Bears and Deer


"Black Bear populations have been on the increase for over 20 years. Population estimates range from 850,000 to one million. Black bears are the most specialized of deer predators, and they focus mostly on fawns. Remember, a black bear can smell about 400 times as well as a blood hound. The frequently used “fact” that fawns do not have scent is totally false! I personally have watched bears go into a search pattern in large food plots, picking up the scent of hidden fawns and quickly killing them." - Dr. James C. Kroll, Deadly Deer Predators - North American Whitetail. September 10, 2021


Afield: Pennsylvania’s bear population is down, fewer harvested this season December 24, 2022 Centre Daily Times

... Pennsylvania’s black bear population peaked about four years ago, estimated at over 20,000 bears, and stayed that way until 2020, when it began dropping. This year, the Pennsylvania Game Commission projected fewer than 16,000 bears in the state..,