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Iowa Suburban Deer Management Archive

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A fight for deer life: Local deer population finds a friend on the Muscatine City Council September 2, 2011, Iowa

Ames to Use Bow Hunting for Urban Deer Management [PDF] August 10, 2011 Iowa

Ankeny Council Votes to Allow Bow Hunting Within City Limits November 8, 2011 Iowa

Bettendorf deer hunting in residential neighborhoods August 4, 2010 Iowa Urban

Bow deer hunting in Centerville one step closer despite vocal, written opposition September 1, 2011 Iowa

Candidates talk issues at forum, feeding deer November 4, 2011 Iowa

Cedar Rapids bow hunt nabs more deer than a year ago January 23, 2014 Iowa

Cedar Rapids bowhunt participation down, fewest deer taken in 10 years January 13, 2015 Iowa

Cedar Rapids urban bowhunt takes fewest deer in 10 years January 14, 2015 Iowa

Cedar Rapids Urban Deer Hunt begins Saturday September 11, 2014 Iowa

Cedar Rapids Urban Deer Hunt July 16, 2014 Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Deer harder to find in seventh year of Cedar Rapids urban bow hunt February 1, 2012 Iowa

Centerville: Deer bow hunting in Centerville by Oct. 1? August 18, 2011 Iowa

City of Oskaloosa preparing for Urban Deer Management Season August 9, 2011 Iowa

Council Bluffs seeks property owners' help for deer hunting season September 5, 2016 Iowa

Council Bluffs, Fewer does harvested, but interest by hunters remains steady in Bluffs February 7, 2018 Iowa

Council Bluffs, The city's bow-hunting deer season is coming soon August 14, 2016 Iowa

Council Bluffs, City, hunters preparing for deer season August 15, 2012 Iowa

Council Bluffs: More deer killed during Bluffs bow-hunting February 16, 2012 Iowa

Davenport urban deer hunt begins Sept. 16 September 7, 2017 Iowa

Davenport, 10th Annual City of Davenport Urban Deer Hunt August 30, 2016 Iowa

Decorah Park-Rec votes in favor of deer hunt September 4, 2016 Iowa

Decorah, City will handle deer problem itself September 7, 2016 Iowa

Decorah, City will pursue deer management May 19, 2016 Iowa

Decorah, Decorah City Council tables deer hunting proposal August 15, 2016 Iowa

Deer feeding ban approved in Sioux City October 8, 2012 Iowa

DesMoines, Urban bow hunters claim 400 deer in Polk County May 29, 2016 Iowa

Dubuque, 2013 Deer Management Brochure [PDF] August 10, 2012 Iowa

Fairfield to host In-City Deer Hunt trials December 12, 2013 Iowa

Fairfield, In city deer hunt on two weekends in Fairfield December 2, 2013 Iowa,

Galena hopes helicopter will target deer problem December 30, 2015 Iowa,

Green Valley State Park to Close during Special Deer Hunt Noveber 6, 2012 Iowa

Iowa City looks to use sharpshooting to thin deer population March 15, 2018 Iowa

Iowa City, Public to give input on city’s deer-reduction plan August 1, 2018 Iowa

Iowa Senate passes suppressor legalization bill by huge margin March 17, 2016,

ISU camera capture study is part of city's urban deer program October 20, 2011 Iowa

Johnson County Hunters can apply for controlled deer hunt August 18, 2011 Iowa

Johnston residents can learn about urban deer hunt August 10, 2013 Iowa

Keokuk Bow hunters welcome again in city limits September 7, 2012 Iowa

Keokuk city officials argue about Urban Deer Hunting Program October 24,2011 Iowa

Keokuk stays private in deer hunting September 18, 2012 Iowa

Keokuk: Bow hunting program scrutinized April 25, 2011 Iowa

Marshaltown Deer population declines slightly within city limits February 27, 2011 Iowa

Mason City looking at 'urban deer hunting' July 30, 2014 Iowa

Mason City, Archery deer hunting lottery planned for Lime Creek August 12, 2013 Iowa

Mason City, Hunting in city limits August 9, 2014 Iowa,

Moline vote on deer hunt misses target May 20, 2016 Iowa,

Muscatine deer hunt approved for 2017-2018 August 18, 2017 Iowa

North Liberty council delays vote on hunting August 28, 2012 Iowa

North Liberty hunting for missing ordinance January 17, 2012 Iowa

Oelwein: Deer hunting could be allowed August 25, 2010 Iowa

Oelwein: Urban deer hunting discussion to preclude tonight's city council November 8, 2010

Official Says Sioux City Deer Population Dropping April 17, 2014 Iowa

Ordinance to allow bow deer hunting in city limits has second reading tonight August 29, 2011 Iowa

Oskaloosa Urban Deer Management Season August 17, 2012 Iowa, Oskaloosa news

Oskaloosa urban deer management season August 18, 2016 Iowa

Oskaloosa Urban Deer Management Season August 19, 2013 Iowa

Oskaloosa Urban Deer Management Season August 8, 2014 Iowa

Ottumwa Deer Season Set to Begin August 14, 2014 Iowa

Ottumwa, Deer harvest numbers continue to decrease January 14, 2015 Iowa

Ottumwa, Deer Hunting Inside Ottumwa's City Limits August 17, 2015 Iowa,

Ottumwa, Harvest totals for Ottumwa deer season released February 4, 2016 Iowa

Polk County (IA) Residents Benefit From Successful Urban Deer Hunt August 13, 2014 Iowa

Rock Island: Meeting about RI urban deer hunt draws large crowd January 4, 2012 Iowa

Rock Island: Deer Hunting Petition In Rock Island December 30, 2011, Iowa

Rock Island: RI residents call for urban hunt December 28, 2011 Iowa

Scott County Park wants archers for its upcoming deer hunt July 6, 2017 Iowa

Sioux City City Council closer to ban on deer & turkey feeding September 24, 2012 Iowa

Sioux City, Certain plants, fencing and repellants can keep deer out of yards, gardens November 26, 2015 Iowa

Sioux City, Drought driving urban deer into Sioux City yards July 27, 2012 Iowa

Sioux City, Help the deer, don't hate them August 4, 2012 Iowa

Sioux City, She would rather see the deer July 31, 2012

Sioux Falls deer hunt bags the limit March 15, 2017 Iowa

Some areas of Davenport parks open to urban hunting October 29, 2015 Iowa

Urban Deer Hunting Dilemma February 1, 2011 Iowa

Urban deer hunts have success August 14, 2014 Iowa,

West Des Moines looks to thin out herds of deer June 29, 2013 Iowa