet goal of thinning deer herds April 8, 2016 Ohio

Broadview Heights at-large candidates offer solutions to deer October 20, 2015 Ohio

Broadview Heights City Council hears residents' complaints on deer culling January 22, 2014 Ohio

Broadview Heights considers joint bow-hunting legislation October 27, 2015 Ohio

Broadview Heights fields deer complaints August 19, 2014 Ohio

Broadview Heights group planning November election strategy August 1, 2010 Ohio

Broadview Heights may re-examine deer problem October 1, 2013 Ohio

Broadview Heights residents voted to overrule their City Council and not allow bow hunting November 5, 2010 Ohio

Broadview Heights, Candidates for Broadview Heights City Council discuss deer October 12, 2013 Ohio

Broadview Heights: New idea for controlling deer presented to Broadview Heights city council, deer parks March 18, 2011 Ohio Urban

Bryan, Control of deer debated May 21, 2013 Ohio

Bucyrus cemetery fence is deadly to deer January 5, 2012 Ohio

Cayahoga, Residents in 6 Cuyahoga County cities will vote on deer hunting March 15 March 1, 2016 Ohio,

Cayuahoga County, Committee formed to combat deer population with long-term solutions September 25, 2014 Ohio

Champaign County man charged for letting captive deer run loose April 29, 2015 Ohio

Charlies Island, Kill the deer to prevent them from dying? March 14, 2011 Ohio Urban

Chillicothe City Council Okays Deer Hunt

Chillicothe Committee recommends another deer bow hunt in city August 11, 2011 Ohio

Cincinnati Parks Use Hunters To Thin Out Deer October 19, 2010 Ohio Urban

Cincinnati, City to keep using bow hunters to thin deer in Cincinnati's parks May 30, 2017 Ohio

Cincinnati, Don’t kill deer in Cincinnati parks September 9, 2014 Ohio

Cincinnati, Some parks closing for deer hunt September 24, 2013 Ohio,

Cincinnati: Deer culling upsetting some residents October 15, 2010 Ohio

City of Seven Hills asks residents to fill out deer survey May 24, 2013 Ohio

Clarington Residents Say Ohio Wildlife Officer Determined to Kill Tame Deer August 12, 2014 Ohio

Clarington, 'He was my best friend': Girl's heartbreak after wildlife officer shoots dead tame young deer in front of children claiming it was dangerous August 16, 2014 Ohio

Clarington, Bucky the deer killed by ODNR August 14, 2014 Ohio

Clarington, Growing Concerns Over (Pet) Deer August 9, 2014 Ohio

Clarington, ODNR official clarifies deer decision August 13, 2014 Ohio

Clarington, Ohio Residents Shocked After Wildlife Officer Shoots Deer In Front Of Children August 15, 2014

Cleveland Heights will take no immediate action to manage deer population April 17, 2015 Ohio

Cleveland Metroparks begins culling deer at West Creek Reservation in Parma January 15, 2014 Ohio

Cleveland Metroparks culling claims 405 deer April 8, 2015 Ohio

Cleveland Metroparks culls 287 deer, donates 6 tons of meat April 22, 2014 Ohio

Cleveland Metroparks' deer culling to resume December 4, 2015 Ohio

Cleveland Metroparks: Deer culling at the halfway point February 10, 2011 Ohio Urban

Cleveland, Issue of bow-hunting deer passed by voters in 6 Northeast Ohio communities March 17, 2016

Cleveland, An easier method than culling deer at Acacia Reservation January 26, 2015 Ohio

Cleveland, Annual deer culling to resume in Cleveland Metroparks January 2, 2017 Ohio

Cleveland, East-side deer coalition a good idea to manage growing deer herd July 31, 2014

Cleveland, Probate Judge Anthony Russo has power to stop Cleveland Metroparks' deer culling program, but he won't: September 9, 2014 Ohio

Clifton council considers methods for limiting deer population February 2, 2015 Ohio

Clifton deer population to be spayed. Yes, spayed November 13, 2015 Ohio

Clifton Takes A Shot At Controlling Its Deer Population January 24, 2017 Ohio

Clifton, Citizen committee pushes for humane population control of white-tailed deer November 12, 2014 Ohio

