Washington Deer Population and Management Archive - Washington

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Washington Deer Population and Management Archive

Annual Reported Deer Kill

1995  37,819

1996  39,442

1997: 31,525

1998: 30,253

1999: 35,760

2000: 40,876

2001: 41,011

2002: 38,770

2003: 40,806

2004: 44,544

2005: 39,791

2006: 37,579

2007: 37,892

2008: 35,118

2009: 33,788

2010: 33,391

2011: 29,154

2012: 33,917

2013: 33,657

2014: 35,216

2015: 37,963

2016: 33,494

2017: 26,537

2018: 27,846

2019: 27,187

2020: 29,435

2021: 24,318

2022: 21,413

Game Harvest Reports

Game Status Reports

Elk Kill (with deer reports except for these years)







2016:  6,796

2017:  5,465




2021  5,129

Game Status Reports





















2002 No report


2000 No report



A List of Articles in the Archive


Big year for deer in NCW and across Washington April 27, 2021

Wasington 2020 Deer Harvest

Wolf numbers continue to grow in Washington state, but still no hunting as in Idaho April 23, 2021


The Washington Outdoors Report: Early season hunting prospects August 26, 2020 Washington

Washington 2019 Statewide deer harvest statistics

Silvicultural herbicides and forest succession influence understory vegetation and nutritional ecology of black-tailed deer in managed forests  Ecology and Management, 2020

Rep. Joel Kretz: Increased cougar hunting step in right direction, more needs to be done May 14, 2020 Washington

WDFW to start trapping wolves in NE Washington May 1, 2020 Washington

As Washington’s wolf population continues to grow, some wonder when will they spread out April 23, 2020 Wasington

Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission decides 2020-2021 season setting, new cougar harvest ... April 18, 2020 

WDFW uses drone to study predators and prey in wild lands of Stevens and Pend Oreille counties  February 19, 2020 Washington

Elk Raise Tensions Between Tribes And Farmers In Washington's Skagit Valley January 18, 2020 Washington

Local group starts wildlife survey, concerned about predators January 14, 2020 Washington

Wildlife group surveys public on cougar concerns January 13, 2020 Washington,

WDFW to use helicopters to capture mule deer January 3, 2020 Washington

Washington's cougar hunting increase not aggressive enough June 16, 2020 

The Washington Outdoors Report: Early season hunting prospects August 26, 2020 


Estimating Population Density of Black-tailed Deer in Northwestern Washington Using Camera Traps and a Random Encounter Model 2019

State fish, wildlife agency in a hunt for funding December 10, 2019 Washingrton,

Effects of fuel reduction timber harvests on forage resources for deer in northeastern Washington  IT Hull, LA Shipley, SL Berry, C Loggers, TR Johnson - … Ecology and Management, 2019

Killing Bullwinkle: Big money and controversy surround Western trophy hunts 

Washington puts climate change, population growth at forefront of wildlife planning October 11, 2019 

Deer Season opens Saturday October 11, 2019 Washington

SW Washington Hunters on the trail of Blacktail bucks October 9, 2019 

Most Popular Hunting Seasons of the Year Open Oct. 12 October 8, 2019 

Hunters likely to find fewer deer, elk in SE part of state September 20, 2019 Washington

Where to go, what to hunt: Eastern Washington's 2019 prospects September 12, 2019 

Falling elk populations bring hunting reductions September 11, 2019 Washington

BPA rescheduling relocation of white-tailed deer March 23, 2019 Washington

Deer, Elk In Wash. Struggling After Harsh Winter March 15, 2019 Washington,

Differences in dietary niche and foraging behavior of sympatric mule and white‐tailed deer SL Berry, LA Shipley, RA Long, C Loggers - Ecosphere, 2019 Washington

Effects of urbanization on cougar foraging ecology along the wildland–urban gradient of western Washington CW Robins, BN Kertson, JR Faulkner, AJ Wirsing - Ecosphere, 2019

Estimating Population Density of Black-tailed Deer in Northwestern Washington Using Camera Traps and a Random Encounter Model BS NICKERSON, LC PARKS 2019

Fish and Wildlife proposal eliminates antlerless whitetail deer hunting in 2019 February 22, 2019 Washington

