Rhode Island Deer in the News Archive -  Rhode Island

Crews rescue deer that fell through ice January 11, 2014 Rhode Island, WPRI 

...  Rescue crews responded to Terrace Avenue after they received calls that an animal was stranded on the ice...The deer was injured and the DEM is now involved...

Deer bodies found dumped by Bradford Landing March 5, 2014 Rhode Island, Westerly Sun 

... Bones, body parts and carcasses from several dead deer were found in the woods, water and boat docks by Bradford Landing Tuesday morning... Law enforcement officers are investigating the situation, but have no evidence of how the deer were killed or placed by the landing ...

Firefighters, family dog rescue deer stuck in crevice January 24, 2014 Rhode Island, NBC News 

... a deer trapped in a crevice near their yard. The deer was actually first discovered by their dog ...  stuck very tightly between two pieces of ledge... we poured some warm soapy water on its back and we were able to um make it loose enough, or slip enough so where we could grab it ..