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Pennsylvania Disease of Deer Archive

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"Pink 23" shot half a mile from deer farm where she escaped November 27, 2012 Pennsylvania

'Bullwinkle deer,' ... January 15, 2014 Pennsylvania

1st Chronic Wasting Disease case in captive deer since 2014 January 19, 2017

2018 Chronic Wasting, Deer on Bedford County Hunting Preserve, Lancaster County Breeding Farm test positive for Chronic Wasting Disease February 12, 2018

4 captive deer diagnosed with Chronic Wasting Disease in Franklin and Fulton County December 15, 2017

5 new CWD cases found in SW deer February 12, 2015 Pennsylvania

7 more CWD deer found August 28, 2014 Pennsylvania

A former Pennsylvania Game Commission veterinarian impacts CWD fight May 29, 2015

A question of who's in charge January 16, 2016 Pennsylvania

A smelly situation October 18, 2015 Pennsylvania

Additional CWD Cases Detected in Pennsylvania Wild Deer May 15, 2017

Additional Deer Farms Released from Chronic Wasting Disease Quarantines February 8, 2013 Pennsylvania

All about elk and the return of blue tongue to Pa. September 17, 2011 Pennsylvania

Another Western Pa. deer tests positive for chronic wasting disease October 14, 2014 Pennsylvania

Appearance of chronic wasting disease in wild deer herd to impact hunters September 26, 2015 Pennsylvania

Biologists Find Unprecedented Level of CWD in Deer Farm August 26, 2014 Pennsylvania

Biting midges and EHD confirmed as source of ongoing deer deaths in parts of Chester, Berks counties September 26, 2018 Pennsylvania

Casey seeks deer farmers' help with chronic wasting disease December 5, 2012 Pennsylvania

Centre Hall, Rabid Deer Found August 8, 2014 Pennsylvania

Changes coming to CWD monitoring August 25, 2013 Pennsylvania

Chronic wasting disease a concern in Pa. March 15, 2015 Pennsylvania,

Chronic Wasting Disease concern in whitetail deer grows in Pennsylvania May 27, 2013

Chronic wasting disease creeping closer to SW Pennsylvania January 31, 2015 Pennsylvania

Chronic wasting disease experts unsure of implications in Adams November 17, 2012 Pennsylvania

Chronic Wasting Disease fears prompt new authority for Pennsylvania Game Commission July 3, 2011

Chronic wasting disease found in another captive deer in PA October 22, 2014 Pennsylvania

Chronic Wasting Disease Found in Blair and Bedford Counties March 1, 2013 Pennsylvania

Chronic wasting disease hits area March 2, 2013 Pennsylvania

Chronic Wasting Disease Illness hits 1 deer October 13, 2012 Pennsylvania

Chronic wasting disease in deer may be game changer in Pa. November 30, 2014 Pennsylvania

Chronic wasting disease is spreading; case confirmed in Pa. October 13, 2012 Pennsylvania

Chronic Wasting Disease keeps hunters check point busy November 26, 2012 Pennsylvania

Chronic Wasting Disease management areas expanded by over 2000 square miles in Pa. June 7, 2019 Pennsylvania

Chronic wasting disease news and hunter trends October 25, 2014 Pennsylvania

Chronic Wasting Disease Not Found In Pennsylvania Hunter-Killed Deer Samples July 10, 2012

Chronic wasting disease reaches Europe; live-animal test possible May 22, 2016 Pennsylvania,

Chronic Wasting Disease Test Results Continue to Come in January 19, 2018 Pennsylvania,

Chronic wasting disease vaccine fails to offer solution January 4, 2016 Pennsylvania,

Chronic wasting disease vaccine offers hope January 10, 2015 Pennsylvania

Chronic wasting disease vaccine... Outdoor Insider December 23, 2014 Pennsylvania

Chronic Wasting Disease: Pennsylvania Annual Report March 3, 2021

Colorado managed disease that hit Pennsylvania deer, Chronic Wasting Disease March 17, 2013 Pennsylvania