Clifton, Cosmetic Surgery in Clifton July 21, 2015 Ohio

Clifton, Deer sterilization effort in Cincy parks gets boost September 28, 2015 Ohio

Clifton, Group halts deer hunting in some city parks November 21, 2014 Ohio

Clifton, Nonlethal program to target burgeoning Clifton deer population July 18, 2015 Ohio

Clifton, Ohio Neighborhood Launches Deer Fertility Control Research Project December 25, 2015

Clifton, Sterilization project aims to limit Cincinnati's urban deer population November 19, 2015 Ohio

Clifton, Will deer sterilization thin a local herd? January 31, 2017 Ohio

Culling deer ineffective conservationists say, so let's try birth control April 29, 2014 Ohio

Cuyahoga Falls, Opposes plan to kill deer in national park August 25, 2013 Ohio

Cuyahoga mayors, managers press state to help with deer November 27, 2014 Ohio

Cuyahoga Valley National Park finalizes plan to shoot white-tailed deer in early 2015 December 4, 2014 Ohio

Cuyahoga Valley National Park sets open house for plan to reduce growing deer population August 7, 2013 Ohio

Cuyahoga Valley National Park to have sharpshooters thin out deer population December 6, 2014 Ohio

Cuyahoga Valley National Parks releases final deer management plan December 14, 2014 Ohio

Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s Deer Culling Plan Approved February 27, 2015 Ohio

Cuyahoga Valley park seeks to kill 375 white-tailed deer per year July 30, 2013 Ohio

Cuyahoga Valley, Residents chat with Cuyahoga Valley park officials about plans to cull deer August 15, 2013 Ohio

CWD threat prompts order to destroy deer herd December 23, 2014 Ohio

Deer fence to protect Wyoming green space program April 22, 2014 Ohio

Deer incident upsets neighbors April 28, 2011 Ohio

Deer Incidents Spur Changes To Muirfield Golf Club's Fence August 27, 2013 Ohio

Deer population burdens Northeast Ohio suburbs January 30, 2012 Ohio

Deer sterilization gains momentum in several states: What about Ohio? May 8, 2015 Ohio

Department of Wildlife receives no state tax dollars to manage deer: ODNR, Urban Deer Management January 18, 2015 Ohio

Dublin PD Forced To Shoot 2 Deer Impaled By Country Club's Fence August 20, 2013 Ohio

Eastlake seeks solutions to deer problems October 16, 2016 Ohio

Efforts to cull deer 'scientifically invalid': Lane Ferrante, wildlife activist November 3, 2013 Ohio

Elyria-sanctioned deer hunt may still be a possibility October 18, 2011, Ohio

Elyria: Magistrate rejects Elyria deer complaint [feeding deer] April 14, 2012 Ohio

Fort Wright could allow deer hunting September 18, 2014 Ohio

Granville Village: Increase in deer harvest gives relief to some residents March 1, 2012 Ohio

Granville, Bow hunting inside city limits October 1, 2013 Ohio

Highland Heights City Council approves deer culling program February 12, 2020, Ohio

Highland Heights conduct infrared deer count; online and mail deer surveys also scheduled November 13, 2019 Ohio

Highland Heights has begun examining ways to thin its deer population September 26, 2019 Ohio,

Highland Heights will consider deer problem after hearing from resident April 19, 2011 Ohio Urban

Highland Heights, Deer management will be topic of next Highland Heights Green Task Force speaker March 31, 2013 Ohio

Highland Heights, No free lunch: Highland Heights considering deer feeding ban August 19, 2013

Highland Heights: Deer Problem Put in Perspective April 20, 2011 Ohio

Hillsboro, Lottery for deer season conducted by Fort Hill August 8, 2014 Ohio

Hinckley, Local history: Great Hinckley Hunt of 1818 was a slaughter like no other December 20, 2013 Ohio

Holden Arboretum completes deer sweep to preserve inner gardens August 26, 2015 Ohio

Holden Arboretum designs massive deer fence with shocking component May 15, 2013 Ohio

