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Montana Suburban Deer Management Archive

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Animals put 2 newly constructed wildlife underpasses to use May 11, 2015 Montana

Deer-Vehicle Collision Study January 9, 2012 Montana

Deer-vehicle crashes decline in state, but odds still high September 16, 2014 Montana

Efforts to reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions take a giant step forward July 14, 2019 Montana

From bighorn sheep to bears to birds, cameras capture wildlife using underpasses January 11, 2018 Montana

Montana passes bill allowing people to salvage roadkill February 19, 2013 New York Daily News

Montana ranks second in deer-vehicle collisions October 3, 2013 Montana

Northwest Montana Has Most Dangerous Stretch of Highway for Wildlife Collisions October 30, 2016

Research on Montana wildlife crossings nearly complete June 21, 2013

Researchers study Montana wildlife crossings for use on Chinese roads August 30, 2012

Roadkill-permitting bill would help prevent poaching February 25, 2015 Montana

Study shows high-risk highways for wildlife collisions November 2, 2016 Montana

Train collides with herd of elk in Montana, killing 23 animals January 3, 2016 Montana,

Tunnel vision: Biologist studies deer migration, underpass use January 8, 2012 Montana

WYDOT approves $9.7M for deer underpasses, antelope overpasses December 15, 2010 Montana