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Acorn shortage factor in collisions with deer October 28, 2013 Virginia

An Evaluation of Roadside Activity and Behavior of Deer and Black Bear to Determine Mitigation Strategies for Animal-Vehicle Collisions [PDF] BM Donaldson, YJ Kweon, LN Lloyd - 2015 Virginia

Annandale VA: DeerDeter system prevents deer-vehicle collisions October 18, 2012 Virginia

Deer Population, Risk of striking a deer rises for Virginia drivers as mating season begins October 17, 2018 Virginia,

More Virginia Drivers Colliding with Deer September 16, 2014

Puny acorn crop leads to more roadkill November 22, 2013 Virginia

Road-kill deer get mulched as U.S. states turn to composting January 30, 2015 Virginia

The growing problem of deer-vehicle collisions December 16, 2011 Virginia

Tunnel use by wildlife aids driver safety February 10, 2013 Virginia

VDOT eyes ways to prevent collisions with animals October 5, 2014 Virginia

VDOT investigating ways to help prevent collisions with animals August 24, 2014 Virginia

Virginia 2012 deer kill total drops 8% from year before February 25, 2013

Virginia leading on driverless-vehicle efforts October 18, 2015

Virginia Motorists Warned to Watch Out for Deer October 3, 2012

Virginia Tech researchers seek to reduce vehicle deer collisions August 4, 2014 Virginia

Virginians: 1 in 88 Chance of a Vehicle Striking a Deer September 23, 2015