Hudson City aims for bow hunting April 17, 2011 Ohio

Hudson City manager looking into concerns about deer hunting April 24, 2011 Ohio

Hudson City takes aim at deer September 25, 2011 Ohio

Hudson Council could approve deer hunting on former Youth Development Center property July 13, 2014 Ohio,

Hudson, Deer hunting, archery may come to Hudson city property July 16, 2014 Ohio

Hudson, Lottery will decide who hunts on city of Hudson property August 31, 2014 Ohio

Hudson: Activists to fight Hudson deer kill November 20, 2010 Ohio

Hudson: Activits Fight Deer Kill Plan July 13, 2011 Ohio

Hudson: Deer hunting season ends February 12, 2012 Ohio

Hunting Valley prepares for deer-hunting season November 5, 2012 Ohio

Hunting Valley: Minimum acreage for deer hunting could decrease in Hunting Valley August 26, 2011 Ohio

Hunting Valley: Proposal limiting deer hunt in Hunting Valley (OH.) leads to debate October 3, 2011 Ohio

Indian Hill: Hunters killed nearly 300 deer April 6, 2011 Ohio

Lake Metropark, Controlled deer hunt lottery winners to be named August 10, 2012 Ohio

Lake Metroparks controlled deer hunt September 29, 2011 Ohio

Lake Metroparks makes changes to controlled archery deer hunt July 6, 2012 Ohio

Lake Metroparks' archery deer hunt ends with surge in kill February 6, 2012 Ohio

Lake Metroparks' plans for controlled deer management hunts August 3, 2011 Ohio

Local deer with crossbow through head spotted in the Brecksville-Broadview Heights area August 23, 2018 Ohio

Lottery for Summit Metro Parks bow hunting June 17, 2015 Ohio

Lyndhurst begins 2017 deer culling program January 4, 2017 Ohio

Lyndhurst Deer Advocates protest at city hall, council meeting over culling method; mayor stands his ground February 16, 2016 Ohio,

Lyndhurst deer culling causing controversy: 5 things to know February 11, 2016 Ohio,

Lyndhurst deer culling curtailed; mayor says it was handled in humane way March 11, 2016 Ohio

Lyndhurst mayor touts efficient, effective government in state-of-the-city address May 7, 2019 Ohio

Lyndhurst Mayor Ward considers non-lethal method of deer population control May 20, 2016 Ohio,

Lyndhurst residents call deer thinning tactic 'cruel' and 'barbaric' February 1, 2016 Ohio

Lyndhurst residents speak to City Council against deer trapping idea January 19, 2016 Ohio,

Lyndhurst should explore alternate methods to control deer January 29, 2016 Ohio,

Lyndhurst, 'Trap-and-bolt' deer culling is 'public-sanctioned torture': Laura Bruck February 21, 2016

Lyndhurst, After controversial culling programs past two years, Lyndhurst killed no deer this year May 18, 2018 Ohio

Lyndhurst, City's deer management program result of years of discussion: Mayor Patrick Ward,

Lyndhurst, Despite rationalizations, deer trap-and-kill remains inhumane May 1, 2016 Ohio

Lyndhurst, Residents again picket Lyndhurst City Council meeting March 8, 2016 Ohio

Lyndhurst, Using sharpshooters and bow hunter, Lyndhurst has culled 37 deer this season February 5, 2020 Ohio

Lyndurst could become only city in Ohio to trap, kill deer December 7, 2015

Madison Township evaluating controlled hunt August 13, 2011 Ohio

Mayfield Heights council votes to join deer-management group August 13, 2014 Ohio

Mayfield, Park-goers find blood at North Chagrin Reservation after deer culling February 14, 2014 Ohio,

Mayors Association. Taxpayer Funded Lobbyist Group Refuses Transparency, Violates Public Trust October 4, 2015 Ohio

Medina bucks trend on deer culling with new management plan March 10, 2016 Ohio

Medina trying to control deer population March 14, 2016 Ohio

Medina: No problem seen yet, but Medina considers survey to determine deer numbers April 19, 2012 Ohio

