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Missouri Deer Population and Management Archive

A List of Articles in the Archive


For the Bullock brothers, it's about more than hunting September 17, 2021 Missouri

MDC Elk Restoration Efforts March 27, 2021 Missouri

There are ways to glimpse the Missouri of 200 years ago August 5, 2021

What Landscapes Did Missourians See in 1821? February 18 2021 Missouri


Five hunters to participate in Missouri's first official elk hunt July 7, 2020

Hunting preview 2020 September 9, 2020 Missouri

MDC announces Missouri’s first elk-hunting season coming this fall! April 8, 2020 Missouri

MDC reminds hunters and others of new CWD regulations for cervid carcasses August 12, 2020 Missouri

MDC reports final deer harvest for season more than 296,500 January 21, 2021 Missour, MDC News

MDC sets proposed bear-hunting framework for future seasons September 5, 2020 Missouri, MDC News

MDC shares important information for deer hunting October 29, 2020 Missouri

Missouri 2019-20 Deer Harvest


Conservation Department: Deer harvest may dip this year September 1, 2019 Missouri

Deer season ends with total harvest over 290,000 statewide January 16, 2019 Missouri

Early conservation helped deer populations soar November 8, 2019 Missouri

If You Want to Go Whitetail Deer Hunting, These Are the 9 States You Should Visit September 9, 2019 Missouri

In just 11 days, hunters kill about 14% of Missouri’s entire deer population, data show December 1, 2019

MDC announces initial plan for Missouri elk hunting June 29, 2019 Missouri

Missouri 2018-19 Deer Harvest Summary

Missouri harvest steady during opening weekend November 24, 2019


Department of Conservation Utilizes Radio Collars for Herd Management February 27, 2018 Missouri

Gene diversity high in Missouri deer December 7, 2018

MDC predicting high deer harvest August 26, 2018 Missouri

Missouri 2017-18 Deer Harvest


2017 Missouri Deer Forecast September 20, 2017

Elk hunting in Missouri could become a reality October 19, 2017

History of Missouri wildlife May 10, 2017 The News

MDC Reports Final Deer Harvest 263,832, Archery Turkey Harvest 2304 January 18, 2017 Missouri


Deer farming in Missouri is jumping March 17, 2016

Deer Harvest Numbers in Missouri Up From Last Season January 19, 2016 Missouri

Hunters check almost 280,000 deer January 19, 2016 Missour

Mobile Data Collection and Analysis in Conservation M Wergeles, C Shang, Z Peng, H Wang, J Sartwell… - 2016 IEEE International …, 2016

NW Missouri sees lower deer harvest totals December 2, 2016

Three decades later, he finally gets to fish October 2, 2016 Missouri


11K Missouri Deer Killed With Alternative Methods January 1, 2015

2014-15 Missouri Deer Season Summary & Population Status Report [PDF] June 10, 2015

2015 Trophy Deer Forecast: Missouri October 21, 2015 Game & Fish

A shot of hope in 2015: Outlook for the hunting season October 24, 2015 Missouri

Another conservative deer season set to rebuild population August 20, 2015 Missouri

Attacks on Conservation Department miss their mark February 19, 2015 Missouri,

Captive deer bill up for debate January 31, 2015 Missouri

Commission approves changes to 2016-’17 deer regulations August 21, 2015 Missouri,

Conservation department proposes changes to deer hunting February 19, 2015 Missouri

Court temporarily blocks new MDC Captive Cervid regulations September 8, 2015 Missouri

Deer hunters share mixed reactions over possible changes March 28, 2015 Missouri

Deer hunting has gotten away from its traditional roots March 1, 2015 Missouri

Gobblers, Deer, And The Conservation Illusion June 26, 2015 Missouri,

Keep deer under Department of Conservation's management January 24, 2015 Missouri

Lawmakers' efforts a threat to agency February 23, 2015 Missouri

Legislative bill looks to eliminate hunting permit fees February 17, 2015 Missouri

