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Kansas Deer in the News Archive

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Celebrity hunter Spook Spann charged with transporting illegal deer September 7, 2012 Kansas

Court remands sentencing of hunting camp operators September 14, 2012 Kansas

Deer electrocuted by downed powerline February 12, 2016 Kansas

Deer in the headlights: Lawmakers grapple over resolution to disputed antlers March 28, 2015 Kansas

Garvey Center deer whisperer saves deer from parking garage May 16, 2016 Kansas

He took one shot. And now two deer are free. February 7, 2017 Kansas

Henderson couple to be featured on wildlife rescue series January 23, 2015 Kentucky

Hunter Kills 8-Point Antlered Doe: Rare Doe With Antlers Shot In Kansas December 8, 2014

Hunters start the spring with a shed hunt March 14, 2014 Kansas

Hunting celebrity, “Spook” Spann sentenced in poaching incident February 28, 2013 Kansas

Kansas Family Horrified After Game Warden Shoots Pet Deer in Front of Them January 6, 2017

Kansas game wardens arrest 5 for deer poaching April 9, 2018

Kansas official sells trophy deer antlers in closed auction January 4, 2020 Kansas

Kingman hunter’s 'buck' is a rare doe with antlers December 7, 2015 Kansas,

Memory of first deer seen never fades August 5, 2015 Kansas

National Park offers glimpse of tallgrass prairie September 28, 2011 Kansas

No call too small: Police respond to callers concerned about deer January 9, 2014 Kansas

Oh, Deer: It’s an Antlered Doe January 12, 2015 Kansas

Poachers face jail time, fines for killing deer in Kansas October 25, 2017

Poachers hitting deer near Cedar Bluff Reservoir August 7, 2014 Kansas

Poachers take head of trophy buck at Kansas deer farm October 6, 2014

Professional Hunter Admits To Illegal Hunting In Kansas November 27, 2012

Quincy deer park at veterans home to be improved April 2, 2017 Kansas

Seized deer heads and antlers to be sold in Salina auction September 16, 2015 Kansas,

Students Rescue Buck Locked to Another Buck's Severed Head February 19, 2014 Kansas

Trail cam spots apparently black deer in Topeka December 23, 2017 Kansas

Video shows locked-antlered buck saved by Wichita hunter March 4, 2014 Kansas