Mentor adds to its controversial deer culling program with new ordinance prohibiting feeding deer January 15, 2013 Ohio

Mentor bowhunters take several deer in city's first hunt October 9, 2012 Ohio

Mentor City Council approves deer-related ordinances despite opposition January 21, 2013, Ohio

Mentor City Council Discuss Deer, Coyotes at Meeting September 21, 2011 Ohio

Mentor City Council Votes To Legalize Bow Hunting Of Deer September 5, 2012 Ohio

Mentor closes in on deer control (with document) February 1, 2012 Ohio

Mentor controlled deer hunt starts Saturday September 30, 2012 Ohio

Mentor Council Continues Discussion On Deer Hunting Ordinance August 22, 2012 Ohio

Mentor Deer control considered December 14, 2010 Ohio Urban

Mentor deer management program expanding December 31, 2013 Ohio

Mentor deer program numbers up May 2, 2014 Ohio

Mentor deer-culling program expected to start this week with SWAT sharpshooters January 8, 2013 Ohio

Mentor ends deer culling efforts, plans for future program February 11, 2013 Ohio

Mentor kicks off bow hunting season October 15, 2012 Ohio

Mentor might add Sunday deer hunting hours June 30, 2016 Ohio

Mentor Public Library to host seminar on urban deer hunting August 13, 2012 Ohio

Mentor residents weigh in on city's deer management programs February 5, 2013 Ohio

Mentor revisits deer hunting in city September 4, 2013 Ohio

Mentor sees climb in car-deer crashes April 5, 2019 Ohio

Mentor shoots down Sunday deer bowhunting September 18, 2013 Ohio

Mentor Spends $110K on Deer Management March 5, 2013 Ohio

Mentor takes aim at deer population with proposed hunting law July 3, 2012 Ohio

Mentor's Deer Hunting Season Ends, Culling To Continue For A Bit Longer February 4, 2013 Ohio

Mentor, City Of Mentor Asks For Residents' Help With Deer Survey August 1, 2012 Ohio

Mentor, Deer culling starts in northeast Ohio, Mentor using sharpshooters January 11, 2017

Mentor, Deer Management Opposers Display Disdain Through Literature June 30, 2013 Ohio

Mentor, Deer Money: What Deer Population Management Will Cost December 14, 2012 Ohio

Mentor: City Council Discusses Dangers of Deer Overpopulation January 18, 2012 Ohio

Mentor: City officials taking aim at deer control with coyote urine January 9, 2011

Mentor: Council addresses deer issue; some unhappy it's still in discussion stage January 18, 2012 Ohio

Mentor: People Can Watch City Council's Deer Discussion On The Mentor Channel January 21, 2012 Ohio

Meridian Township: It's possible for deer, residents to live in harmony, January 30, 2012 Ohio

Metro Parks announces lottery for bow hunting to be July 24 July 17, 2015 Ohio

Metro Parks announces lottery for deer hunting permits June 12, 2012 Ohio

Metro Parks continues deer management program June 20, 2013 Ohio

Metropark OKs deer hunt August 12, 2013 Ohio

Metropark's deer-management plan is flawed and unnecessary April 2, 2012 Ohio

Metroparks commissioners approve contract for deer kill November 15, 2017 Ohio

MetroParks deer hunt underway October 22, 2013 Ohio

Metroparks informs council on kills September 7, 2016 Ohio

Metroparks kill 195 deer at Wildwood, Oak Openings February 27, 2016 Ohio,

Metroparks receives approval to kill up to 285 deer November 28, 2017 Ohio

Mount Lookout neighbors seek help for deer with zip tie around neck July 24, 2018 Ohio

NASA Announces Dates for Plum Brook Deer Hunts July 26, 2018 Ohio

Newark, Deer bowhunting program on pace for record in city October 20, 2012 Ohio

No Kill Deer Hunt celebrates 2017 season December 17, 2017 Ohio

North Olmsted considers allowing residents to bow-hunt deer September 10, 2014 Ohio

North Olmsted considers allowing sharpshooters, bow hunters to kill deer May 28, 2015 Ohio