Major deer study includes Nodaway County February 10, 2015 Missouri,

MDC uses computer and satellite technology for deer study April 7, 2015 Missouri

Missouri Agriculture Bill Set to be First on Senate Floor January 23, 2015

Missouri deer hunters far exceed last year's opening weekend success November 16, 2015

Missouri Deer Owners Win Preliminary Legal Challenge Against Restrictive New State Rules August 13, 2015

Missouri deer regulations to change in 2016 December 15, 2015

Missouri deer season ends; up from previous season January 17, 2015

Missouri Expert Insights on Fall Deer Hunting September 28, 2015

Missouri Hunters Check 260K Deer January 17, 2015 Missouri

Missouri hunters passionate about proposed regulations March 17, 2015

Missouri looking to allow crossbows for 2016 hunting season September 17, 2015

Missouri state senator proposes captive deer reclassification January 30, 2015

Missouri's elk herd: Small but stable November 17, 2015

MO Deer Hunting Changes Proposed; Public Input Wanted February 4, 2015 Missouri

November firearms season ends with increase in deer harvest November 29, 2015 Missouri,

Ozarks deer hunting shows a resurgence November 19, 2015 Missouri

Proposal to Cut Missouri Conservation Permit Fees Changed February 26, 2015

Proposed bills are misguided February 8, 2015 Missouri,

Republicans propose bills that could decrease Missouri Conservation Department funding January 28, 2015

Sen. Libla Encourages Citizens to Offer Comments on Possible Deer Hunting Regulation Changes February 24, 2015 Missouri

State mulls changes to deer season March 11, 2015 Missouri

The Hunter's Harvest January 2, 2015 Missouri


2014 General Deer Regulations June 10, 2014 Missouri

About 60 attend deer management open house June 17, 2014 Missouri

Antlerless portion of the firearms deer season is less successful than last year December 9, 2014 Missouri

Buck Fever: How fair is the chase? April 1, 2014 Missouri,

Captive deer concerns sink bill designed to boost farmers September 12, 2014 Missouri

Captive deer remain wildlife controlled by MDC September 14, 2014 Missouri

Captive deer to stay under control of Conservation July 9, 2014 Missouri

Conservation Commission takes action to protect deer in Missouri October 27, 2014

Conservation Federation of Missouri Opposes Transfer of Captive Deer April 9, 2014 Missouri

Conservation is efficient December 24, 2014 Missouri

Conservation reduces antlerless deer permits April 18, 2014 Missouri

Debate Over Deer Definition July 22, 2014 Missouri,

Declining deer, booming moose, contributing trees and more January 29, 2014 Missouri

Deer decoy allows federal agents to make real arrest November 20, 2014 Missouri

Deer harvest negatively impacts local businesses January 17, 2014 Missouri

Deer harvest numbers down in Missouri January 27, 2014

Deer harvest numbers down in state, county January 29, 2014 Missouri,

Deer harvest numbers fall in Nodaway November 28, 2014,

Deer hunters found prey hard to find February 23, 2014 Missouri

Deer hunters have high hopes for snow November 14, 2014 Missouri

Deer hunters will face new choices this fall July 4, 2014 Missouri

Deer poaching possibly related to weak economy November 4, 2014 Missouri

Deer season outlook: Good in Ozarks October 21, 2014 Missouri

Deer Won’t Be Livestock April 18, 2014 Missouri

Deer-breeding businesses are in it for the bucks January 26, 2014 Missouri

Department of Conservation reduces deer limits in hopes of rebuilding struggling herd April 19, 2014 Missouri,

Department of Conservation retaining management of deer herd a good thing October 8, 2014 Missouri,

Differing definitions for deer April 6, 2014 Missouri,

Future changes may be in store for Missouri deer hunters July 5, 2014 Missouri

Gov. Nixon vetoes two bills defining captive deer as livestock July 8, 2014 Missouri,

Hunters check 11,967 deer in alternative-methods hunt January 4, 2014 Missouri

Hunters in Missouri worry about bill to give lawmakers greater power over rule-making February 26, 2014

