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Texas Deer in the News Archive

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Austin Wildlife Rescue to release 20 rehabilitated deer back into the wild October 18, 2019 Texas

'Deer Whisperer' Takes in Orphaned Fawns from Flood June 18, 2015 Texas

'Uncle Buck,' the friendly deer, can't seem to get enough of the Texas officer who saved him October 20, 2016 Texas

4 West Texas teens accused of beating 2 deer to death August 24, 2011

6 accused in Texas 'poaching rampage' of deer, livestock October 22, 2015

A&M-Kingsville participating in research on what antlers can teach scientists about human bone August 31, 2015 Texas,

Abandoned animals seek refuge at local shelter July 15, 2011 Texas

Albino whitetail buck amazes July 27, 2013 Texas

Animal rehab way of life for San Antonio volunteer October 9, 2013 Texas

Area Deer Rehabilitated & Released at Camp Don Harrington October 9, 2017 Texas,

Big buck believed poached at Sea Center Texas August 8, 2013 Texas

Buck found in pen near Goldthwaite, released by wardens January 30, 2015 Texas

Canyon Lake retirees raise well-fed deer September 6, 2010 Texas

Collinsville man saves drowning deer in Lake Texoma February 2, 2017 Texas,

Deer Moments — Golden Moments in God's Time July 19, 2013 Texas

Deer semen donations among campaign contributions to South Texas candidate February 28, 2018 Texas

Deer slaughter at Newcastle mayor's residence raises questions January 25, 2014 Texas

Denison family left heartbroken over slain pet deer November 20, 2016 Texas,

Fully sequenced deer genome made publicly available June 2, 2017 Texas,

Gander Mountain now home to small deer population February 7, 2012 Texas

Goat herd adopts fawn after mother dies July 13, 2011 Texas

Good Land Management Results in a Fine Muley Buck December 4, 2013 Texas

Harvesting my first aoudad an exciting experience October 7, 2011 Texas

Hidden secrets "abound" at local ranch refuge July 19, 2013 Texas

Hurricane Harvey displaces countless animals in Texas September 2, 2017 Texas

I LOVE YOU BABY DEER Released in Time for Easter March 26, 2013 Texas

Injured Deer Seeks Refuge in Flour Bluff Backyard November 27, 2014 Texas,

Injured fawn gets second chance with donated surgery May 30, 2013 Texas

Interesting facts about deer antlers September 25, 2015 Texas

Kingsland Deer November 13, 2011 Texas

Kyle Chandler Rescues Newborn Deer June 9, 2011 Texas

Leander teen said he shot six deer in Block House Creek because they were bad March 9, 2013 Texas

Man arrested for shooting decoy deer January 9, 2014 Texas

Man charged for transporting illegal deer to Sanderson September 16, 2013 Texas

Man charged for transporting illegal Missouri deer to Sanderson December 3, 2013 Texas

Man runs over deer for "free meat" February 17, 2015 Texas

Meet The Marine Who Was Disney's Famous Fawn July 31, 2015 Texas

Mule Deer Foundation starting new South Texas chapter April 27, 2012 Texas

Nature lovers find respite at Hill Country ranches May 7, 2011 Texas

Nature Report: Valley Wildlife September 12, 2011, Texas

Nature Report: Valley Wildlife September 9, 2013 Texas

Nature's offspring: Leave them alone June 5, 2012 Texas

New Braunfels, 2 charged after deer slain within New Braunfels city limits February 11, 2015 Texas

New evidence emerges in Newcastle deer killings February 21, 2014 Texas,

Oilman was a winner with the horses March 17, 2018 Texas

Orange County couple raises 'pet' deer on farm January 12, 2018 Texas

Photo of buck attached to Jeep stirs social media controversy January 8, 2016 Texas

Port Mansfield Holds First Deer Festival January 10, 2017 Texas

Port Mansfield, Deer Are Disappearing from a Texas Town April 25, 2014 Texas

Port Mansfield, Officials keep an eye out for deer poachers April 27, 2014 Texas

Rare white deer trots through North Texas October 16, 2015 Texas,

San Antonio, Northside residents worry about deer poaching January 25, 2016 Texas

Shenandoah: Deputies, police rescue drowning deer from shopping center waterway April 20, 2012 Texas

Study looks at human, deer bone similarities July 27, 2014 Texas

Tame doe visits area with her dog January 3, 2018 Texas

Texas game warden frees two deer entangled in rope December 5, 2014 Texas

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game warden field notes, pet deer September 20, 2013

The College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M Offers Experience September 28, 2011

The Tragic Saga of a Texas “Superbuck” February 12, 2016

Unicorn deer' found on two continents November 13, 2014 Texas

Waco, Officers finally corral elusive elk in Texas October 8, 2015 Texas

Walden man rescues deer from drowning in Lake Conroe May 7, 2018 Texas

Warning comes after reports of headless deer November 2, 2015 Texas

What's the Oldest Deer on Record? July 9, 2014 Texas

Why One Dallas Bar Is Putting Deer Antler in Your Drink October 13, 2015 Texas

Wildlife Center rescues fawn from wildfire July 1, 2011 Texas

Wildlife rehab center ready to open in Magnolia October 11, 2011 Texas

Woman Seen With Baby Deer On Leash At The Alamo July 28, 2017 Texas

Young Buck Gets In Dangerous Predicament With Bird Netting September 2, 2011 Texas