North Olmsted considers allowing sharpshooters, bow hunters to kill deer May 28, 2015 Ohio

North Olmsted considers sharpshooters to kill deer, after count finds 241 in city April 4, 215 Ohio

North Olmsted council passes legislation that allows sharpshooters to reduce deer population October 6, 2015 Ohio

North Olmsted nixes bow hunting, considers hiring police sharpshooters to kill deer September 24, 2015 Ohio

North Olmsted residents offer divided opinions on deer hunting proposal October 15, 2014 Ohio

North Olmsted, North Olmsted hires helicopter pilot, assistant to count deer March 5, 2015 Ohio, cleveland.com

North Olmsted, State Ok's North Olmsted deer culling permit March 3, 2016 Ohio

North Ridgeville authorizes deer hunting October 16, 2012 Ohio

North Ridgeville City Council plans Sept. 4 discussion on deer hunting August 13, 2012 Ohio

North Ridgeville considers allowing deer hunting July 18, 2012 Ohio

North Ridgeville Council looking to ban feeding deer January 19, 2012 Ohio

North Ridgeville may allow bow hunting to reduce deer population July 26, 2012, Ohio

North Ridgeville nuisance law takes aim at deer July 21, 2012 Ohio

North Ridgeville OKs bow hunting to reduce deer population October 19, 2012 Ohio

North Ridgeville, Residents speak out on North Ridgeville's bow hunting plans September 19, 2012 Ohio

North Ridgeville: Residents feeding deer causes issues, says North Ridgeville mayor January 21, 2012 Ohio

North Royalton Mayor Robert Stefanik pushes to make Ohio manage deer August 19, 2014 Ohio

North Royalton Mayor Robert Stefanik, city council continue to discuss deer population November 29, 2012 Ohio

North Royalton residents concerned about suburban deer bow hunting safety October 10, 2017 Ohio

North Royalton working with neighbors on regional solution to deer population July 2, 2015 Ohio,

North Royalton, What should North Royalton do about the city's deer population? (Poll) January 7, 2013

Oakwood man in trouble for shooting deer with arrow August 19, 2014 Ohio

Oakwood, Deer herd to be thinned October 11, 2013 Ohio

Oelwein: No Deer Hunting This Year March 16, 2011 Ohio Urban

Ottawa Hills approves deer cull November 4, 2015 Ohio

Ottawa Hills approves plan to help residents keep deer away July 6, 2015 Ohio

Ottawa Hills approves plan to help residents keep deer away July 6, 2015 Ohio

Ottawa Hills committee plans to control deer population December 17, 2014 Ohio

Ottawa Hills covers every detail for deer hunt July 26, 2016 Ohio

Ottawa Hills deer control, no to hunt November 14, 2010 Ohio Urban

Ottawa Hills deer dilemma goes to the ballot September 25, 2010 Ohio

Ottawa Hills deer hunt has smooth start November 6, 2016 Ohio

Ottawa Hills mulls proposed deer kill January 27, 2016 Ohio,

Ottawa Hills OKs deer kill; date isn’t set February 9, 2016 Ohio

Ottawa Hills passes a controversial hunting proposal November 19, 2015 Ohio

Ottawa Hills to decide on a controlled bow hunt to manage deer population November 2, 2015 Ohio

Ottawa Hills voters to decide on a bow hunt cull October 2, 2015 Ohio

Ottawa Hills, Bid to kill deer denied May 4, 2016 Ohio

Ottawa Hills, Census sees drop in Ottawa Hills deer population February 2, 2015 Ohio

Ottawa Hills, Controlled bow hunt all set for Ottawa Hills September 23, 2016 Ohio

Ottawa Hills, Deer debate continues in Ottawa Hills March 16, 2015 Ohio

Ottawa Hills, Deer hunt in Ottawa Hills goes to ballot July 23, 2015 Ohio

Ottawa Hills, Deer kill is returning with double the limit June 27, 2017 Ohio,

Ottawa Hills, Deer neighbors December 28, 2014 Ohio

Ottawa Hills, No to deer cull October 8, 2015 Ohio

Ottawa Hills, Oh, deer March 30, 2015 Ohio

Ottawa Hills, Petition to put Ottawa Hills deer cull on November's ballet moves forward June 16, 2015 Ohio

