South Carolina Deer Population and Management Archive -  South Carolina

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South Carolina Deer Population and Management Archive

Annual Deer Hunt

1950:   10,000

1968:   30,000

1999: 300,762

2000* 299,000

2001: 308,000

2002: 319,902

2003: 273,504 

2004: 251,205

2005: 244,045

2006: 221,319

2007: 239,193

2008: 248,778

2009: 231,319

2010: 222,696

2011: 226,458

2012: 217,854

2013: 225,806

2014: 202,952

2015: 195,030

2016: 172,315


2018: 194,986

2019: 193,073

2020: 197,893

2021: 174,569

2022:   179,414

*2000 estimated from graph

**Only half of historic harvest may have been reported, see page 1 and 2

Deer population trend down, 2002 was the peak harvest.

Harvest Statistics

Since 1997, harvest estimates have been based on hunter surveys.  Before that check stations were used resulting in about half as many deer reported as harvested compared to surveys.

A List of Articles in the Archive


SCDNR announces 2020 deer harvest tally June 3, 2021 South Carolina

State report shows top deer kills in 2020-2021 season August 25, 2021 South Carolina




Wildlife - 2018 Deer Record Information


Facts about coyotes in South Carolina December 21, 2017 South Carolina

Toward a ‘new’ deer season June 11, 2017 South Carolina

What hunters need to know before deer season opens June 17, 2017 South Carolina


Deer harvest decreases; Orangeburg and Bamberg in top counties for 2015 May 30, 20116 South Carolina

Deer season looks promising – as long rain doesn’t strike again September 16, 2016 South Carolina,

Elk tranquilized, relocated in mountains November 18, 2016 South Carolina

Floods, coyotes take toll on deer hunting May 27, 2016 South Carolina

Newest Proposed Changes to SC Deer Law February 20, 2016 South Carolina

S.C. House approves $1,000 reward for killing coyotes March 24, 2016 South Carolina

South Carolina deer hunters support buck limits, tagging January 6, 2016

South Carolina DNR Official Sees Smokey Bear as Threat to Prescribed Burns March 23, 2016

Statewide deer harvest decreases in 2015 May 26, 2016 South Carolina


4-H feeding SC wildlife with 500-pound seed donation September 8, 2015 South Carolina

7 Deer Hunting Myths Debunked January 9, 2015 South Carolina,

Antler measuring sessions set across SC March 18, 2015 South Carolina,

Bill aims to establish first-ever limit on deer hunting in South Carolina February 19, 2015 South Carolina

Could new deer regulations finally happen? February 26, 2015 South Carolina

Coyote growth hindering deer population on Grand Strand April 13, 2015 South Carolina,

Coyote population here to stay in South Carolina April 16, 2015 South Carolina

Coyotes cutting deer herds December 17, 2015 South Carolina

Deer bill likely won't pass House May 14, 2015 South Carolina

Deer harvest dips by 9% in 2014 August 8, 2015 South Carolina,

Deer hunters back limits, tagging December 13, 2015 South Carolina,

Deer limit bill on track for senate March 6, 2015 south Carolina

Deer movement increases in October throughout South Carolina October 3, 2015 South Carolina

Deer numbers continuing to dwindle April 30, 2015 South Carolina

Deer tagging based on false conclusions March 22, 2015 South Carolina

Deer-hunting bill: Some proposals for a compromise March 29, 2015 South Carolina

DNR working on coyote control March 5, 2015 South Carolina

Drought in S.C. counties to affect white-tail deer hunting season August 14, 2015 South Carolina,

How to know a doe before pulling trigger November 25, 2015 South Carolina

Hunters, lawmakers speak out on legislation aimed at protecting deer herd October 17, 2015 South Carolina

Instituting a bounty an unlikely solution for coyote problem in South Carolina January 29, 2015 South Carolina

Is Smokey Bear too good at his job? Yes, some say March 8, 2015 South Carolina

Legislators and DNR Hear From Deer Hunters October 23, 2015 South Carolina

Legislature moves toward putting limit on bucks March 22, 2015 South Carolina

Meetings to provide arena for opinions on impending white-tailed deer hunting laws September 18, 2015 South Carolina

Nature Conservancy protects 12000+ acres near the Savannah River July 28, 2015 South Carolina,

No Changes to Deer Hunting Laws This Year June 26, 2015 South Carolina,

Orangeburg public meeting on deer legislation Oct. 13 August 30, 2015 South Carolina,

