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Mississippi Disease of Deer Archive

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Alabama game camera maker says it can explain Mississippi's deer-hunting UFO April 10, 2014

Deer slobs give all hunters bad name November 28, 2013 Mississipp

Former US congressman pleads for public to help save a deer's life June 2, 2015 Mississippi,

Helping hands for Mother Nature's babies October 22, 2014 Mississippi,

Hunters 'defacing' Mississippi scenic bridge by using it as dump for deer carcasses January 4, 2015 Mississippi

Hunting and Fishing to Become Fundamental Right October 27, 2014 Mississippi

MDWFP urges residents to ignore white tail deer fawns July 11, 2015 Mississippi

Mississippi hunters, land owners voice opinions at state meeting March 7, 2014 SunHerald.com ... No rule changes to regulations were proposed, but an agenda item by the Mississippi Coalition for Ethical Deer Hunting drew the attention of the Mississippi Hunting Dog Association ... The coalition advocated expanding a permitting system for deer-dog hunters that is in effect only in the Homochitto National Forest... "Ultimately you can't control where a hunting dog goes ...

Mississippi man cited for drowning deer in La. December 17, 2014

New trial date set for men accused of smuggling deer into Mississippi March 10, 2014 SunHerald.com ... the men, all from Slidell, are accused of violating a law that protects the Mississippi's deer population from chronic wasting disease and bovine tuberculosis...

Officer euthanizes deer in Vicksburg for public safety January 13, 2016 Mississippi,

Recreationists, hunters a dangerous mix near Mississippi forest trails February 8, 2014

Rotting carcasses left in former Olive Branch deer processing business October 16, 2014 Mississippi

South Mississippi rescuers helping hundreds of animals after Isaac September 6, 2012 Mississippi

These dogs have a nose for deer antlers February 18, 2015 Mississippi,

UFOs Descend on Deer in Mississippi Woods April 4, 2014

Virtual deer hunt, using cameras November 20, 2010

Wildlife officials: Leave fawns alone July 2, 2014 Mississippi

Wildlife rescue groups: Growing need for animal aid in South Mississippi May 3, 2015