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Tennessee Suburban Deer Management Archive

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Collierville, Wildlife groups plan special deer hunts to reduce overpopulation July 23, 2018 Tennessee

Hamilton County, Group Asks Hamilton Co. Commission to Halt Enterprise South Deer Hunts September 22, 2014

Hendersonville 'neuters' lethal deer plan December 10, 2014 Tennessee

Hendersonville bans feeding deer February 25, 2016 Tennessee

Hendersonville could extend deer hunting season May 16, 2014 Tennessee,

Hendersonville creates committee to find solution to deer management March 13, 2014 Tennessee

Hendersonville deer committee backs 6-week USDA hunt August 13, 2014 Tennessee

Hendersonville's deer culling proposal gets another shot January 14, 2015 Tennessee

Hendersonville, City leaders should have to watch deer ‘slaughter’ March 4, 2015 Tennessee

Hendersonville, Committee considers deer feeding ban September 24, 2015 Tennessee

Hendersonville, Deer back on the radar in Hendersonville November 17, 2014 Tennessee

Hendersonville, Deer committee’s proposal is cruel September 23, 2014 Tennessee

Hendersonville, Deer culling idea up for debate in Hendersonville June 8, 2105 Tennessee

Hendersonville, Deer feeding ban clears first hurdle February 10, 2016 Tennessee

Hendersonville, Deer population spurs Hendersonville to seek out solutions March 3, 2014 Tennessee

Hendersonville, Other options to handle deer September 5, Tennessee,

Hendersonville, Residents battle over how to deal with Hendersonville's deer overpopulation October 23, 2014 Tennessee

Hendersonville, Some upset with Hendersonville's deer overpopulation solution November 26, 2014

Hendersonville, USDA: Consider non-lethal deer control for Hendersonville June 16, 2015 Tennessee,

Kahite, Deer culling in Kahite has Tellico Village community divided February 4, 2017 Tennessee,

Memphis council changes mind on bow and arrow ordinance October 10, 2012 Tennessee

Oak Ridge, 238 deer harvested in Oak Ridge hunt; 2 too hot to take home November 5, 2014 Tennessee

Oxford, Deer population increases in Oxford July 31, 2012 Tennessee

Teatown, Deer cull plan a draconian solution February 5, 2014 Tennessee

Tellico Village community debates merits of deer control December 26, 2015 Tennessee

TWRA cracking down on illegal hunting in Nashville's public parks November 26, 2018 Tennessee