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Missouri Suburban Deer Management Deer Archive - Missouri

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A tree that produces berries May 24, 2014 Missouri

Ballwin Approves Deer Hunting on Private Property October 9, 2012 Missouri

Ballwin OKs archers to thin deer population October 16, 2012 Missouri,

Ballwin to Model Deer-Control After Creve Coeur March 15, 2012 Missouri

Branson chief supporting deer hunts inside city July 31, 2012 Missour

Branson, City considers deer hunting ordinance July 24, 2012 Missour

Branson, Deer hunting approved in Branson city limits October 24, 2012 Missouri

Branson, Deer Hunting could be starting within Branson city limits August 28, 2012 Missouri

Branson, Initial vote affirmative on deer hunting ordinance October 12, 2012 Missouri

Branson, Plan to Allow Deer Hunting in Branson City Limits Gets Mixed Reaction September 6, 2012 MIssouri

Bridgeton OKs bow hunting to control deer population July 17, 2014 Missouri,

Cape City Council looking at allowing urban deer hunting October 16, 2011 Missouri

Cape Giradeau, Deer control June 24, 2012 Missouri

Cape Girardeau City Council narrowly affirms deer hunting in city June 19, 2012 Missouri

Cape Girardeau City Council shoots down November deer election August 7, 2012 Missour

Cape Girardeau City council to revisit possibility of urban deer hunting in Cape September 6, 2011, Missouri

Cape Girardeau City, Council to hear urban deer count March 3, 2013 Missouri

Cape Girardeau council adopts final no-feed deer ordinance May 8, 2012 Missouri

Cape Girardeau council to consider deer-feed ban Monday April 13, 2012 Missouri

Cape Girardeau Councilman Trent Summers' absence affects Monday's deer vote July 2, 2012 Missouri

Cape Girardeau deer committee holds first meeting December 7, 2011 Missouri

Cape Girardeau Deer committee makes recommendation March 6, 2012 Missouri

Cape Girardeau Deer committee to decide on recommendation at Tuesday meeting March 5, 2012 Missour

Cape Girardeau deer hunting opponents turn in petition signatures August 24, 2012 Missouri

Cape Girardeau deer hunting ordinance repealed April 3, 2013 Missouri

Cape Girardeau First vote on Cape deer hunting ordinance set for today June 18, 2012 Missouri

Cape Girardeau group wanting referendum on deer hunting ordinance says it has 4258 signatures August 17, 2012 Missouri

Cape Girardeau mayor moves to undecided column on deer issue Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cape Girardeau to further study best way to manage deer March 20, 2012 Missouri

Cape Girardeau, Concern about deer-hunting ballot wording March 18, 2013 Missouri

Cape Girardeau, Council approves deer hunting for Cape July 17, 2012 Missouri

Cape Girardeau, Deer count results presented to Cape City Council March 5, 2013 Missouri

Cape Girardeau, Deer hunting opponents gather signatures at Cape Girardeau polls August 8, 2012 Missour

Cape Girardeau, Deer hunting will be decided in April special election October 2, 2012 Missouri

Cape Girardeau, Despite councilman's offer, anti-deer hunting group to proceed with referendum August 2, 2012

Cape Girardeau, Enough signatures gathered to put Cape urban deer hunts on ballot August 10, 2012 Missouri

Cape Girardeau, Group opposed to urban deer hunt concerned about 'gray areas' September 28, 2012 Missouri

Cape Girardeau, Missouri communities dealing with urban deer problem March 23, 2012

Cape Girardeau, Missouri Department of Conservation Deer Survey Begins in Cape Girardeau December 19, 2012

Cape Girardeau, Municipal election March 29, 2013 Missouri

Cape Girardeau, Opponents hope referendum signatures come in time to suspend ordinance July 27, 2012 Missour

Cape Girardeau, Survey collects data on deer in Cape Girardeau January 13, 2013 Missouri

Cape Girardeau, Voters will head to polls Tuesday March 31, 2013 Missouri

Cape Girardeau: Cape Friends of Wildlife meeting focuses on ways to get city council's attention February 17, 2012 Missour

Cape Girardeau: Deer committee hears ideas from Department of Conservation Missouri

Cape Girardeau: Deer hunting in Cape limits not a foregone conclusion March 15, 2012