Combatting Chronic Wasting Disease in Pennsylvania, December 2020

Committee Hears Efforts to Control CWD in PA November 15, 2014 Pennsylvania

Costs of CWD getting clearer December 18, 2014 Pennsylvania

Cottrell to speak on Chronic Wasting Disease August 13, 2013 Pennsylvania

CWD brings new rules here May 31, 2014 Pennsylvania

CWD Cases Multiply in Pennsylvania June 14, 2018

CWD Cooperating in the Fight Against Chronic Wasting Disease September 3, 2020 Pennsylvania

CWD could change hunting rules November 20, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD deer kills may be set for January June 16, 2016 Pennsylvania,

CWD DIsease Management Area to Expand into Elk Range February 26, 2019 Pennsylvania

CWD found in deer killed on Bedford County highway January 2, 2014 Pennsylvania

CWD found in Pennsylvania deer October 15, 2012

CWD Found in the Wild in Clearfield County July 12, 2017 Pennsylvania

CWD Found in the Wild in Clearfield County July 12, 2017 Pennsylvania,

CWD growing among deer March 11, 2018 Pennsylvania,

CWD Impacts Pennsylvanians Who Hunt Out-of-State August 20, 2013 Pennsylvania

CWD Lecture - Youtube

CWD Not Found in Huntingdon County Escaped Deer December 12, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD remains a threat in Pennsylvania November 4, 2015

CWD Rules Amended November 10, 2015 Pennsylvania

CWD Rules Expand November 2, 2015 Pennsylvania

CWD scare proves to be false alarm for deer seen in Williamstown area December 11, 2016 Pennsylvania

CWD Surveilllance Detects Diseased Deer April 6, 2017 Pennsylvania

CWD Surveilllance Detects Diseased Deer April 6, 2017 Pennsylvania, PGC News

CWD Update: Disease Detected in Six More Free-Ranging Deer May 5, 2015 Pennsylvania

CWD Update: Disease Detected in Six More Free-Ranging Deer May 5, 2015 Pennsylvania, PGC News

CWD Update: Disease Management Areas Expand by More than 2,300 Square Miles, June, Pennsylvania

CWD, 1 deer escapes quarantine November 3, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD, Another deer linked to site of Pennsylvania's first confirmed case of chronic wasting disease is reported as escaped into the wild November 13, 2012

CWD, Another deer with ties to CWD farm running loose November 17, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD, Captive deer from CWD-positive farm roaming free October 22, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD, Check station, deer feed ban in place after CWD found October 16, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD, Chronic Wasting Disease Found in Pennsylvania October 11, 2012

CWD, Concern about Chronic Wasting Disease on rise as deer season approaches November 23, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD, Cost of Pennsylvania's chronic wasting disease response estimated at several hundred thousand October 21, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD, Deer season begins Monday in Pennsylvania, survey of hunter concerns about CWD November 25, 2012

CWD, Department of Agriculture investigating possible 2nd case of chronic wasting disease November 6, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD, Disease threatens deer farms in Franklin County, elsewhere November 21, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD, Diseases spreading in deer September 9, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD, Doe escapes chronic wasting disease quarantined pen October 27, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD, Dreaded deer killer Chronic Wasting Disease arrives in Pa. October 23, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD, Game Commission and Agriculture Department to Hold Public Meeting to Discuss CWD Monitoring Efforts October 15, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD, Game Commission Announces Check Station Hours for Disease Management in Adams/York Counties October 26, 2012

CWD, Game Commission Designates Disease Management Area in Response to CWD Confirmation on Deer Farm in Adams County October 17, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD, Game Commission Prepares To Collect Samples For CWD Testing November 17, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD, Game Commission to Hold Public Meetings in Adams County to Discuss CWD November 8, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD, Impact of deer that died of chronic wasting disease could hit 100 farms across state October 17, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD, Owner of quarantined York County farm says he no longer has deer there October 11, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD, Pa. confirms 1st case of chronic wasting disease in deer; officials working to prevent spread October 11, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD, Park Service halts deer meat donations due to CWD October 22, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD, Pennsylvania continues to contain deer disease, CWD November 25, 2012

