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Oregon Suburban Deer Management Archive

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A deer fence still is the best remedy October 20, 2013 Oregon

Ashland, As It Was: Ashland, Ore., Forest Plan Reduces Wildfire Danger August 5, 2019 Oregon

Ashand Completes Deer Census October 14, 2011 Oregon

Ashland 2013 deer count shows decline in animals November 14, 2013

Ashland Aims To Ban Deer Feeding April 19, 2012 Oregon

Ashland Conducts Deer Census: Following the Herd August 25, 2011 Oregon

Ashland deer study March 9, 2012 Oregon

Ashland looks to solve problem of 'aggressive' animals September 22, 2015 Oregon

Ashland ponders ban on feeding wild animals May 18, 2012 Oregon

Ashland taking steps to control bold wildlife March 28, 2016 Oregon

Ashland's spring deer count canceled March 30, 2012 Oregon

Ashland's wild deer numbers on the rise May 17, 2013 Oregon

Ashland, Deer Population, Traffic on Dudley Discussed at Edgewood Meeting February 28, 2017 Oregon

Ashland, City sets 'Living with Wildlife Summit' April 24, 2015 Oregon

Ashland, Counting deer March 30, 2012 Oregon

Ashland, Counting deer October 12, 2011 Oregon

Ashland, Deer counters find more critters than last year November 2, 2012 Oregon

Ashland, Deer Hunting Season 2015 October 21, 2015 Oregon

Ashland, Deer-feeding ban adopted June 8, 2012 Orego

Ashland, It's a plot: Deer overrun Ashland May 25, 2016 Oregon

Ashland, Let's hear it for the deer May 7, 2017 Oregon,

Ashland, New law allows urban deer 'taking,' donating venison to food banks July 25, 2017 Oregon

Ashland, Oregon - Volunteers Needed to Count Deer October 14, 2011

Ashland: Controversial Proposal to Curb Ashland's Deer Population March 28, 2012 Oregon

Asland,OH, DEER! [Counting Deer in Ashland] October 17, 2011 Oregon

Bend's countless deer population vex, but mostly charm, its neighbors December 3, 2016 Oregon

Bend, Take steps to reduce deer deaths November 21, 2015 Oregon,

Bill would allow killing of 'urban deer' February 20, 2017 Oregon

Caldera Spring resort approved for expansion April 16, 2016 Oregon

Caldera Springs resort wants to add up to 490 lots December 16, 2015 Oregon,

City of Sisters bans feeding deer March 24, 2015 Oregon

Commission adopts urban deer pilot program rules, groundfish regulations October 7, 2018 Oregon

Commission meets Dec. 7 in Salem to adopt urban deer pilot program rules November 30, 2018 Oregon

Culling an option for Oregon Coast towns concerned about elk April 10, 2018

Dry weather driving deer to towns September 12, 2012 Oregon

Eagle Crest deer saved from arrow shot December 2, 2015 Oregon

Eugene may allow 8-foot-tall deer fences May 6, 2014 Oregon

Got elk? Get paint balls October 23 , 2015 Oregon

Hunter questioned about deer slugs that damaged a house December 20, 2012 Oregon

Huntington, Oregon residents debate town's deer problem December 11, 2018 Oregon,

Joseph rejects Hansell's deer bill December 13, 2016 Oregon

Key habitat, other benefits in urban forested parcels May 28, 2015 Oregon

Lincoln City, Elk, deer increasingly a part of Lincoln City November 10, 2012 Oregon

Marietta: It's time to test to hunt deer within city limits August 27, 2011 Oregon

ODFW, OSP successfully remove arrows from deer illegally shot in Shady Cove May 3, 2018 Oregon

Prineville has a deer problem August 29, 2016 Oregon,

Public meetings on deer problem ... September 4, 2015 Oregon

Silverton council considers solutions to nuisance deer October 1, 2017 Oregon

Southern Oregon Towns Torn On Urban Deer Management May 9, 2014

State aims to kill Bend cougar that killed deer in residential area  May 15, 2019 Oregon

Union City Council requests detailed plan to address problems with deer population June 30, 2016 Oregon

Union City Council votes against deer killing plan July 13, 2016 Oregon