Cape Girardeau: Group to fight deer hunting in Cape Girardeau city limitsJanuary 29, 2012 Missiouri

Cape Girardeau: Hunt or trapping? Cape council to give direction on deer management May 20, 2012, Missour

Cape Girardeau: Many Missouri communities are dealing with urban deer March 19, 2012

Cape Girardeau: Meyer names committee to study Cape Girardeau urban deer hunting November 29, 2011 Missour

Cape Girardeau: Opponents of urban deer hunting in Cape not allowed to speak at meeting February 8, 2012 Missouri

Cape Girardeau: Urban deer hunting opponents to speak to committee at forum February 26, 2012 Missouri

Cape Girardeau: Urban hunting opponents, supporters have their say at public forum February 29, 2012 Missouri

Cape to appoint committee to look more closely at urban deer huntingOctober 18, 2011 Missouri

CapeGirardeau Deer Survey Results [PDF] March 11, 2013 Missouri

Chillicothe: Council: Decision on city deer bow hunt delayed September 26, 2011 Missouri

Clarkson Valley, Chesterfield say bowhunting has thinned deer population June 28. 2011 Missouri

Creve Coeur Council Gets Deer Management Recommendation May 10, 2011 Missouri

Des Peres approves contract for deer survey December 15, 2015 Missouri

Dueling donors decide fate of deer in Town and Country October 29, 2010 Missouri

Elisville, Deer Hunting Season Begins In Ballwin & Ellisville Sunday September 11, 2013 Missouri

Ellisville and Ballwin eye joint measure for deer hunting August 21, 2012 Missouri

Ellisville city puts moratorium on deer hunting after child finds arrow October 21, 2014 Missouri

Ellisville discusses deer management August 25, 2011 Missouri

Ellisville Might OK Deer Hunters at Klamberg January 23, 2012 Missouri

Ellisville passes law to legalize deer hunting in city limits April 16, 2013 Missouri

Ellisville to hand deer control over to police August 21, 2015 Missouri,

Ellisville, Unusual Deer Population Management in a Missouri City September 15, 2015

Eureka Aldermen Consider Deer Hunting at Six Flags August 6, 2013 MIssouri

Hannibal, City of Hannibal to allow group to curb deer population at Hannibal Regional Airport April 1, 2014 Missouri

Harbon Springs, Deer park overcrowding a concern in Harbor Springs December 2, 201, Missouri

Hunters Check 594 Deer in Missouri Urban Hunt October 18, 2014

Kansas City, Deer Dying on Kansas City Cemetery Fence February 23, 2012 Misssouri

Kansas City: Big-city hunting program helps reduce overpopulation of deerJanuary 7, 2012 Missouri

Kirkwood, Counting Deer Can Be A Challenge December 14, 2012 Missouri

Ladue approves bow hunting for deer May 17, 2016 Missouri

Ladue council supports money for deer census October 20, 2015 Missouri

Ladue moves toward allowing bow hunting to cull deer herd February 17, 2016 Missouri

Lake Springfield: Managed archery deer hunt begins at Lake Springfield, Fellows Lake December 1, 2011 Missouri

Manchester: Deer Management Considered in Manchester May 9, 2012 Missouri

Mid-Missouri's urban deer hunting zone will shrink June 15, 2011 Missouri

Missouri reports smaller urban deer hunting harvest October 13, 2011

Missouri's Urban Deer Harvest Down October 18, 2010

Moberly's deer management program continues January 10, 2012 Missour

Moberly, Deer management program to begin December 11, 2012 Missouri

Moberly: Deer management program begins (urban sharpshooters) December 3, 2010 Missouri

Powder Valley: State Deer Hunts OK In Powder Valley January 20, 2012

Public input sought for urban deer management July 19, 2014 Missouri,

Rolla City Council considers more deer hunting inside city limits March 9, 2016 Missouri,

Signs Go Up Promoting No Kill Deer Management in West County August 18, 2011 Missouri

Six Flags, Aldermen Approve Permit For Deer Bow Hunting Near Six Flags July 16, 2013 Missouri,

Springfield council authorizes deer hunting ... November 10, 2014 Missouri

Springfield, Council to discuss urban deer hunting ... October 26, 2014 Missouri

Springfield, Deer in Springfield seen with arrow in back August 4, 2014 Missouri

Springfield, Missouri: Urban deer hunt planned July 8, 2011 KY3

Springfield, Rushefsky, Hosmer express concerns over deer hunting proposal November 8, 2014

