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West Virginia Suburban Deer Management Archive

A List of Articles in the Archive

Bridgeport deer hunt harvest about the same as last year December 31, 2015 West Virginia

Bridgeport gets ready for deer hunt September 7, 2015 West Virginia,

Bridgeport officials weighing impact of deer hunt November 29, 2011 West Virginia

Bridgeport urban deer hunters can get licenses next month June 20, 2014 West Virginia

Bridgeport's annual urban deer hunt returns to thin population July 27, 2016 West Virginia

Bridgeport's Urban Deer Hunt underway October 17, 2014 West Virginia

Bridgeport, Hunters outnumber deer killed at Bridgeport urban hunt June 4, 2015 West Virginia

Bridgeport, Numbers Released for 2012 Bridgeport Urban Deer Hunt January 14, 2013 West Virginia

Bridgeport, Urban deer hunt update on Bridgeport Council agenda November 21, 2014 West Virginia

Buckhannon may reconsider planned bowhunt for deer June 21, 2012 West Virginia

Buckhannon Shoots Down Urban Deer Hunt August 12, 2011 West Virginia

Buckhannon Urban Deer Hunt July 12, 2011 West Virginia

Buckhannon, Deer targeted (again) June 12, 2012 West Virginia

Buckhannon, First Reading of Urban Deer Hunt Ordinance Passes July 26, 2011 West Virginia

Charleston deer kill sets another record January 5, 2011 West Virginia

Charleston deer rules could go statewide March 3, 2012 West Virginia

Charleston Urban Deer Hunt Sets Record January 3, 2014 West Virginia

Charleston, Cities preparing for urban deer hunts August 7, 2014 West Virginia

Charleston, Officials see success with urban hunting October 30, 2012 West Virginia

Charleston, Urban deer hunt off to usual fast start September 22, 2013 West Virginia

Charleston: City defends urban deer hunt [wounded deer] November 21, 2011 West Virginia

Coyote Attack on Deer Raises Concerns March 18, 2011 West Virginia

Deer feeding banned in Ripley December 13, 2011 West Virginia

Harper's Ferry, Managing the deer in Harper's Ferry February 3, 2013 West Virginia

Harpers Ferry, Urban White Tailed Deer Management Plan For the Town of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia [PDF[ June 30, 2012

Huntington, Club requests urban deer hunt October 11, 2013 West Virginia,

Kingwood authorizes use of bows and cross bows for deer hunting due to crop damage June 21, 2016 West Virginia

Marlinton, Urban deer hunt considered for Marlinton October9, 2013 West Virginia

Martinsburg, Limited bow hunting of deer to be allowed at old landfill property October 13, 2014 West Virginia

Morgantown Approving Urban Bow Hunt July 24, 2011 West Virgina

Morgantown City council approves urban deer hunt August 2, 2011 West Virginia

Morgantown City council to consider urban deer hunt, West Virginia June 30, 2011

Morgantown Council discusses urban deer population June 29, 2011 West Virginia

Morgantown survey of deer updated June 12, 2011 West Virginia Urban

Morgantown to Consider Urban Deer Hunting June 29, 2011 West Virginia

Morgantown to Consider Urban Deer Hunting July 4, 2011 West Virginia,

Morgantown's first urban deer hunt begins Saturday September 17, 2011 West Virginia

Morgantown, Lottery Open for Morgantown Urban Deer Archery Hunt March 4, 2015 West Virginia

Morgantown: Study Shows More Than 600 Deer May 24, 2011 West Virginia

Most homeowners report deer damage December 22, 2011 West Virginia

Mountwood drops deer hunting this season September 18, 2012 West Virginia

New Law Could Let Hunters Kill More Deer in Urban Hunts May 22, 2012 West Virginia

Parkersbrg Votes Against Deer Cull, Tips on Dealing with Deer April 9, 2011 West Virginia

Parkersburg considers deer cull June 26, 2011 West Virginia

Parkersburg OKs urban hunt to cut deer population June 29, 2011 West Virginia

Parkersburg Residents express concerns about deer May 5, 2011 West Virginia Urban

Parkersburg, Deer hunts begin in Wood County areas September 20, 2012 West Virginia

Parkersburg: Deer celebrate; Council nixes urban hunt August 25, 2010

Parkersburg: City hunt gets 'yes' vote June 15, 2011 West Virginia

Parkersburg: Modest Results For Parkersburg Hunt December 27, 2011 West Virginia

Ronceverte plans urban deer hunt September 10, 2013 West Virginia

Shepherdstown. Deer Management Hunt to take place at NCTC August 30, 2014 West Virginia

South Charleston to consider urban deer hunt October 18, 2012 West Virginia

South Charleston to establish urban deer hunt June 6, 2013 West Virginia

South Charleston, SC considering urban deer hunt January 3, 2013, West Virginia

Twin Falls controls park deer population February 18, 2013 West Virginia,

Urban Deer Harvest Appears Complicated by Rules October 24, 2013 West Virginia

Urban hunt not the only way to deal with deer August 30, 2011 West Virginia

Urban hunts maintain popularity though deer kills remain stagnant January 4, 2014 West Virginia

Wheeling, Friendly City Urban Deer Hunt Around the Corner August 30, 2013 West Virginia