Hunters invited to share thoughts on deer management at meeting July 7, 2014 Missouri

Kelly says Ag/Dairy/Deer bill won't be overridden August 22, 2014 Missouri,

Landowners asked to help with deer research October 18, 2014 Missouri

Legislative bills could reduce Missouri Department of Conservation budget December 23, 2014

Let's just keep calling deer what they are: wildlife July 9, 2014 Missouri,

Low deer harvest disappoints hunters January 18, 2014 Missouri

Management of deer population questionable January 15, 2014 Missouri,

Many challenges for deer hunting March 8, 2014

MDC announces deer management public meetings May 9, 2014 Missouri

MDC changes some deer-hunting regulations, coyote poredation August 10, 2014 Missouri

MDC experts remain optimistic about whitetail’s future in Missouri January 24, 2014

MDC managed deer hunt applications open July 1 June 16, 2014 Missouri

MDC proposes deer management plan February 15, 2014 Missouri

MDC says deer on the move with cold weather November 15, 2014 Missouri

MDC to limit antlerless deer tags April 18, 2014 Missouri

MDC: How adjusting hunting regulations will impact deer herds June 20, 2014 Missouri

Messages seek to sway Gov. Nixon on Missouri deer June 21, 2014

Missouri agency scaling back captive deer proposal October 15, 2014

Missouri Agency To Deer Hunters: Limit 1 Doe November 7, 2014

Missouri Conservation has a busy 2014 – year in review December 31, 2014 Missouri

Missouri deer harvest follows regional trend January 21, 2014

Missouri deer hunting reaches crossroads January 4, 2014

Missouri Deer Population and Status Report & Deer Season Summary 2012-13

Missouri deer season forecast November 2, 2014

Missouri Deer Season Forecast October 20, 2014

Missouri Deer Season Summary & Population Status Report, 2013-14 [PDF] June 6, 2014

Missouri deer tally so far: 185,890 white tails December 4, 2014

Missouri Department of Conservation offers free hunting app September 3, 2014

Missouri Department of Conservation seeks public input on conservation area management plans and deer management (VIDEO) June 19, 2014

Missouri hunters face decline in deer population September 30, 2014

Missouri lawmakers fail to override deer farm veto September 11, 2014 Missouri

Missouri Limits Firearm Antlerless Permits for Upcoming Deer Season April 19, 2014

Missouri officials, hunters seeing fewer deer October 19, 2014

Missouri tightens rules on deer farms, hunting preserves October 18, 2014 Missouri

Missouri's 2014-15 deer season forecast October 18, 2014

Mo. deer harvest follows trend February 11, 2014 Missouri,

New Missouri limits on firearm antlerless deer permits November 11, 2014

November deer harvest up this year November 28, 2014 Missouri

Number of deer killed up 6 percent as first phase of firearms deer season ends November 26, 2014 Missouri

NW Missouri deer harvest down; State harvest increases December 11, 2014 Missouri,

Purple Paint Means No Trespassing November 14, 2014 Missouri

Regulation Changes Under Consideration May 30, 2014 Missouri

Share Your Thoughts on MO's Deer at Upcoming Meetings May 13, 2014

Southwest Missouri deer population growing, but trouble elsewhere February 13, 2014

Springtime brings recreation/tourism to State April 10, 2014 Missouri

The albino deer and questions on conservation funding December 9, 2014 Missouri

The first weekend of deer hunting season was a success November 17, 2014 Missouri

The glade as a Missouri Ozarks treasure October 6, 2014

The hunt is on in Missouri and Kansas; here’s what to expect October 10, 2014 Missouri

The truth about deer management July 11, 2014 Missouri

This year's deer harvest ahead of 2013 December 9, 2014 Missouri

Tonka, Hunters take 36 deer at Ha Ha Tonka State Park February 3, 2014 Missouri

Top Missouri conservation news from 2014 December 29, 2014 Missouri

Tough Times for Missouri Deer Hunting February 18, 2014 Missouri

Visitors to Missouri Deer Classic heed calls of the wild March 16, 2014

Visitors to Missouri Deer Classic heed calls of the wild March 16, 2014

Weak deer harvest season draws concerns from hunters January 12, 2014 Missouri

Whitetail Deer Forecast October 31, 2014 Missouri

Wildwood examines allowing residents to combine properties for deer hunting July 22, 2014 Missouri


