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Tennessee Disease of Deer Archive

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62 cases of Chronic Wasting Disease now confirmed in Tennessee January 21, 2019

Amid disease concerns, Tennessee hunters not permitted to bring back deer from infected areas September 30, 2012

CWD management zone expanded after more than 150 deer test positive in Tennessee February 7, 2019 Tennessee

CWD, Deer rifle season opens Saturday November 17, 2017 Tennessee

CWD, Fish and Wildlife Commission holds first 2020 meeting January 28, 2020, Tennessee

Deadly deer disease could affect hunting season in Tennessee August 22, 2017

Deer disease leaves survivors better prepared for next January 9, 2011 Tennessee

Disease killing Tennessee deer prevents hunting at Holston Army Ammunition Plant June 26, 2018

Hemorrhagic disease is killing deer in Tennessee September 24, 2019

Hunters and taxidermists unite to fight new rule regulating carcasses brought into TN October 28, 2016 Tennessee

Letter: Be afraid, very afraid, of CWD April 11, 2011 Tennessee

Potential Expansion of CWD Zone as TWRA Continues to Find CWD Positive Deer January 23, 2019 Tennessee

State commission discusses CWD impact May 9, 2019 Tennessee

Ten West TN deer test positive for Chronic Wasting Disease in prelim tests, TWRA enacts response plan December 14, 2018 Tennessee

Tennessee Department of Agriculture Launches Chronic Wasting Disease Herd Certification Program April 12, 2013

Tennessee opens its first chronic wasting disease testing facility April 23, 2021

TFWC Updated On CWD [chronic wasting disease] ... July 21, 2017 Tennessee

Three Counties Have CWD Status Changed January 16, 2020 Tennessee

To bait or not to bait: That is the question for hunters March 23, 2018 Tennessee,

TWRA confirms, CWD spreads in West Tennessee October 3, 2019 Tennessee

TWRA Monitoring Chronic Wasting Disease Issue In Arkansas March 26, 2016 Tennessee

Whitetail deer and disease August 13, 2012 Tennessee

Wildlife commission increases deer importation restriction March 7, 2018 Tennessee