Researcher says wolf population likely larger than estimates February 2, 2019 Washington

Return of the wolves: How deer escape tactics help save their lives February 27, 2019 Washington

Stevens County community signs petition, hopes to increase cougar hunting May 6, 2019 Washinton

SW Washington Hunters on the trail of Blacktail bucks October 9, 2019

Washington 2018 Statewide deer harvest statistics April, 2019

Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted new 2019 hunting season regulations April 11, 2019

Washington Fish and Wildlife to resume killing wolves July 31, 2019

Washington loses its last woodland caribou January 25, 2019 Washington

WDFW Director talks predator management, deer, elk populations in recent visit May 3, 2019 Washington,

WDFW to use helicopters to capture mule deer January 3, 2019 Washington

Wolves, bears, prescribed burning and more discussed during WDFW Q&A session July 14, 2019 Washington


Big-game opportunities down for Yakima hunters September 6, 2018 Washington

Cougar sightings up, but not population November 26, 2018 Washington

Elk Hunting Season: Decade of Decline October 24, 2018 Washington

Fish and Wildlife Dept. using 'Bambi-bots' to police poachers January 5, 2018 Washington

Hillbilly Wildlife Survey February 11, 2018 Washington

More opportunities for deer, but elk prospects appear middling in Eastern Washington October 7, 2018

Possibly oldest deer jaw in North America found in Ellensburg November 8, 2018 Washington

Rancher says wolves driving him off range August 27, 2018 Washington

Washington 2017-18 Deer Harvest

Washington 2017-18 Elk Harvest

Washington 2018 Deer Population. August, 2018


Big-game outlook down after 'tough winter' September 4, 2017 Washington

Commission Adopts 2017-18 Hunting Season Rules April 14, 2017 Washington

Efforts target danger of growing Central Washington elk herd December 25, 2017 Washington,

First Suspect in Massive Poaching Case Pleads Guilty, Hit With $500 Fine December 5, 2017 Washington

House panel OKs higher pay out for deer, elk damage February 2, 2017 Washington

Mule deer numbers good, but may be hard to reach September 27, 2017 Washington

No sign wolves diminishing deer, elk December 8, 2017 Washington

Private-public collaboration restores habitat in Washington November 2, 2017

Progress on Southwest Washington Poaching Case Slow to Develop May 25, 2017

San Juan Islands are overrun by deer September 27, 2017 Washington

San Juan Islands, Kwiaht studies islands' deer populations October 21, 2017 Washington

State Department of Fish and Wildlife to start controlled burns this fall September 19, 2017 Washington,

Update On Washington Winter Range Conditions For Deer, Elk January 16, 2017

Washington 2016-17 Deer Harvest

Washington 2016-17 Elk Harvest

Washington Fish and Wildlife seizes violent videos of poaching May 2, 2017

Washington State Mule Deer Management Plan December 27, 2017

Washington wildlife biologists consider using drones after Spokane-area moose test December 17, 2017

WDFW explains Minot 'trophy hunt' decision November 27, 2017 Washington

WDFW looks ahead to post-recovery wolf management November 3, 2017 Washington

WDFW meeting could change local hunting rules; open only to certain hunters September 22, 2017 Washington


Baiting restrictions adopted for hunting Washington big game; roadkill salvage OK'd April 8, 2016

Colmbian white-tailed deer April 12, 2016

Coyotes behind recent Ponderosa neighborhood deer kills February 8, 2016 Washington

Deer General and Special Permit Seasons and Regulations for 2016 April, 2016 Wasington

Deer weathering Methow’s snowy winter February 12, 2016 Washington

Draft Washington State Periodic Status Review for the Columbian White-tailed Deer 2016 Washington,

Elk damage Central Washington orchards March 2, 2016 Washington

Fish and Wildlife to downlist Columbian white-tailed deer October 12, 2016 Washington,

Forest slaughterhouse December 6, 2016 Washington

Growers say elk damaging Wenatchee orchards October 7, 2016 Washington

Hard winter will impact hunting opportunities March 22, 2016 Washington

Hazing deer a nighttime affair August 4, 2016 Washington

Hockinson man raises Eurasian fallow deer December 26, 2016 Washington

King County, Limited deer hunt set for Oct. 15-31 at King County's Island Center Forest September 9, 2016 Washington

