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Michigan Deer in the News Archive

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'Dead' deer runs for freedom on Cork Street when Kalamazoo officer opens trunk March 19, 2013 Michigan

'Deer lady' saved many wild animals October 30, 2015 Michigan

A deer tale: Fondly remembered West Michigan destination has hopes for a new life November 10, 2013 Michigan

Albino Buck 11-Year-Old: Boy Gets Death Threats, Social Media Backlash After Killing Rare Albino Deer, Trophy Not Celebrated By Family Anymore? October 22, 2014 Michigan

Ann Arbor, Humane Society investigating deer carcass found on Ann Arbor golf course January 26, 2016 Michigan

Attempt to rescue deer from ice, coyotes fails, but Kalamazoo County callers grateful for effort December 4, 2014 Michigan

Bloomfield Hills nature center provides home for orphaned fawn November 20, 2014 Michigan

Caught on Tape: Father-son rescue baby fawn from bay September 14, 2011 Michigan

Changes could affect nature, tourism [and deer] April 7, 2012 Michigan

Christmas Day rescue: Firefighters save deer stuck on frozen Huron River December 26, 2013 Michigan

Coast Guard rescues pregnant deer trapped in rocks along Manistee River May 31, 2017 MIchigan,

Dazed deer nets national attention November 16, 2011 Michigan

Declining hunting licenses spurs state to create incentives to recruit younger hunters November 14, 2011 Michigan

Deer Forest, once popular family attraction in Coloma, goes on the block June 22, 2015 Michigan

Deer Gets Tangled In Troy Backyard Net September 12, 2011 Michigan

Deer illegally killed, dismembered, thrown into ditch September 22, 2015 Michigan

Deer rescued by Jackson police officers Monday spotted in Cascade Falls Park, reported to be healthy December 14, 2011 Michigan

Deer rescued from Clinton River February 18, 2013 Michigan

Deer rescued from frozen Michigan lake December 19, 2018

Deer swims 1 mile in frigid waters and visits Mackinac Island December 5, 2017 Michigan

Deer-hunting season 'huge' for strip club sales November 30, 2015 Michigan

Detroit suburb fawns over orphaned deer November 17, 2014 Michigan

DNR encourages public to enjoy springtime baby animal sightings, but remember to leave wildlife in the wild April 9, 2015 Michigan

DNR threatens to remove family's pet deer May 31, 2013 Michigan

Do you know what a deer's nose knows? November 12, 2011 Michigan

Dog and fawn form friendship in West Michigan August 21, 2015 Michigan

Earlier supplemental deer feeding to be allowed November 20, 2014 Michigan

Eaton Rapids residents pull deer from frozen Grand River December 31, 2012 Michigan

Expect to start seeing fawns in May and June, but enjoy from a distance

Fate of deer herd in question at Michigan nature park February 17, 2017

Fawn killed by Metroparks' mower horrifies Facebook fans June 2, 2017 Michigan

Firefighters rescue deer floundering on thin ice December 20, 2014 Michigan,

Fishermen rescue deer found swimming miles from Lake Erie shore September 22, 2017 Michigan

Friendly deer 'Rudy' trapped on Rackham golf course in Huntington Woods March 7, 2017 Michigan,

Greetings from the UP, where winter is just a state of mind February 18, 2019 Michigan

Humane society forced to euthanize deer rescued from icy Huron River March 1, 2014 Michigan

Hundreds of dead deer dumped in Taylor field December 28, 2014 Michigan

Kensington Metropark, Huron-Clinton Metroparks officials agree to evaluate policies after outcry over white deer death at Kensington July 13, 2015 Michigan

Kensington Metropark, Residents call for training procedure review at Kensington Metropark after rare white deer shooting ... July 6, 2015 Michigan

Lake Erie fishermen rope in a lost deer August 28, 2017 Michigan

Leave baby animals in the wild April 10, 2013 Michigan

Liberty Township man fined $6000 for shooting 8-point buck with prohibited weapon March 31, 2016 Michigan

Lilly the deer has lived with couple at their Michigan home for five years June 4, 2013 Michigan,

Lilly, Attorney: Family hasn't agreed to give up Lilly, Genesee County miracle deer June 13, 2013 Michigan

Lilly, Family Fights to Keep Pet Deer: Michigan Law Prohibits Wild Animals in Home - November 23, 2014

Lilly, How a Michigan Family's Home Became a One-Deer Preserve July 31, 2014

Lilly, Michigan DNR says it's found a new home - the Detroit Zoo - for Lilly, Genesee County's Miracle Deer June 7, 2013

Lilly, Pet deer can stay with Michigan family June 24, 2013

Local man finds baby deer in back seat May 23, 2013 Michigan

Locals, nature-lovers enraged after killing of white deer at Kensington Metropark confirmed June 26, 2015 Michigan

Lost baby deer nearly drowns in lake, later escapes Flint rescuers' yard June 9, 2011

Man carries on deer feeding tradition February 26, 2013 Michigan

Man confesses to killing bull elk on first day of firearm deer hunting season November 25, 2014 Michigan,

Man consults pastor after shooting garden-eating deer August 13, 2014 Michigan

Man shot by deer hunter at Bald Mountain Recreation Area November 27, 2014 Michigan

Michgan Woman's Visit to Danish Deer Park June 26, 2011

Michigan conservation officers use robotic decoy animals to catch poachers January 16, 2015

Michigan family befriends sociable deer April 28, 2015

Michigan family dog shot on open day of deer hunting season November 19, 2013

Michigan reindeer farm gets busy November 27, 2013

Nature center seeks to save young deer December 3, 2015 Michigan

Nature walk turns water rescue March 30, 2013 Michigan

Norton Shores, Who killed 18 deer in Norton Shores? Cops don't know, but deaths ceased March 5, 2016 Michigan

Not all traditions necessarily transfer to the next generation November 14, 2011 Michigan

Ongoing family deer vs. DNR saga continues June 4, 2013 Michigan

Orphaned deer from Pleasant Ridge does well in new home December 21, 2015 Michigan

Orphaned twin fawns rescued by Hartland kids June 18, 2015 Michigan

Oscoda, Three Oscoda men save deer in daring Foote ice rescue January 13, 2016 Michigan

Piebald Fawn Becomes Superstar on Michigan Farm Despite Rejection and Health Scare July 9, 2015

Police, firefighters and horses help to rescue deer from river muck near Ella Sharp Park August 22, 2012 Michigan

Reader scolds DNR on its deer response March 31, 2013 Michigan

Reindeer Farm Getting Ready for Santa's Arrival This Weekend November 16, 2018 Michigan

Rescuers help deer from frigid water in Grosse Ile January 9, 2013 Michigan

Riley man fined $15,510 for poaching 18-point buck January 16, 2015 Michigan

See the Baby Deer Born With a Rare Genetic Mutation That Likely Led to It Being Rejected by Its Mother June 1,2015 Michigan

Tales of weird, wonderful whitetail deer October 6, 2013 Michigan

Teach good ethics to young sportsmen October 2, 2016 Michigan

The weirdly inspiring story of a deer swimming in Lake Michigan May 31, 2017 Illinois

Traumatized dog finds some deer friends August 26, 2011 Michigan

Trooper shoots stunned deer in head after it refuses to move out of his way November 21, 2013 Michiga

West Bloomfield: Firefighters Save Deer from Icy Orchard Lake January 10, 2012 Michigan

Wild bull elk has made mid-Michigan its temporary home October 6, 2016

Wild deer chained in front yard spells trouble for homeowner May 28, 2015 Michigan,