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South Dakota Disease of Deer Archive

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Blue Tongue, Game, Fish and Parks removes some unsold deer licenses in response to blue-tongue virus September 27, 2021 South Dakota

Captive Cervid Rule Change on TB and CWD June 5, 2012 South Dakota

Chronic wasting disease confirmed in deer from ninth South Dakota count December 13, 2019 South Dakota

Chronic Wasting Disease Detected in New Area December 4, 2020 South Dakota

Chronic Wasting Disease Detected in New Areas February 10, 2020 South Dakota

Chronic Wasting Disease Draft Action Plan Developed April 3, 2019 South Dakota

CWD Detected in Harding, Meade and Tripp Counties December 10, 2019 South Dakota

CWD in Fall River County October 24, 2018 South Dakota

Deer die from virus (EHD) at record levels in South Dakota December 13, 2012

Deer disease number drops October 24, 2013 South Dakota

Deer licenses reduced because of die-offs; refunds offered September 19, 2012

Deer tags drawn despite disease September 14, 2012 South Dakota

Deer-killing disease spreads in South Dakota September 5, 2012

Disease hitting deer in South Dakota hard September 18, 2012

Drought boosts whitetail deer disease to Northern Hills September 23, 2012 South Dakota

EHD, Hemorrhagic Disease Confirmed in Deer Across South Dakota September 22, 2020

Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) September 24, 2012 South Dakot

Further spread of Chronic Wasting Disease alarms hunters, wildlife officials May 21, 2019 South Dakota

GF&P removes more deer licenses October 5, 2012 South Dakota

GFP giving deer tag refunds after series of deer deaths from disease November 18, 2015 South Dakota

GFP Reports On Chronic Wasting Disease July 15, 2011 South Dakota

GFP working on response to deadly deer disease August 29, 2018 South Dakota

Landowners and Hunters Asked to Report Dead Deer September 6, 2017 South Dakota

Local EHD outbreak similar to 2011 October 13, 2012 South Dakota

Perkins County deer licenses adjusted September 6, 2013 South Dakota

SD deer elusive after EHD outbreak November 18, 2016 South Dakota

Signs of EHD found in state cattle September 17, 2012 South Dakota

South Dakota Chronic Wasting Disease

South Dakota Deer Test Positive for CWD July 13, 2011 KDLT News

South Dakota Officials Report 33 CWD Cases In Past Year July 19, 2011

Where Does CWD Occur?

With what we've been through, an EHD discussion would be appropriate November 6, 2012 South Dakota