Klickitat deer habitat to be purchased June 23, 2016 Washington

Reductions in 2016 antlerless deer hunting approved June 13, 2016 Washington,

These undercover robot animals are helping in the hunt for poachers February 24, 2106 Wasghington

Washington Deer Hunters Had Best-in-a-decade Hunt In 2015 March 19, 2016

WSU study shows wolves' favorite prey is deer — but moose are also on the menu February 19, 2016 Washington


2015 Draft Mule Deer Management Plan September, 2015 Washington

Abundance, Density, and Opinions about Columbian Black-tailed Deer, Whidbey Island, Washington July, 2015

Access fees result in few hunters -- but they do better for deer October 15, 2015 Washington

Bill calls for relocating wolves through Washington state February 5, 2015 Washington,

Bill to revise wolf plan passes Washington House March 11, 2015

Columbian White-tail deer relocation complete May 15, 2015 Washington

Commission to be updated on wolves March 14, 2015 Washington

Cougars spotted on security cam in Mount Spokane October 20, 2015 Washington

Deer check stations indicate hunters fared better on opening weekend October 20, 2015 Washington

Deer hunting gets off to a strong start October 22, 2015 Washington

District 5 Deer hunting prospects September 11, 2015 Washington

Drought driving deer to lower elevations October 9, 2015 Washington

Drought, wildfires combine to impact region's wildlife August 27, 2015 Washington

Electronic device helps find deer that have been shot November 7, 2015 Washington

Elk euthanasia to begin soon in Southwest Washington January 18, 2015 Washington

Estimating Moose Abundance and Trends in Northeastern Washington State [PDF] 2015

Hunters defend sport as good for Washington's wildlife September 11, 2015

Hunters get final shot at Washington rule proposals February 22, 2015

Hunters will have expanded opportunities to chase big game this fall May 2, 2015 Washington

Hunters, wildlife finding fewer acres of CRP May 13, 2015 Washington,

Hunting rules adopted: 4-point rule dropped; baiting tabled April 10, 2015 Washington

Hunting season outlook surprisingly good October 8, 2015 Washington

Increase in St. Joe elk good news for hunters February 22, 2015 Washington

New wolf pack appears in Washington November 24, 2015

Rare piebald fawns spotted in Clallam County July 30, 2015 Washington

Regardless of weather, time for hunting is here October 5, 2015 Washington

Shed hunters under scrutiny in Washington Legislature March 19, 2015 Washington

Sportsmen donate robotic deer to wildlife police April 3, 2015 Washington

State proposes Whitman County land acquisition January 15, 2015 Washington

Use Prescribed Fire as a Tool or Wildfire Will Rule, Expert Says December 14, 2015 Washington

Vashon-Maury Island, Annual limited deer hunt will close Island Center Forest for two weeks October 13, 2015 Washington

Washington elk tag bags $50000 at RMEF auction February 10, 2015

Washington-Oregon Deer Forecast for 2015 September 1, 2015

White-tail populations head toward delisting March 12, 2015 Washington

White-tailed deer could go from ‘endangered’ to ‘threatened’ October 19, 2015

Wildlife Detectives: Illegal Antler Hunting Is A Deadly Game For Elk May 17, 2017 Washington

Wolf bills still lurking Washington Legislature March 16, 2015 The Spokesman Review


Achieving a secure and sustainable population for white-tailed deer February 19, 2014 Washington

Biologist: Land access fee bad for hunting, wildlife November 7, 2014 Washington,

Collar Cameras Provide a New Way to Monitor Deer Behavior January 21, 2014 Washington

Commission approves Game Management Plan | Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife December 21, 2014 Washington

Commission to take public comments on hunting proposals at Moses Lake meeting February 27, 2014 Washington

Commission will consider adopting new hunting rules at April meeting March 27, 2014 Washington

Comparing Population Density Estimation Techniques for Columbia Black-tailed Deer ... : Fecal Standing Crop and Distance … JD Brenneman - 2014 Washington

Congress should do more to protect the country from wildfires August 28, 2014 Washington

Deer feeding starts to protect orchards near Pateros December 16, 2014 Washington

