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Connecticut Suburban Deer Management Archive

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'There is no deer crisis' September 25, 2013 Connecticut

Are deer responsible for lyme disease? - Connecticut Postings ... May 10, 2011 Lyme Disease

Bobbex Reports: As More Deer Move to Suburbia, Homeowners Seek More Effective Deterrents April 16, 2015 Connecticut

Bridgeport urban deer hunt enters final week December 25, 2014 Connecticut

Brookfield, Annual Controlled Deer Hunt Begins in Brookfield October 3, 2012 Connecticut

Connecticut's Extremely Efficient Deer-Killer October 27, 2014 Connecticut

Controlling Deer? Expert Shares Ideas September 23, 2010 Connecticut

Darien suspends town deer hunt indefinitely November 9, 2011 Connecticut

Darien, Legal problems put Darien's deer committee on chopping block January 30, 2012 Connecticut

Darien: Selectmen consider culling deer committee January 20, 2012 Connecticut

Devil's Den Preserve to Close Weekdays for Limited Deer Hunt October 31, 2013 Connecticut,

Devil’s Den alert: Preserve will be closed some weekdays for deer hunting November 17, 2015 Connecticut

East Haddam, Deer hunt to take place at Burnham Brook in East Haddam November 19, 2013 Connecticut

East Lyme, DEEP approves expanded deer hunting season at Stone's Ranch October 23, 2013 Connecticut

eston and Redding, Devil's Den Deer Hunt Starts Today November 19, 2013 Connecticut

Fairfield County, Deer herd declining in Fairfield County September 7, 2013 Connecticut

Fairfield County, Mountain Lion, Wildlife Too Close for Comfort in Fairfield County? January 29, 2012 Connecticut

Fairfiled County: Article on deer was misleading (Issues in Suburban Deer Management) December 1, 2010 Connecticut

Groton, Annual Bluff Point deer cull nears end March 4, 2015 Connecticut, ... a thinning of the herd that has taken place there annually since 1996

Guilford's East River Preserve management plan will receive public airing October 27, 2011 Connecticut

Guilford, Deer Management Program at the East River Preserve Announced Monday July 25, 2016 Connecticut

Guilford, Hunting issue still hanging​ in Guilford; some say another hearing needed Connecticut

Hunting Not Solution for Urban Deer October 26, 2011 Connecticu

Killing deer is no solution [to Lyme Disease] September 17, 2013 Connecticu

New Canaan, Deer committee organizing informational efforts on impact of deer population April 10, 2015 Connecticu

New Canaan: Managing Deer and Coyote in New Canaan December 20, 2011 Connecticut,

New Cananna DEEP Pledges Help With Deer November 17, 2011 Connecticut

New Cannan, Officials: Increasing Number of Bow Hunters in New Canaan for Deer Season September 30, 2014 Connecticut

New Milford, Deer Harvests are Reducing Populations December 6, 2013 Conecticut.

Redding Debates Best Deer Management Plan July 21, 2011, Connecticut

Redding deer controversies lessen September 15, 2015 Connecticut,

Redding, Aerial deer survey results March 5, 2014 Connecticut

Redding, Applications are being accepted and reviewed for town land deer hunt September 24, 2014 Connecticut

Redding, Call made for investigation into Redding deer culling February 20, 2013

Redding, Counting bucks and does February 13, 2014 Connecticit

Redding, Deer wardens in place, management plan in the works September 5, 2013 Connecticut

Redding, For the town: Deer management plan is still in the works May 3, 2013 Connecticut

Redding, Lyme Disease - Will Shelton go the Wrong Way? June 29, 2014 Connecticut

Redding, Ridgefield and Newton Deer Count Controversy 2015 Connecticut

Redding, The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection approves plan to cull deer to try to reduce ticks in Redding January 9, 2014 Connecticut

Redding, Town's deer wardens resign en masse May 10, 2013 Connecticut

Redding: Deer management: Groups look for common ground July 25, 2011 Connecticut

Redding: Deer Management: Study results are revealed December 8, 2011 Connecticut

Redding’s Magic Deer and Tick Study May 16, 2014 Connecticut

Ridgefield expands hunt area to control deer population September 18, 2015 Connecticut,

Ridgefield, Deer hunt will begin Tuesday October 11, 2013 Connecticut

Ridgefield, Empty room means acceptance from deer hunters’ outlook September 20, 2013 Connecticut

