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10 deer killed on Metro Vancouver highway in one month April 10, 2014 British Columbia

Banff Lynx captured on camera April 12, 2012 Canada

Characterizing Moose-Related Vehicular Collision Hotspots in North Central British Columbia RV Rea, CJJ Johnson, S Emmons - Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management, 2014

Context-dependent effects on spatial variation in deer-vehicle collisions AP Clevenger, M Barrueto, KE Gunson, FM Caryl… - Ecosphere, 2015

Deer collisions mystify December 2, 2011 Canada

Deer deaths bewilder Herb Gray Parkway construction officials June 29, 2015 Ontario,

Deer falling to their death on parkway overpass June 1, 2015 Ontario,

Deer fence tender awarded August 9, 2011 Canada

Deer on the move November 2, 2013 Ontario,

Deer sensors tested on BC highways April 20, 2016 British Columbia,

Deer tiny factor in car crashes December 29, 2011 Canada

Deer whistles work to prevent collisions with wildlife? May 1, 2012 Canada

Delta’s newest highway a deer killer February 12, 2014 British Columbia

Dodge the Deer: Wildlife-Detection System Means Safer Roads April 4, 2012 Ontario

Edmonton biologist urges cities to cull roadkill July 1, 2011 Canada

Fence keeping deer off runway December 1, 2011 Canada

Fence pitched to prevent deer deaths along South Fraser Perimeter Road February 18, 2015 British Columbia

Fort Frances: Wildlife fence being installed September 16, 2011 Canada

Highway 26 alignment in Ontario looks out for deer February 21, 2013 Canada

Is it now Deer Valley Parkway? [few deer collisions in Toronto] January 13, 201

Kootenay taking steps to protect Hwy 93 wildlife May 14, 2015 British Columbia,

Manitoba: Rising deer population: to cull or let crash? January 14, 2012 Canada

Parkway construction gives wildlife the boot January 4, 2012 Canada

Road kill takes a terrible toll on wildlife September 17, 2016 British Columbia

Roadside Deer Detectors May Make Canada’s Streets Safer For All November 7, 2013

South Fraser Perimeter Road a dead end for deer January 21, 2014 British Columbia

Strategic deer warning signs reduce accidents October 12, 2011 Canada

Technology versus deer: Early warning radar could save drivers’ lives December 30, 2013 Canada

Thunder Bay: Deer and cars: A dilemma July 25, 2011, Canada

Toronto vet tranquilizes wayward deer May 25, 2012, Canada

U of A study could reduce cars hitting deer June 29, 2011 Canada,

Updated deer-vehicle collision maps on MPI website December 12, 2012 Manitoba

Warning signs can prevent deer-vehicle collisions, Canadian study shows October 12, 2011 Canada

Watch out for the wildlife! July 3, 2011 Canada,

What to do if you hit a deer November 4, 2012 British Columgia

Woodstock: No spke in deer collisions December 7, 2011