Deer in Yakima area struggling to survive May 13, 2014 Washington

Deer problems expected on charred Methow winter range August 27, 2014 Washington

Deer translocations to begin; assessment released January 29, 2014 Washington

Eastern Washington hunting prospects bright September 18, 2014

Elk hunting permits reduced for Mount St. Helens April 17, 2014 Washington

Endangered cousins of local deer April 5, 2014 Washington

Federal biologists will relocate endangered deer despite outcry March 1, 2014 Washington

Fire may require deer reduction September 29, 2014 Washington

Fires char 256,000 acres, leave little food for deer August 10, 2014 Washington

Fires destroy winter grazing range for thousands of deer September 4, 2014 Washington

G&F Deer Forecast for Washington October, 2014

Hunter Hired by Washington State Kills 1 Wolf August 25, 2014

Hunting and Fishing Outlook Still Good Despite Washington Fire September 18 2014

Land for wildlife eyed January 30, 2014 Washington

Massive Washington Wildfire Causes Woes for Mule Deer Herd August 11, 2014 Washington

No such thing as unanimous approval of hunting regulations September 18, 2014 Washington

North-central WA Wolf Researcher Shares Initial Mortality Causes For 20 Deer In Study December 24, 2014 Washington

Number of deer and hunters on the decline October 2, 2014 Washington,

Officials keep an eye on deer in area scorched by summer fires November 27, 2014 Washington

Questionable deer opener provides early season answers October 17, 2014 Washington

State buys wildlife land ... November 12, 2014 Washington

Translocated deer survive on Ridgfield October 23, 2014 Washington

Typical deer hunting season expected in Southwest Washington October 2, 2014

Unlocking the needs and habits of our mule deer March 28, 2014 Washington

Volunteers restore mule deer habitat October 24, 2014 Washington

Washington and Oregon Deer Hunting Forecast for 2014 October 1, 201

Washington increases elk tags, cuts deer permit fees April 14, 2014

Washington peeks ahead to life after wolves recover October 31, 2014

WDFW provided with three metal detectors October 26, 2014 Washington

Wildfires damaged mule deer habitat July 27, 2014 Washington

Wildfires in Central Washington Devastates Mule Deer Habitat July 23, 2014

Wildlife trafficker gets minimal sentence April 13, 2014 Washington

Wolf issue should be decided by facts, not fear December 11, 2014 Washington


Chopper crew nabs a dozen deer at Wahkiakum reserve March 19, 2013 Washington

Comments due on proposal to move more white-tailed deer December 19, 2013 Washinfgton

Commissioners oppose plan to move deer December 18, 2013 Washington

Deer Harvest Up In Northeast WA; Wolf Tracks Verified In Palouse-Scablands December 3, 2013 Washington

Deer might be hard to find in Yakima, Kittitas counties October 1, 2013 Washington

Deer relocation program will utilize 'helicopter hazing' March 17, 2013 Washington

Deer translocation was a debacle April 25, 2013 Washington

Do Whitetails Migrate?: Washington Study Aims to Pattern Deer Movement February 5, 2013

Effects of male trophy hunting on female carnivore population growth and persistence RB Wielgus, DE Morrison, HS Cooley, B Maletzke - Biological Conservation, 2013

Elk may outnumber people in Kittitas County September 8, 2013 Washington

Emergency deer rescue at Julie Hansen Wildlife Refuge February 27, 2013 Washington

Endangered white-tailed deer moved to a new Southwest Washington home May 14, 2013 Washington

Fewer than expected take part in deer-hunting opener October 18, 2013 Washington

G&F Forecast: 2013 Washington-Oregon Blacktail Deer Hunting Preview October, 2013

New Hope For An Endangered Deer November 26, 2013 Washington

Northwest Deer Relocation Mission Considered Successful, Despite 20 Percent Loss April 19, 2013 Washington

Okanogan deer hunt opens with a bang October 17, 2013 Washington,

Prescribed fires a hot topic for wildlife March 16, 2013 Washington

Relocated deer struggling to adapt at wildlife refuge August 18, 2013 Washington

Relocation of endangered deer a slow, dangerous process February 13, 2013 Washington,

