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Florida Deer in the News Archive

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4 men, 4 dead deer found in 1 MINI Cooper January 31, 2015 Florida

Author Hutto to appear in PBS documentary March 31, 2014 Florida

Baby deer rescued after mom killed by vehicle April 11, 2019 Florida

Best Weekend Trips From Miami June 30, 2011 Florida

Big bucks found with horns locked, apparently drowned March 23, 2015 Florida

Blind Fawn Rescued by Deputy August 22, 2016 Florida,

Brandon, Deer Found Hanging From Flagpole at Brandon High November 16, 2015 Florida

Brave Florida lifeguards save struggling deer from Atlantic Ocean September 2, 2016

Brevard Zoo makes TripAdvisor's Top 10 Zoos list May 30, 2012 Florida

Daring deed saves dangling deer November 3, 2014 Florida,

Deer beaten to death at environmental education center October 27, 2016 Florida,

Deer Being Slaughtered in Dead River, Florida? October 4, 2014 2014

Deer Carcasses Found Underneath Abandoned Lynn Haven Business April 3, 2014 Florida

Deer rescued after discovered in 10-foot deep storm drain November 20, 2014 Florida

Deer, Stalked By Alligators, Saved By Boca Man and Deputy June 16, 2013 Florida,

Deputies, trapper rescue deer from Palm Harbor pool spa May 16, 2014 Florida

Don't break the bank to entertain your kids during spring break March 10, 2012 Florida

Facebook fans concerned for Jetty the Mayport Buck January 8, 2016 Florida

Facebraggers accused of killing deer -- on Eglin AFB October 16, 2013 Florida

Fawn run over by tractor mower on mend at Conservancy February 19, 2016 Florida

Fawn to be ambassador for species September 17, 2014 Florida

Fences for sewer work driving Key deer into the road, will be modified August 1, 2014 Florida

Florida Hunter Shoots Nature Walker Twice, Claims He Mistook Him For A Deer February 18, 2014

GPD, ACSO reunite baby deer with mother September 26, 2016 Florida,

How do you rent a reindeer in Florida? It's complicated December 8, 2016

Inside the Conservancy Wildlife Clinic: When it rains, it pours July 7, 2011 Florida

It’s the season to see Key Deer July 31, 2014 Florida

John Chesnut Park, where the deer and their offspring play March 9, 2012 Florida

Jonathan Dickinson Park offers nature at its finest December 29, 2011 Florida

Key deer fawn rescued from brush fire in Florida Keys April 23, 2018

Key Deer Kidnap Attempt Averted July 3, 2017 Florida

Key Deer Refuge - 28950 Watson Blvd. Big Pine Key, FL 33043-0510 July 9, 2011 Florida

Key Deer: Curious, but shy creatures September 19, 2014 Florida

Man arrested for killing Key deer June 16, 2015 Florida

Odocoileus virginianus clavium at the Key Deer National Wildlife July 21, 2011, Florida

Officials warn people not to keep abandoned baby deer April 15, 2016 Florida

On Location: The Central Florida Of 'The Yearling' July 22, 2011 Florida

Red Deer / Elk June 25, 2014 Florida

Rehab center works to change fate of young fawn August 21, 2013 Florida

Residents hoping to help deer with giant tumor August 22, 2014 Florida,

Rudolph may have a bright nose, but this time of year he has no antlers December 25, 2011 Florida

South Florida man gets jail time for hog-tying protected Key deer October 31, 2017 Florida

There's a WHAT wandering around? April 23, 2014 Florida

Three Week-Old Deer Cares for Newborn Fawn July 24, 2012 Florida

Three Week-Old Deer Cares for Newborn Fawn July 24, 2012 Florida

Tropical Storm Debby's Tiny Survivor July 3, 2012 Florida

Wild Florida -- Key Deer June 10, 2014 Florida

Wildlife abundant at Dinner Island May 22, 2012 Florida

Wildlife Center in Bradenton Beach asks for donations to care for fawns May 15, 2019 Florida

Women Come Across Deadly Battle in Woods January 13, 2012 Florida

World's coolest hotel rooms June 25, 2014 Florida