CWD, Pennsylvania's chronic wasting disease quarantine list grows to 12 deer farms October 27, 201

CWD, Presence of chronic wasting disease will prove costly October 13, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD, Sugarloaf deer farm quarantined November 2, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD, Wasting disease enters state, captive deer infected October 14, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD: East Berlin Disease Check Station Takes Shape October 18, 2012 Pennsylvania

CWD: Second case of deer disease confirmed in Adams County November 7, 2012 Pennsylvania

Dealing with chronic wasting disease concerns November 20, 2014 Pennsylvania

Deer at Bedford farm test positive for CWD August 12, 2017 Pennsylvania

Deer back on property despite chronic wasting disease quarantine August 29, 2013 Pennsylvania

Deer baiting ban lifted in Iosco County; Midland's state senator supports reversal September 13, 2013 Michigan

Deer confirmed with chronic wasting disease just south of Pennsylvania-Maryland state line March 12, 2014 Pennsylvania

Deer disease a serious concern for wildlife managers November 16, 2013 Pennsylvania

Deer disease containment for Jefferson County May 4, 2014 Pennsylvania

Deer disease has yet to turn up in region September 11, 2014 Pennsylvania

Deer disease may impact economy, CWD December 1, 2013 Pennsylvania

Deer disease meetings set to begin Wednesday May 3, 2021 Pennsylvania

Deer disease options sought January 14, 2017 Pennsylvania,

Deer disease suspected to be in same area for third time in 10 years, EHD July 31, 2017 Pennsylvania

Deer dispersal and chronic wasting disease: Penn State study sheds some light March 19, 2013 Pennsylvania

Deer farm under quarantine April 10, 2014 Pennsylvania

Deer from Western PA Farm Tests Positive for CWD April 8, 2014 Pennsylvania

Deer hunters face chronic wasting disease restrictions in three disease management areas this year November 22, 2014 Pennsylvania

Deer illegally transferred to CWD-contaminated farm September 10, 2013 Pennsylvania

Deer lure can spread Chronic Wasting Disease September 11, 2013 Pennsylvania

Deer Population At Risk March 5, 2013 Pennsylvania

Deer population threatened by CWD September 22, 2013 Pennsylvania

Deer testing rules eased for York County September 13, 2013 Pennsylvania

Deer tests positive for chronic wasting disease in Franklin County January 13, 2017 Pennsylvania

Deer tests positive for CWD in Bedford County February 28, 2017 Pennsylvania

Dept. of Agriculture: Deer 'Pink 23' does not have Chronic Wasting Disease December 6, 2012 Pennsylvania

EHD being investigated in Greene County September 30, 2012 Pennsylvania

EHD confirmed, but disease might have run its course October 7, 2012 Pennsylvania

EHD, Commission reports deer deaths due to disease October 21, 2020 Pennsylvania,

EHD, Deer disease continues to spread September 16, 2012 Pennsylvania

EHD, Game Commission Announced EHD Confirmed in Beaver County September 10, 2012 Pennsylvania

EHD, Game Commission Announced EHD Confirmed in Montgomery County October 1, 2012 Pennsylvania

EHD, Game Commission Announced EHD Confirmed in Westmoreland County September 14, 2012 Pennsylvania

EHD, Game Commission Looking Into Deer Deaths in Northwestern Pennsylvania September 19, 201

EHD, Game Commission Looking Into Deer Deaths in Southwestern Pennsylvania August 23, 2012

EHD, Possible EHD outbreak in Beaver, Cambria investigated August 26, 2012 Pennsylvania

EHD, Re-occurrence of EHD threatens to throw pall over deer seasons September 23, 2012 Pennsylvania

EHD, State probing deer deaths September 20, 2012 Pennsylvania

EHD, State's Deer Herd Faces Trouble September 13, 2012 Pennsylvania

EHD, Virus Killing Deer Herd in Crawford County October 15, 2012 Pennsylvani

EHD, What is killing hundreds of deer in Pennsylvania? October 18, 2018

Evaluation of knowledge, attitudes, and practices of deer owners following identification of a cluster of captive deer with rabies in Pennsylvania in July 2010 DM Tack, JD Blanton, RC Holman, AH Longenberger… Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association May 1, 2013

