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Wyoming Transportation and Deer Archive

A List of Articles in the Archive

$2.5 million for Wyoming wildlife underpasses committed, up to $36.5 million needed November 6, 2019

An unlikely conservation champion January 25, 2015 Wyoming,

Biologist studies deer to prevent roadkill May 4, 2011 Wyoming

Can White Canvas Bags Reduce Deer-Vehicle Collisions? May 15, 2018 Wyoming

Critter carnage plagues South 89 January 23, 2017 Wyoming

Efforts to minimize wildlife-vehicle collisions showing success November 1, 2014 Wyoming

Feds Give Millions For Wildlife Corridors May 6, 2019 Wyoming

Game and Fish Commission Investing to Prevent Wildlife Collisions Near LaBarge July 22, 2019 Wyoming

Game And Fish Commits Over $1 Million To Wildlife Crossings April 29, 2019

Mild winters and wet summers created a positive hunting outlook in most of Wyoming August 29, 2015 Wyoming

More mule deer will be collared for crash study November 24, 2011 Wyoming

More than 800 roadkill salvage permits issued in first year November 16, 2014 Wyoming

National Elk Refuge Cautions Drivers November 18, 2014 Wyoming,

New Fences to Prevent Deer Accidents September 18, 2014 Wyoming

Number of moose killed in Teton County collisions rises October 29, 2019 Wyoming

Odds increase in fall that you might hit a deer September 15, 2014 Wyoming

One of Wyoming's largest fence replacement projects underway September 25, 2014

Overpasses and underpasses for migrating animals may reduce collisions with automobiles May 16, 2016 Wyoming,

Park County highways among the worst for wildlife collisions June 6, 2019 Wyoming

Preserving our pronghorn, wildlife highway crossing October 31, 2012 Wyoming

Proposal allows Montana motorists to salvage road kill July 26, 2013 Montana

Reducing Mule Deer-Vehicle Collisions in Wyoming - October 4, 2012

Roadkill bill off the ground in Wyoming Senate February 7, 2013

Signs help prevent car-deer collisions March 9, 2016 Wyoming

Study launched to determine effects of wildlife warning reflectors on wildlife-vehicle collisions October 30, 2012 Wyoming

Turns Out Those Animal Crossings Are Working July 5, 2018 Wyoming

Volunteers needed for annual deer mortality survey [underpass success] Wyoming April 28, 2011

Wildlife advocates look to reduce collisions in Wyoming's North Fork corridor June 25, 2011

Wildlife bridges offer deer, antelope safe passage over highways November 8, 2014 Wyoming

Wildlife crossing to be improved along southwest Wyoming migration route December 16, 2019 Wyoming

With over 6000 Wyoming wildlife collisions annually, drivers urged caution October 21, 2019

With the Success of Wildlife Crossings in Wyoming, SOS Well Services, LLC Helps Initiate Campaign for Support and Funding May 8, 2019

WYDOT earns award for wildlife project January 10, 2012 Wyoming

WYDOT Receives $14 Million Grant For Dry Piney Wildlife Crossing November 26, 2019 Wyoming

WYDOT receives $14.5 million federal grant for wildlife crossing project November 14, 2019 Wyoming

WYDOT studying if highway reflectors are preventing deer-vehicle collisions February 27, 2013 Wyoming

Wyoming deer underpasses win award November 1, 2010

Wyoming Game And Fish Unveils New Wildlife Crossing Initiative February 21, 2020

Wyoming No. 8 in nation for auto-wildlife crashes Septemer 22, 2016

Wyoming tries high-tech to prevent deer-in-the-headlight crashes March 11, 2013

Wyoming wildlife crossings labeled success October 7, 2013

Wyoming: Where The Deer And The Antelope Play In An Overpass October 15, 2012