Ridgefield, Hearing on deer hunt Wednesday September 17, Connecticut

Ridgefield, Selectmen approve 12 sites for controlled deer hunt September 18, 2015 Connecticut

Ridgefield, Selectmen approve deer hunt October 2, 2014 Connecticut

Ridgefield, Town considers use of guns for deer hunt at golf course November 24, 2014 Connecticut,

Ridgefield: Smaller deer hunt approved by the selectmen September 28, 2011 Connecticut

Shelton Deer Committee: Use bowhunting on some city open space land to control deer February 22, 2015 Connecticut

Shelton, Deer Overpopulation in Shelton? May 16, 2014 Connecticut

Shelton, Deer overpopulation in Shelton? May 16, 2014 Connecticut May 16, 2014

Shelton, New committee in Shelton will study deer-related issues September 20, 2013 Connecticut

Shelton, There's push to limit deer population in Shelton February 11, 2015 Connecticut

Shelton, What should be done about all the deer in Shelton? April 20, 2014

Shifting the conversation about deer control September 4, 2014 Connecticut

Southington Park Open For Bowhunting For Deer October 12, 2016 Connecticut

Urban Tick Studies

Wallerford, Controlled deer hunt being considered for popular Wallingford land preserve April 26, 2014 Connecticut

Wallingford, Panel says no deer hunt for now May 9, 2014 Connecticut

Weston allows controlled deer hunt September 24, 2014 Connecticut,

Weston selectmen approve deer hunting on town property September 25, 2015 Connecticut,

Weston Selectmen OK Controlled Deer Hunt September 11, 2012 Connecticut

Weston's annual deer hunt comes to a close December 5, 2012 Connecticut

Weston's annual deer hunt comes to a close December 5, 2012 Connecticut

Weston, Deer hunt approved for Weston land fill September 12, 2013 Connecticut

Weston, Deer Hunt Starts Wednesday In Devil's Den Preserve In Weston November 13, 2012 Connecticut

Weston, Devil’s Den in Weston sets dates for limited deer hunt November 11, 2013

Weston, Hunting opponents aim to end Weston deer hunt December 5, 2012

Weston, Hunting opponents aim to end Weston deer hunt December 5, 2012 Connecticut

Weston, Why deer hunts should be stopped November 26, 2013 Connecticut

Weston,Devil's Den to close weekdays for annual limited deer hunt November 13, 2014 Connecticut

Westport Deer Debate Draws Hunting Proponents and Opponents November 20, 2010 Connecticut

Westport RTM dealing with deer issue September 22, 2010 Connecticut

Westport RTM to ask: Do we have a problem with deer? February 9, 2011 Connecticut

Westport's Deer Management Decision Could Take Months December 15, 2010 Connecticut

Westport's review of deer hunting ban proceeds quietly December 17, 2010 Connecticut

Westport, Committee Seeks Accurate, Infrared Deer Count October 11, 2012 Connecticut

Westport, Finance Board Approves $6K for Infrared Deer Survey December 5, 2012 Connecticut

Westport, Town Searches to Limit Deer Population September 5, 2013 Connectictut

Westport, Two towns take different paths in dealing with deer population December 2, 2012 Connecticut

Westport. Is there a deer problem? No Hunting February 4, 2011 Connecticut Urban

Westport: RTM traps deer panel in Catch-22 March 8, 2012 Connecticut

Westport: To kill deer or not? Westport panel grapples with options March 1, 2012 Connecticut

Wilton Deer Management Committee Consider Sharpshooters January 23, 2011 Connecticut

Wilton mulling possibility of using professional sharpshooters to control deer June 6, 2012 Connecticut

Wilton, Controlled deer hunt begins again in Wilton October 4, 2014 Connecticut,

Wilton, Deer committee mulls sharpshooting plan June 8, 2012 Connecticut

Wilton, Each Deer in Wilton Costs Taxpayers $3.9k June 21, 2012 Connecticut

Wilton, Hunters are ready to cull deer July 13, 2012 Connecticut

Wilton, Hunters are ready to cull deer July 13, 2012 Connecticut

Wilton: Deer control: Hunting alone is not getting it done January 8, 2012 Connecticut, Wilton Bulletin

Wilton: Town unveils new deer control plan September 29, 2011 Connecticut