Springfield, Urban Deer Hunting Possible in Springfield City Limits June 16, 2014 Missouri,

Springfield, Urban hunting proposed to thin Springfield's deer population May 29, 2014 Missouri

Springfield: Urban Hunt Planned for Encroaching Deer July 12, 2011 Missouri

Sunset Hills committee to discuss deer population February 13, 2013 Missouri

Sunset Hills Considers Bowhunting For Deer Population Control July 17, 2013 Missouri,

Sunset Hills hires firm for deer survey December 19, 2012 Missouri

Sunset Hills residents agree deer a problem; disagree on approach September 4, 2013 Missouri

Sunset Hills, Baebler Wants Amendments To Deer Archery Ordinance October 24, 2013 Missouri

Sunset Hills, Bow Hunts Could Continue In Fall May 22, 2014 Missouri,

Sunset Hills, Deer Dilemma Continues In Sunset Hills July 3, 2014 Missouri

Sunset Hills, Deer population growing problem in south Sunset Hills April 23, 2013 Missouri

Sunset Hills, Residents raise concerns about deer problem November 27, 2012 Missouri

Sunset Hills, Stop Deer Hunt Now To Stop The Over-Kill December 26, 2013 Missouri

Town & Country again plans to contract for sharpshooting of deer December 3, 2013 Missouri

Town & Country authorizes sharpshooting despite resident complaints November 16, 2012 Missour

Town & Country considers entering into another year of sharpshooting November 5, 2012 Missouri

Town & Country Renews Contract to Lower Deer Count December 10, 2013 Missouri

Town & Country residents oppose simply shooting deer September 13, 2011 Missouri

Town and Country Alderman Hear Report On Deer Management June 27, 2011 Missouri

Town and Country Aldermen Consider Solutions to Deer Dilemma September 13, 2011 Missouri

Town and Country Aldermen Sworn In Monday Night April 24, 2012 MIssouri

Town and Country Deer Management Report Revealed July 6, 2011 Missouri

Town and Country Deer Management: Candidates React After Election Results Come In & Show Incumbents Are Out April 4, 2012 Missouri

Town and Country Explores Bowhunting for Deer Management June 2, 2011 Missouri

Town and Country Residents Receive Anti-Kill Postcard October 9, 2011 Missouri

Town and Country to again use sharpshooting to control deer population November 25, 2015 Missouri

Town And Country Vigil Protests Deer Kill December 28, 2011 Missouri

Town and Country votes to stick with sharpshooters to control deer November 13, 2012

Town and Country, $57K to Fund Winter Deer Management in Town and Country October 23, 2012 Missouri

Town and Country, Creve Coeur OK regulations for deer control October 11, 2011 Missouri

Town and Country, Critics oppose sharpshooters to kill local deer January 13, 2015

Town and Country, Deer Sharpshooting Finished in Town and Country For The Winter January 23, 2013 Missouri

Town and Country: Protesters Rally Against Local Deer Sharpshooting December 29, 2011 Missour

Town and Country: Signs Appear in Town and Country Against Killing Deer August 30, 2011 Missouri

Town and Country: Deer reduction plan approved in Town and Country June 28, 2010 Missouri

Town and Country: Deer-Shooting Opponents Persistent in Town and Country January 10, 2012 Missouri

Town and Country: In Town & Country, it's always deer season January 19, 2012 Missouri

Town and Country: Some Town And Country Residents Oppose Deer Culling December 28, 2011 Missour

Urban deer hunt above 10-year average October 11, 2012 Missouri

Urban-dwelling deer December 19, 2013 Missour

Wildlood Council chokes on wildlife feeding ban October 30 2012 Missouri

Wildwood's planned no-feeding law hard to swallow October 16, 2012 Missouri

Wildwood, Ballwin tighten wildlife laws to control deer October 3, 2012 Missouri

Wildwood, No-Feeding Wildlife Ordinance Not Passed in Wildwood October 25, 2012 Missouri,

Wildwood, Should Managed Deer Hunts Occur in Rockwoods Conservation Areas? November 16, 2012 Missouri

Wildwood, Town and Country Deer Evaluated as Wildwood Considered No Feeding Ordinance October 26, 2012