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Colorado Disease of Deer Archive

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Accomplishments in Chronic Wasting Disease Research

As CWD spreads in cervids, states also monitor humans August 29, 2018 Colorado

Chronic wasting disease linked to Fort Collins for 50 years August 30, 2018

Colo. Deer Hunters Must Test For Chronic Wasting Disease September 28, 2018 Colorado

Colorado Biologists Studying Pervasive Deer Disease February 9, 2012

Colorado's wildlife agency looks to hunters to manage chronic wasting disease August 27, 2018

Continued spread of Chronic Wasting Disease prompts state response March 29, 2019 Colorado

CPW targets chronic wasting disease with more testing May 9, 2020 Colorado

Euthanized deer to be tested for chronic wasting disease August 24, 2016 Colorado

Hierarchical models provide insight into wildlife and disease management C Geremia - 2014 Colorado

Human Prion Disease and Relative Risk Associated with Chronic Wasting Disease WJ Pape, J Forster, CA Anderson, P Bosque, M Miller…June, 2014

Hunting season kicks off in Northwest Colorado August 21, 2015 Colorado

Immunization with a Synthetic Peptide Vaccine Fails to Protect Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus) from Chronic Wasting Disease JL Pilon, JC Rhyan, LL Wolfe, TR Davis, MP McCollum… - Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 2013

International forum at Colorado State University targets proteins in chronic wasting and human disease March 30, 2015 Colorado

Meeting to highlight tie between prion diseases, brain disorders, chronic wasting disease (CWD) October 16, 2013 Colorado

Parks & Wildlife instates mandatory CWD testing for deer hunted in 3 of 4 Colorado regions February 14, 2017 Colorado

Plague confirmed in mule deer in Colorado Springs June 26, 2015 Colorado

Recommendations for Adaptive Management of Chronic Wasting Disease [PDF] March 3, 2018 Colorado

Southwest Colorado gets first deer infected with wasting disease July 12, 2016

State's 1st case of exotic chewing lice confirmed in deer March 25, 2015 Colorado

Survival and population growth of a free‐ranging elk population with a long history of exposure to chronic wasting disease RJ Monello, JG Powers, NT Hobbs, TR Spraker… Colorado

Testicular Lesions and Antler Abnormalities in Colorado, USA Mule Deer: A Possible Role for Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease Virus KA Fox, B Diamond, F Sun, A Clavijo, L Sneed… - Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 2014

The Coloradoan Northern Colorado mule deer numbers were intentionally reduced about 10 years ago to curb the spread of chronic wasting disease December 6, 2011

The threat of CWD in the Estes Valley April 13, 2015 Colorado

Wasting disease hits 16 percent of male deer, elk, moose tested in parts of Colorado May 21, 2018

Wild Horses May Hold a Solution to Slowing Spread of Fatal Chronic Wasting Disease in Deer, Elk February 27, 2018 Colorado

Wildlife Officials Testing for Chronic Wasting Disease but Skeptical on Human Affect February 7, 2018 Colorado