Proposed deer limit good for state March 28, 2015 South Carolina

Proposed law would limit state deer harvest February 21, 2015 South Carolina

Public meetings scheduled to discuss deer management legislation August 19, 2015 South Carolina,

Region still tops for trophy bucks August 15, 2015 South Carolina,

S.C. authorities deploy robotic deer to deter night-time hunting October 21, 2015 South Carolina,

SC deer harvest declines by 9% May 10, 2015 South Carolina

SC DNR unveils robot deer to combat illegal hunting September 15, 2015 South Carolina

Social media posting reignites a hunting debate December 17, 2015 South Carolina

South Carolina Deer Forecast for 2015 September 9, 2015

South Carolina Deer Forecast October 21, 2015 Game & Fish

State antler records down slightly this year September 8, 2015 South Carolina,

Statewide deer harvest decreased in 2014 July 5, 2015 South Carolina

Talking about deer, regulations October 18, 2015 South Carolina

The howl over coyotes April 16, 2015 South Carolina

What of ethics? October 11, 2015 South Carolina

Winds of change blow as hunting for deer begins August 14, 2015 South Carolina


2014 deer forecast: Coyotes mean fewer deer, but hunt results indicate herd condition is good August 10, 2014 South Carolina

A Quantitative Analysis of White-Tailed Deer Harvest Across States and Counties, Rebecca Lynne Cain, June 28, 2014 South Carolina, University of South Ca

About our deer part II: July 27, 2014 South Carolina

About your deer, part 1, declining population July 13, 2014 South Carolina

Anderson County again proves it's big buck producer October 29, 2014 South Carolina

Another average deer season could necessitate changes January 9, 2014 South Carolina

Antler record numbers down slightly in most recent scoring sessions August 10, 2014 South Carolina

Bear, archery deer hunters falling October 12, 2014 South Carolina,

Brosnan Forest study could increase odds of harvesting a big buck November 9, 2014 South Carolina

Clarendon breaks into top 10 deer harvest counties June 3, 2014 South Carolina

Coyote removal, understory cover, and survival of white‐tailed deer neonates JC Kilgo, M Vukovich, H Scott Ray, CE Shaw, C Ruth

Coyote/wolf hybrid spotted at Savannah River March 27, 2014 South Carolina

Deer regulations in South Carolina in need of overhaul October 2, 2014

DNR releases new deer hunting stats July 18, 2014 South Carolina

Establishing enforceable deer limit overdue August 14, 2014 South Carolina

Estimating Deer Herd Age, Looking ahead into deer season 2014 December 30, 2013 South Carolina

Help Control Coyotes and Save Our Deer August 15, 2014 South Carolina

Hunting over corn November 15, 2014 South Carolina

Hunting, fishing, outdoor activity provide key funds March 26 2014 South Carolina

No shortage of deer in 2014, DNR reports September 11, 2014 South Carolina

Open season on SRS Deer Hunt Program July 3, 2014 South Carolina

Proper disposal of deer remains part of hunters’ job October 6, 2014 South Carolina

S.C. deer season forecast good September 6, 2014 South Carolina

Some dog-drive deer hunters foresee demise of sport in Lowcountry August 11, 2014 South Carolina,

South Carolina Coyote Population Stabilizes at a New High September 2, 2014

South Carolina Deer Hunting Forecast for 2014 October 3, 2014 South Carolina

South Carolina reduces limits for deer hunting season August 14, 2014

The top five stories from 2014 December 27, 2014 South Carolina

Upcoming deer season looks promising September 10, 2014 South Carolina


4-H Wildlife Food Plot Project Competition July 24, 2013 South Carolina

Benefits of prescribed burning are many, but managers finding it harder to burn June 18, 2013 South Carolina

Coyote impact on deer unclear, but biologists still recommend population control August 17, 2013 South Carolin

Debate Over Deer Baiting in South Carolina February 8, 2013 South Carolina

Deer Baiting Bill Heads to Governor's Desk for Signing February 23, 2013 South Carolina

Deer baiting bill moves forward January 11, 2013 South Carolina

Deer Baiting Bill Passes Full House Committee February 11, 2013 South Carolina

Deer food in the summer August 4, 2013 South Carolina

Deer season begins today August 15, 2013 South Carolina

Deer season forecast good, herd population September 13, 2013 South Carolina

DNR removes prohibition of baiting fields for deer June 21, 2013 South Carolina

How future deer seasons should look in SC August 11, 2013 South Carolina

Hunters need to band together to save deer population May 22, 2013 South Carolina