Ridgefield may be new refuge for endangered deer January 17, 2013 Washington

Southwest Washington Deer Herd Status, Tough odds to buck October 2, 2013

Taylor Bridge, Deer holding their own after fire January 19, 2013 Washington

Technology, volunteers boost northeastern Washington whitetail study January 27, 2013 Washington

Volunteers prepare habitats for endangered deer at Julia Butler Hansen Refuge July 23, 2013 Washington

Wahkiakum County takes feds to task for failures in protecting rare deer December 24, 2013 Washington

Washington Herd Status November 9, 2013

Washington Herd Status, Deer prospects good statewide, access and safety major priorities October 9, 2013

Washington wolves moving west to central mountains May 13, 2013

Washington's wolf population has at least doubled since last year February 25, 2013

Where to put the white-tailed deer? February 14, 2013 Washington

Wildlife officials set to relocate Cathlamet refuge deer January 28, 2013 Washington

Wolf recovery not taking heavy toll on big game so far, Washington officials say April 4, 2013

Wolves called state's most divisive wildlife issue May 17, 2013 Washington


Archery deer and grouse hunts open, deer hair loss disease August 30, 2012 Washington

Bid on antler rack and help fight poachers June 2, 2012 Washington

Bucks Actively Rutting into December in Parts of the West December 3, 2012

Colville tribe hunting wolves to protect deer, elk, chairman says December 8, 2012 Washington

Elk population survey finds calf ratios up in Union County May 11, 2012 Washington

Feds considering emergency relocation of endangered deer December 3, 2012 Washington

Fire could have lasting effect on mule deer August 15, 2012 Washington,

How Researchers Plan to Protect Deer Through Their Diets June 1, 2012 Washingon

Legislation would regionalize wolf plan January 14, 2012 Washington

Meeting set for caribou habitat coordination January 14, 2012 Washington

Mule Deer Foundation Partners to Purchase Habitat in Southeast Washington April 27, 2012

State freezes elite hunter group December 7, 2012 Washington

State may increase number of dear and elk hunting permits January 12, 2012 Washington

Study prompts Washington to revamp cougar hunting September 26, 2012

Study: 90 Percent of Endangered Species Recovering on Time [Columbian white-tail deer] May 17, 2012 Washington

Washington Deer Harvest Drops Vs. 2010 May 2, 2012

Washington Deer Season 2012: Hunting Forecast September 14, 2012

Washington State deer study reveals most blacktails have small home ranges November 15, 2012

Washington State marks 75th anniversary of federal wildlife restoration law August 31, 2012

Weather, population decline point to challenging deer season October 11, 2012 Washington

Why Seven Hills Vineyard Has Gone to the Dogs August 15, 2012 Washington


Caribou protection worries officials December 21, 2011 Washington

Colvilles worry that wolves will hurt hunting November 4, 2011 Washington

Deer like native grasses best; the proof is in the poop April 27, 2011 Washington

Deer numbers down October 7, 2011 Washington

Grazing doesn't quickly improve wildlife forage, WSU researchers say June 26, 2011 Washington

Less openings, fewer deer in Cascade units October 5, 2011 Washington

Massive cuts proposed by state Fish and Wildlife could affect many areas October 1, 2011 Washington

Mule deer vs. cows: Can livestock grazing benefit wildlife? June 24, 2011 Washington

New wolf pack confirmed — a short drive from Seattle July 7, 2011 Washington

Number of deer hunters down early, elk season set to open October 24, 2011 Washington

Numbers key to debate on state's wolf management plan August 30, 2011 Washington

Photo shows 8 cougars near Wenatchee Washington February 19, 2011

Separating deer hunting myths, facts November 13, 2011 Washington

Some panelists say population cap needed for wolves in state June 10, 2011 Washington

Tulalip Tribes practice selective logging July 13, 2011 Washington

Upland Game Population Information September 24, 2011 Washington

Washington trying to figure out elusive blacktail deer movements October 23, 2011

Washington Wildlife Panel approves 4-point whitetail antler restriction April 10, 2011 Washington

Wolves, other wild critters abound July 8, 2011 Washington

Disease prompts call for shorter deer seasons June 4, 2016 Washington

Washington Deer Population Estimate

Washington WAFWA