Ottawa Hills, Recommendations to control deer in Ottawa Hills are met with controversy June 1, 2015 Ohio

Ottawa Hills, Task force to mull how to rid village of its deer December 22, 2014 Ohio

Ottawa Hills, Upcoming vote revives hunting issue in Ottawa Hills September 28, 2015 Ohio

Ottawa Hills, Village panel considering all options to control deer March 23, 2015 Ohio

Ottawa Hills, Voices heard on deer issue in Ottawa Hills April 21, 2015 Ohio

Ottawa Hills: Deer population to be left alone in Ottawa Hills November 3, 2010

Oxford City to allow deer hunting for third year July 20, 2011 Ohio

Oxford continues deer hunting program for city, public safety employees July 25, 2011, Ohio

Oxford's Deer Management Program getting results, city manager says October 17, 2013 Ohio

Oxford, Thanks Deer! - Ohio Game Fishing Community March 1, 2012 Ohio

Parma councilman wants to introduce deer contraception to the city January 14, 2013 Ohio

Parma Heights council gets suggestions for deer control April 29, 2014 Ohio

Parma Heights council passes resolution to put the deer culling by bow hunters on March ballot November 24, 2015 Ohio

Parma Heights council will discuss deer culling at April 28 meeting April 26, 2014 Ohio

Parma may take another look at deer management January 19, 2012 Ohio

Parma, Residents in Parma, Parma Heights and Seven Hills will vote on deer culling amendment March 7, 2016 Ohio

Parma: Cleveland Metroparks may cull deer in West Creek Reservation in Parma March 19, 2012 Ohio

Pepper Pike announces deer culling program, after aerial survey March 26, 2015 Ohio,

Presque Isle deer DNA to be studied for inbreeding January 13, 2012 Ohio

Proposed deer legislation find Avon Lake residents and council members divided. July 1, 2014 Ohio

Public Works Commissioner Seeks to Move Forward on Deer Culling Contract September 6, 2011 Ohio

Readers sound off on best ways to keep deer off their lawns June 2, 2015 Ohio

Seven Hills 'deer committee' meeting tonight to discuss the deer population June 25, 2014 Ohio

Seven Hills City Council Stomps on Democratic Process, Passes Emergency Ordinance to Permit Bowhunting of Deer October 4, 2016 Ohio

Seven Hills committee session to discuss deer draws protesters, TV cameras February 28, 2013 Ohio

Seven Hills council candidates think bow hunting, culling should be up to voters October 13, 2015 Ohio

Seven Hills council elects Matt Trafis as its president, passes deer resolution December 15, 2015 Ohio

Seven Hills permitted hunters have started to cull the deer population November 21, 2016 Ohio

Seven Hills public meeting addresses the deer overpopulation problem November 17, 2015 Ohio

Seven Hills voters could decide on bow hunting to control deer (city council preview) January 20, 2015 Ohio

Seven Hills, Dead deer found again in Seven Hills trash bin July 23, 2014 Ohio

Seven Hills, Dead deer in Seven Hills trash bin near ball fields and playground (graphic content) June 27, 2014 Ohio

Seven Hills, Deer an issue in Seven Hills again February 7, 2013 Ohio

Shaker council OKs deer sharpshooting program for next winter on public lands March 29, 2016 Ohio

Shaker council proposes $70,000 deer culling program to be carried out by police sharpshooters February 9, 2016 Ohio,

Shaker Heights appoints task force to address deer population April 13, 2015 Ohio

Shaker Heights City Council introduces new deer management program October 24, 2018 Ohio

Shaker Heights city council votes unanimously to approve the deer culling contract October 29, 2019 Ohio

Shaker Heights Deer Program Summary & 2019 Questionnaire Results September 13, 2019

Shaker Heights Deer Task Force reports to City Council in December November 6, 2015 Ohio

Shaker Heights Seeks Regional Cooperation To Handle Deer Population July 8, 2013 Ohio