Is it a comeback for Whitetail Deer in South Carolina? September 13, 2013

Know your enemy, coyotes and deer September 1, 2013 South Carolina

New law strengthens night hunting penalties June 23, 2013 South Carolina

Preliminary Deer Harvest Outlook Season Declared “Solid” January 1, 2013 South Carolina

Savanannh River Site, Talk to focus on deer at SRS August 11, 2013 South Carolina

SC deer industry still making bucks in the off season February 6, 2013 South Carolina

SCDNR reports a decline of deer population, rise in coyotes May 14, 2013 South Carolina

State antler records remain at high level this year June 22, 2013 South Carolina

Statewide deer harvest is up 3.6 percent in 2013, SCDNR reports April 29, 2014 South Carolina

Statewide deer harvest up in 2013; Bamberg, Calhoun among top counties May 10, 2014 South Carolina

Upstate deer-baiting even closer to being legalized March 5, 2013 South Carolina

Weather will be key in defining deer season, declining population August 11, 2013 South Carolina


Animal lovers should support lawful hunting July 25, 2012 South Carolina

Bamberg, Orangeburg in top counties for deer harvest in 2011 May 13, 2012 South Carolina

Controlled burn bill becomes law April 8, 2012 South Carolina

Coyotes are new players in deer management August 23, 2012 South Carolina

Coyotes Prey Heavily on Southeast's Deer Fawns April 19, 2012 South Carolina

Deer Are Still in Summer Pattern September 5, 2012 South Carolina

Deer hunters better off thanks to outreach of Bogart non-profit October 17, 2012 South Carolina

Deer management proposals made January 15, 2012 South Carolina

Deer season begins, boosting economy August 14, 2012 South Carolina

Deer season forecast good August 16, 2012 South Carolina

Hunters baiting deer sometimes draw bears October 14, 2012 South Carolina

Lawmakers looking to ease hunting restructions on hogs, coyotes April 4, 2012 South Carolina

Lowcountry's love affair with deer roars back into season August 21, 2012 South Carolina

Managing South Carolina wildlife left to legislators, not science October 14, 2012

Predation by coyotes on white-tailed deer neonates in South Carolina May, 2012 Journal of Wildlife

SC lawmakers consider bill allowing nighttime coyote shooting March 22, 2012 South Carolina

South Carolina Deer Season 2012: Hunting Forecast September 14, 2012

South Carolina Deer, Deer season to begin Aug. 15 ,,, August 11, 2012

State legislature working on bills to ban Upstate deer baiting ban April 3, 2012 South Carolina

Time to correct coyote comments January 8, 2012 South Carolina

Unintended Upstate deer hunting loophole confusing for hunters, law officers September 28, 2012 South Carolina

Unintended Upstate deer hunting loophole confusing for hunters, law officers September 28, 2012 South Carolina

Water for Healthy Deer Herds May 21, 2012 South Carolina

White oaks beneficial in many ways August 28, 2012 South Carolina

You can't ignore soil chemistry if you're serious about deer dietJune 17, 2012 South Carolina


Bill makes it easier for landowners to kill coyote as they threaten SC's wildlife April 27, 2011 South Carolina

Charlestown and Block Island: Deer kill at Ninigret refuge top choice of wildlife experts November 8, 2011 South Carolin

Coyotes Are Big Problem, But Here to Stay December 6, 2011 South Carolina

Coyotes on the rise in South Carolina October 21, 2011

DNR revises deer management recommendations September 29, 2011, South Carolina

Fewer deer in Palmetto State June 4, 2011 South Carolina

Forecast good for upcoming deer season September 15, 2011 South Carolina

Hunter Suggests Raising License Fees, October 9, 2011 South Carolina

More bucks than does are harvested in South Carolina October 1, 2011 South Carolina

South Carolina Deer Harvest Down, Detailed Analysis June 10, 2011 Department of Natural Resources

Summary of Deer Issues: Deer Management meeting set for Oct. 18 in Edgefield October 4, 2011 South Carolina

Changes for Francis Marion deer season August 21, 2010 South Carolina

South Carolina 2001 Deer Harvest

South Carolina Deer Harvest 2003

South Carolina Estimated 2000 Deer Harvest

South Carolina's 2008 Deer Forecast October 4, 2010