46 Convicted Of “Deer Dogging” To Poach Deer May 30, 2013 Missouri

A big buck... and big bucks November 7, 2013 Missouri

Archery deer numbers continue to experience uptick December 13, 2013 Missouri

Bow hunters bag more deer ... in 2012 January 24, 2013 Missouri

Captive deer breeders seek change in management August 30, 2013 Missour

Conservation Commission votes to limit deer permits June 8, 2013 Missouri

Deer Breeding: Are Whitetails: Wildlife or Livestock? April 29, 2013 Missouri

Deer harvest down 42 percent in Dent County so far November 26, 2013 Missouri

Deer harvest down significantly in Dent County: Hunting pressure, weather blamed December 3, 2013 Missouri

Deer hunters reflect on seasons past November 16, 2013 Misouri

Deer Population, Conservationism versus Environmentalism February 21, 2013 Missouri

Deer season in the Heartland October 17, 2013 Missouri

Deer totals increase in region November 19, 2013 Missouri,

Disease, weather blamed for lower deer harvest November 27, 2013 Missouri,

Diverse Factors Reduce November Deer Harvest November 27, 2013 Missouri

Elk on way to thriving again in Missouri November 29, 2013 Missouri

Exterminated in 1890s, elk on way to thriving again in Missouri November 21, 2013

Firearm deer season off to slow start November 16, 2013 Missouri

Firearm deer season opening November 11, 2013 Missouri

Five-year Missouri poaching case against 46 ends in Federal Court May 13, 2013

G&F Forecast: Best Places for Missouri Deer Hunting in 2013 October, 2013

Goodbye and good riddance to 2013, Where did all the deer go? December 28, 2013 Missouri

Harvest, violation numbers on the decline in southern portion of state December 31, 2013 Missouri

Hunters check 10,000-plus deer during antlerless season December 12, 2013 Missouri

It’s business as usual in northeast Missouri on deer opener November 16, 2013 Missouri

Kansas and Missouri Deer in 2013 October 19, 2013

MDC's antlerless deer permits shrink in 12 Missouri counties July 5, 2013 Missouri,

Missouri deer breeders worry the state is trying to force them out of business July 23, 2013

Missouri deer hunters are headed to the timber November 14, 2013

Missouri deer hunting is among the country's best August 27, 2013

Missouri deer present ever-changing challenges for wildlife managers October 19, 2013

Missouri hunters bag over 61,000 deer on opening weekend November 19, 2013

Missouri’s deer-season outlook varies by location November 13, 2013

Missouri’s deer-season outlook varies by location September 30, 2013

Mo. opening weekend deer harvest down November 26, 2013 Missouri

Opening-Weekend Deer Harvest Blown Away: Numbers are down, but hunters have time to make up difference November 20, 2013

Ozark region reports lower harvest, violations for 2013 firearms deer season December 16, 2013 Missouri

Planning to begin for elk hunting season, still years away July 15, 2013, Missouri

Private land management key to growing deer population October 4, 2013 Missouri,

Tonka State park to close for rare managed deer hunt December 13, 2013 Missouri

Whitetailed deer (Odcoileus virginianus) September 26, 2013 Missouri,

You're already providing food for deer, why not music? April 23, 2013 Missouri

Youngsters check 18,676 deer during early hunt November 5, 2013 Missour

“Mast” survey provides insights for deer, turkey hunters November 19, 2013


Acorns forecast good deer hunting November 2, 2012 Missouri

Antler Development in White-tailed Deer: Implications for Management [PDF] January 6, 2012

Born to be wild, 2000 deer iin 1920s April 18, 2012 Missour

Conservation officials work with hunters to monitor deer herd, EHD November 30, 2012 Missouri