Fatal disease found among white-tailed deer March 2, 2013 Pennsylvania

Fourth chronic wasting disease zone coming to Pennsylvania February 24, 2018

Franklin, Fulton deer tests CWD positive February 2, 2017 Pennsylvania

Game Commission Delivers Annual Report to Legislature [comments on Chronic Wasting Disease] February 24, 2016 Pennsylvania

Game Commission Delivers Annual Report to Legislature February 27, 2019 Pennsylvania

Game Commission details chronic wasting disease August 29, 2014 Pennsylvania

Game Commission grapples with expanding CWD deer infections June 21, 2017 Pennsylvania

Game Commission Offers Advice to Hunters Headed Out of State August 8, 2011 Pennsylvania

Game Commission Offers Free CWD Tests for DMA-Harvested Deer November 29, 2017 Pennsylvania,

Game commission to collect deer samples for chronic wasting disease testing November 30, 2011 Pennsylvania

Governor Walker Announces Several Initiatives to Combat Chronic Wasting Disease in Wisconsin May 13, 2016

Hoping deadly deer disease doesn't come here January 29, 2017 Pennsylvania

Hundreds Concerned over Chronic Wasting Disease in Local Deer March 20, 2013 Pennsylvania

Hunter shoots escaped deer known as "Pink 23" November 27, 2012 Pennsylvania

Hunter spreads deer disease May 15, 2016 Pennsylvania

Hunters Advised to Take Precautions Against EEE Virus October 22, 2019 Pennsylvania

Hunters concerned with disease killing hundreds of Pa. deer, EHD October 11, 2017 Pennsylvania,

Hunters losing another chronic wasting disease battle, die-off on deer farm and more June 24, 2014 Pennsylvania

Hunting for deer disease Decemeber 4, 2011 Pennsylvania

Impact of disease on deer shown April 10, 2013 Pennsylvania

Import bans can blunt wasting disease in Pennsylvania September 1, 2013

Input Sought on CWD Response Plan September 12, 2019 Pennsylvania

Is the advance of CWD unstoppable? October 18, 2014 Pennsylvania

Keeping an eye out for Chronic Wasting Disease October 4, 2015 Pennsylvania

Local deer hunters facing chronic wasting restrictions September 26, 2013 Pennsylvania

Malaria parasites in white-tailed deer unlikely to affect humans February 8, 2015 Pennsylvania,

Money will be factor in dealing with deer disease in Pa. March 4, 2013 Pennsylvania

Monroe safe from deadly deer disease; Northampton tests positive September 17, 2011 Pennsylvania

More deer in our future? April 19, 2014 Pennsylvania

New CWD Cases Prompt Response April 22, 2014 Pennsylvania

New Hunting Permit Part of CWD Response June 5, 2014 Pennsylvania

New permit to address deer wasting disease April 12, 2014 Pennsylvania

New rule proposed to help curb deer disease December 16, 2012 Pennsylvania

Noting faulty records, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture lifts CWD from another 14 deer farms February 8, 2013

Number of diseased deer in southwestern Pennsylvania doubles May 13, 2016

Number of Pennsylvania deer infested with Chronic Wasting Disease continues to grow February 14, 2018

Oh, deer: season upon us, CWD November 29, 2013 Pennsylvania

Ohio's first deer with chronic wasting disease found on deer farm under quarantine for import of deer from Pennsylvania October 24, 2014

Pa. bans deer part importation from CWD-positive areas August 27, 2013 Pennsylvania

Pa. deer test positive for Chronic Wasting Disease June 13, 2018 Pennsylvania

Pa. Game Commission looks into targeted removal for diseased deer June 7, 2016 Pennsylvania

Pa. man allegedly poached deer in CWD area November 30, 2012 Pennsylvania

Pa. officials confirm chronic wasting disease in wild deer August 29, 2013 Pennsylvania

Pa. officials confirm wasting disease in wild deer March 1, 2013 Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Adjusts CWD Rules September 20, 2013