Shaker Heights will not allow deer hunting, but could permit some 'lethal measures'October 11, 2012 Ohio

Shaker Heights, East-side Cleveland suburban deer study finds as many as 37 deer per square mile March 27, 2015 Ohio

Shaker Heights, East-side suburbs form coalition to deal with deer; how you can prevent them from dominating your yard July 22, 2014 Ohio

Shaker Heights, More deer sighted in Shaker Heights October 3, 2012 Ohio

Shaker Heights, No drone zone for Eastside aerial deer survey: Shaker Heights City Council roundup September 23, 2014 Ohio

Shaker Heights, Opponents to Shaker Heights' deer culling program speak out at City Council meeting October 3, 2016 Ohio

Shaker Heights, Residents protest Shaker Heights deer culling September 24, 2016 Ohio

Shaker's Deer Task Force recommends limited lethal measures on public lands in 2017 December 16, 2015 Ohio

Sheffield Village deer hunters reminded to obey rules September 27, 2013 Ohio

Sheffield Village looks to solve its deer problem January 17, 2012 Ohio

Sheffield Village, Hunters, not deer, more bothersome in Sheffield Village (with video) February 9, 2012 Ohio

Shooting deer with paintball guns in Avon Lake met with more and more resistance September 3, 2014 Ohio

Should killing deer be an acceptable way to control over population?: Focus on the suburbs September 25, 2014 Ohio

Silver Lake moving forward with plans to cull deer June 1, 2017 Ohio

Silver Lake to allow bow hunting to reduce deer population September 7, 2017 Ohio

Solon calculating deer population after successful culling program April 3, 2013 Ohio

Solon City Council Election 2011: Ward 7 Councilman Bill Russo Supports Deer Management June 28, 2011 Ohio

Solon City Council Quick Takes: Outsourcing, Deer Parks and More April 14, 2011 Ohio

Solon City Council removes culling program from agenda; concerns grow about ... January 22, 2011 Ohio

Solon committee recommends deer management plan which includes crossbow hunting June 3, 2011 Ohio

Solon comprehensive deer management plan proposal calls for sharpshooting May 12, 2011 Ohio

Solon Comprehensive deer-management plan recommended June 9, 2011 Ohio

Solon continues deer culling through US Department of Agriculture program December 17, 2013 Ohio

Solon deer culling nearing goal March 13, 2012 Ohio

Solon deer culling program hasn't seen complaints this year January 23, 2014 Ohio

Solon deer culling program tabled January 19, 2011 Ohio Urban

Solon Deer Hunting Foes Seeking to Ban Killing Through Ballot Measure April 14, 2011

Solon Deer Management Plan May 20, 2011 Ohio

Solon Deer Plan; Hunting On Hold Until Election September 19, 2011 Ohio

Solon Deer Preservation Act delays bowhunting September 21, 2011 Ohio

Solon grassroots group starts petition drive to put 'Deer Preservation Act' on ballot April 15, 2011 Ohio

Solon may extend deer harvesting pact with US Department of Agriculture August 17, 2012 Ohio

Solon Officials Will Decide How Many to Kill June 7, 2011 Ohio

Solon plans to manage deer herd with hunting likely in early 2012 November 17, 2011 Ohio

Solon puts off action to thin city's deer population Plain Dealer (blog) March 9, 2011 Ohio Urban

Solon rejects proposal to conduct aerial deer count March 18, 2011 Ohio Urban

Solon reopens deer-culling controversy with plan to thin herd with crossbows January 15, 2011

Solon residents aim to outlaw deer hunting Ohio April 22, 2011 Urban

Solon residents seek Deer Preservation Act April 23, 2011 Ohio

Solon takes no action on deer management plan, but opponents close to placing Solon Deer Preservation act on Ballot June 23 2011 Ohio

Solon to Kill 300 Deer in Backyards, Other Properties January 20, 2012 Ohio

Solon to seek bids for aerial, ground assessments of city's deer population March 10, 2011 Ohio Urban