Deepening Drought Affects Missouri Forests, Fish, Wildlife, Private Land August 11, 2012 Missouri

Deer harvest hits a four-year high November 26, 2012 Missour

Deer numbers thriving in all of Missouri July 17, 2012

Drought and high temperatures take a toll on area wildlife September 1, 2012 Missouri

Drought has two-pronged effect on deer season November 9, 2012 Missouri

ELK restoration enters second year March 15, 2012 Missour

Estimating Deer Populations on Your Property: Population Dynamics, hunters take 40 to 70 percent of the antlered bucks and up to 25 percent of the does March 13, 2012 Missouri

Expert Predicts Strong Deer Harvest in Ozarks Despite Drought, Disease (EHD) October 29, 2012 Missouri

Experts say hunter's kill might be a wolf November 3, 2012 Missouri

Extreme heat, drought putting Missouri wildlife in danger July 4 2012 Missouri

First weekend of firearms deer hunting season shows decline in results November 12, 2012 Missouri

Landowners vital to building deer herds in state August 1, 2012 Missouri

Lawmaker wants to make it harder to change Mo. hunting laws April 17, 2012 Missouri

Missouri Deer Hunters Harvest Nearly 15000 by Alternative Methods December 26, 2012

Missouri Firearms Deer Harvest Just Shy of 239,000 January 2012

Missouri Herd Status, The Star's 2012 hunting outlook October 13, 2012

Missouri November deer harvest biggest in four years November 21, 2012

Missouri prohibits use of crossbows in archery season November 9, 2012

Missouri Timber Management Boosts Wildlife and Preferred Trees January 20, 2012

Number of whitetails in state has drastically varied November 8, 2012 Missouri

Quality deer management program emphasized by the University of Missouri November 5, 2012


Abundance of deer could mean record-breaking season, population estimated at 800,000 to 1 million November 12, 2011 Missouri

Deer hunters deal with new normal, population estimate of 1.4 million November 23, 2011 Missouri

Department of Conservation sets upcoming hunting seasons June 9, 2011 Missouri

Ecology and Management of White-tailed Deer in Missouri October 30, 2011

Fewer deer harvested in state this season, low deer population in Northwest Missouri January 17, 2011

Final Tally: Missouri Deer Harvest Numbers Up Over 2010 November 23, 2011

Hunters hoping for positive deer population ahead of season, poaching problem November 10, 2011 Missouri

Landowners consider cooperative for managingdeer herd (declining deer population) January 8, 2011 Missouri

Landowners see number of deer drop January 6, 2011 Missouri

Missouri's November Deer Harvest Tops Last Year's Figure November 29, 2011 Missouri

Mo. To Close 5 State Parks For Deer Hunts November 14, 2011 Missouri

MU guides explain managing white-tailed deer on private land University of Missouri Extension

Northwest Missouri deer kills show decline November 14, 2011

State appeals court overturns SE Mo. trial court ruling invalidating 2 hunting regulations July 25, 2011 Missouri

Stocking elk proves to be an expensive undertaking December 31, 2011 Missour

The Key to Successful Deer Management October 3, 2011 Missouri

Weighing the pros and cons of culling deer herds May 7, 2011 Missouri

CONSERVATION BY THE NUMBERS Publish Date: Dec 02, 2000 Revised Date: Nov 05, 2010

Judge Overturns "Deer-Dogging" Ban For Missouri Hunters August 17, 2010

Judge strikes down deer-dogging ban August 16, 2010 Missouri

Missouri 2011-2012 Deer Hunting Season Dates, Regulations, and Information [PDF] July 8, 2010 Missouri

Missouri Deer Harvest Data 2004-2013

Missouri Deer Population Estimates 1940 to 1968

Mo. bill to switch oversight of deer farms returns January 6, 2015 Missouri

Modern deer season dawned 75 years ago in Missouri November 15, 2019 Missouri

Two Missouri deer-doggers challenge hunting regulations as unconstitutional August, Missouri