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Wyoming Suburban Deer Management Archive

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Buffalo: BPD Completes Deer Harvesting in City For This Year December 30, 2011 Wyoming

Buffalo: Police deer culling to continue into December November 21, 2011 Wyoming

Cody council deliberates over deer September 13, 2016 Wyoming

Cody Deer controversy becomes heated February 10, 2011 Wyoming Urban

Cody Deer Population Control Efforts Complete March 29, 2017 Wyoming

Cody Deer task force faces tough challenge December 20, 2010 Wyoming

Cody deer task force may suggest ordinance changes July 19, 2011 Wyoming

Cody Police Harvesting Urban Deer January 20, 2017 Wyoming

Cody task force wades into urban deer question January 12, 2011 Wyoming Urban

Cody to cull 50 more deer in 2020 December 18, 2019 Wyoming

Cody, Bullwinkle taken back to the wild June 16, 2015 Wyoming

Cody, Council proceeds with plan to cull town deer November 2, 2016 Wyoming

Cody, Council to hear Baker's plan to reduce deer October 31, 2016 Wyoming,

Cody, Culling the herd June 8, 2016 Wyoming

Cody, Decision on urban deer herd coming September 2, 2016 Wyoming

Cody, Deer are part of what makes Cody special April 3, 2017 Wyoming

Cody, Deer in Cody pose problem for town, officials December 5, 2014 Wyoming

Cody, Deer Management February 1 2017 Wyoming, City of Cody

Cody, Deer surveyed in city limits of Cody December 19, 2019 Wyoming

Cody, Mule deer four-legged works of art – or pests? November 24, 2014 Wyoming,

Cody, Mule deer numbers down in Cody for fourth year February 7, 2020 Wyoming

Cody, Other ways to control deer population October 11, 2016 Wyoming

Cody, Speak up on deer management June 20, 2016 Wyoming,

Cody, Urban deer numbers show no real change February 3, 2016 Wyoming

Cody, Urban Deer Population Remains Stable December 26, 2017 Wyoming

Cody, Urban deer take a hit January 25, 2017 Wyoming

Cody: Does city love or hate deer? October 4, 2010 Wyoming

Cody: Survey finds no consensus on Cody's problem deer June 24, 2011 Wyoming

Cody: Count: 300 deer in Cody March 12, 2-12 Wyoming

Cody: Public split on 'city deer June 27, 2011 Wyoming

Deer surveyed in city limits of Cody December 19, 2019 Wyoming

Diamondville: Deer feeding dominates discussion at Town Council March 11, 2011 Wyoming Urban

EPA approves horse contraceptive February 17, 2012 Wyoming

Green River, The deer and grocery store blues October 25, 2013 Wyoming

Lander Council passes first reading of deer-feeding ordinance May 29, 2013 Wyolming

Lander Game and Fish Asks Dog Owners for Help December 24, 2014 Wyoming

Lander, "No Deer Feeding Ordinance" discussed by Lander City Council May 4, 2013 Wyoming

Lander, Dog attacks deer in Lander December 4, 2014 Wyoming,

Mountain View: In the winter, the living is easy for deer January 28, 2011 Wyoming

Rawling, City closing in on wildlife management policy April 7, 2016 Wyoming

Rawlins, Officials pursuing city wildlife management policy February 25, 2016 Wyoming

Rawlins, Shooting deer in city limits called into question October 19, 2019 Wyoming

Rawlins,Local deer cull fills freezers, divides community October 5, 2019 Wyoming

Sheridan, Police Kill 18 Problem Deer in Sheridan December 5, 2014 Wyoming

Sundance, Lawmakers consider bill to prohibit the feeding of wildlife September 28, 2015 Wyoming,

Thermopolis, Urban deer still a problem in Thermopolis October 8, 2013 Wyoming

Wildlife feeding ban moves closer to reality September 30, 2015 Wyoming