Pennsylvania CWD Areas Expand June 26, 2020 Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania deer under fire August 11, 2017

Pennsylvania Game Commission begins prep for chronic wasting disease August 22, 2013

Pennsylvania Game Commission Confirms EHD in Wild Deer in Northampton County September 16, 2011

Pennsylvania Game Commission on the look out for deadly Chronic Wasting Disease in area deer December 13, 2015

Pennsylvania Helps State And National Researchers Combat Chronic Wasting Disease July 30, 2014

Pennsylvania prepares for another deer hunting season with chronic wasting disease August 26, 2014

Pennsylvania's deer and the discovery of chronic wasting disease December 23, 2012

Pennsylvania's deer, elk herds could be at risk after 1st wild deer found with disease in Clearfield County July 13, 2017

Pennsylvania's second chronic wasting disease management area expanded April 25, 2014 Penn Live

PGC vs. deadly deer disease: Big-stakes battle July 10, 2011 Pennsylvania

Poised for an outbreak? EHD June 15, 2013 Pennsylvania

Public Hearing Will Discuss Spread of Deer Disease, Chronic Wasting March 13, 2013 Pennsylvania

Rabies in captive deer, Pennsylvania, USA, 2007–2010. Emerg Infect Dis [serial on the Internet]. 2012

Remain vigilant on CWD May 12, 2015 Pennsylvania

Researchers identify terrain likely to attract CWD-infected deer April 10, 2014 Pennsylvania

Response to CWD -- if it shows up in Pennsylvania elk herd -- is discussed December 15, 2014 Pennsylvania

Sick deer don't recognize state lines July 2, 2015 Pennsylvania

Sportsmen upset with agriculture's lack of transparency, CWD December 8, 2012 Pennsylvania

State experts: CWD gets worse, spreads March 21, 2013 Pennsylvania

State initiative planned to curb CWD April 8, 2017 Pennsylvania

State's Second Disease Management Area Created in Response to CWD, DMAs now in parts of six counties: Adams, Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Huntingdon and York May 1, 2013 Pennsylvania

Study shows CWD-infected deer tend to go low August 11, 2014 Pennsylvania

Tests Confirm CWD Case in Pennsylvania January 2, 2014 Pennsylvania

Tests on Pennsylvania deer continue to run negative for chronic wasting disease December 17, 2012

Tests on wild deer show no chronic wasting disease so far January 28, 2013 Pennsylvania

The 411 on chronic wasting disease, deer farming and Pennsylvania December 29, 201

The difference between EHD and CWD August 25, 2017 Pennsylvania

Third CWD Management Area Established May 22, 2014 Pennsylvania

Thirty-eight deer test positive for Chronic Wasting Disease in Pennsylvania November 10, 2018

Three more wild deer test positive for CWD October 8, 2015 Pennsylvania

Time has come to stop the use of deer lures November 4, 2012

Tracking chronic wasting disease in Pennsylvania's captive deer a tricky task September 16, 2017

Tracking CWD, what hunters need to know November 17, 2016 Pennsyilvania

Trophy Bull Elk Euthanized After Being in CWD Management Area August 18, 2017 Pennsylvania

Twelve More Cases of CWD in Pennsylvania: State Gears Up for Additional Control Measures May 11, 2016

Two ranchers charged with smuggling sick Pa. deer into Miss. September 21, 2017 Pennsylvania

Vaccine for wasting disease in the works, Chronic Wasting Disease April 7, 2013 Pennsylvania

Valley Forge Park Thins Deer Herd by 377 April 26, 2012 Pennsylvania

Wasting disease in wild deer could bring tweaks to hunting regulations March 6, 2013 Pennsylvania

What has changed about chronic wasting disease since last hunting season? November 20, 2015 Pennsylvania

With deer disease [CWD] doubling in Pennsylvania, what is the Game Commission doing about it? May 12, 2016

Work being done to slow down chronic wasting disease January 27, 2015 Pennsylvania

York County hunters look forward to big day, CWD November 29, 2013 Pennsylvania