Solon To Use White Buffalo Again For Deer Sharpshooting? June 17, 2011 Ohio

Solon to Vote on Deer Preservation Act July 29, 2011 Ohio

Solon voters shoot down Deer Preservation Act November 9, 2011 Ohio

Solon, Deer culling can begin as early as Nov. 1 in Solon October 28, 2015 Ohio

Solon, Deer Culling Cost City More than $600 Per Deer August 28, 2012 Ohio

Solon, Deer Culling Underway In Solon, 139 Deer Killed So Far February 21, 2013 Ohio

Solon, Deer Culling: Dave Hromco To Earn Up To $8000 To Continue Managing Program October 1, 2012

Solon, Interactive Map of Deer Culling Sites: Are They Shooting Near You? February 8, 2012 Ohio

Solon, Urban Deer Management Video April 2012

Solon, With Deer Ordinance Defeated, Solon Prepares to Hunt November 9, 2011

Solon: Bowhunting explored to reduce deer population (cost of killing deer $80 to $300) January 5, 2011 Ohio Urban

Solon: Bowhunting plan draws fire from residents January 21, 2011 Ohio Urban

Solon: City Council to Hold Special Meeting Friday to Consider Deer Count Bids March 14, 2011 Ohio Urban

Solon: Crossbow hunting may come to Solon this fall August 3, 2011 Ohio

Solon: Deer culling may return January 12, 2011 Ohio Urban

Solon: Deer Park Innovator to Brief Solon Officials on Potential Deer Solution April 12, 2011 Ohio

Solon: Example Deer Management Plan Includes Bow Hunting March 19, 2011 Ohio Urban

Solon: Lethal methods favored for deer control May 28, 2011 Ohio

Solon: Deer Culling to Begin Soon in Solon January 17, 2012 Ohio

Solon: Editorial: More than one way to control Solon deer herd March 21, 2011 Ohio Urban

Solon: Read the Solon Deer Culling Contract September 8, 2011 Ohio, Patch.com

Solon: Top Stories of 2011: Deer Culling Debate December 30, 2011 Ohio

South Euclid committee believes deer education is better than culling February 26, 2019 Ohio

South Euclid Council to discuss ... deer study June 8, 2015 Ohio

South Euclid Councilwoman seeks way to manage deer population; Lyndhurst again has permit to cull January 9, 2018 Ohio,

South Euclid, Public shares thoughts on South Euclid’s deer population November 26, 2019 Ohio

South Euclid, Survey results start South Euclid's process of finding best means to control deer population October 29, 2019 Ohio

Strongsville lowers minimum deer-hunting area from 5 to 3 acres August 1, 2017 Ohio

Summit Metro Parks ranger grazed by bullet during deer culling exercise February 13, 2019 Ohio

Swanton Township residents fired up about deer cull January 20, 2016 Ohio,

Swanton Twp. calls town hall on deer cull January 19, 2016 Ohio

Switching days to bag deer draws criticism from legislators April 18, 2013 Ohio, Columbus

Toledo council falls short in changing law for kill January 25, 2017 Ohio

Toledo Metroparks to allow bow hunting October 25, 2013 Ohio

Toledo, City fights Metroparks over planned deer kill January 5, 2017 Ohio,

Toledo, Deer kill concerns voiced at metroparks meeting January 28, 2016 Ohio,

Toledo, Deer kill continues through March 31 January 12, 2016 Ohio

Toledo, Marksmen to cull deer in Metroparks early next year December 21, 2015 Ohio

Toledo, Some question the need for deer cull January 14, 2018 Ohio

Voters in six cities to give opinion on deer culling, but council has final say October 30, 2015 Ohio

Westlake deer issue resurfaces October 17, 2014 Ohio

Westlake police, firefighters to shoot deer November 6, 2015 Ohio

Westlake, Ban proposed on feeding deer in Westlake July 3, 2014 Ohio

Westlake, Sparring Westlake residents at odds over proposed deer feeding ban September 23, 2014 Ohio,

Willoughby Hills committee: Deer not immediate safety issue October 17, 2012 Ohio

Wilmington, Deer hunting in city limits being considered November 7, 2013 Ohio

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Zanesville area 'loaded with deer' October 30, 2013 Ohio