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Maine Deer Population and Management Archive

Annual Reported Deer Hunt

1920     5,829

1950   39,216

1959* 42,735


1993: 27,402

1997: 31,152

1999: 31,473

2000: 36,886

2001: 27,769

2002: 38,153

2003: 30,313

2004: 30,926

2005:  28,148

2006: 29,918

2007: 28,884

2008: 21,061

2009: 18,045

2010: 20,063

2011:  18,839

2012: 21,365

2013: 24,795

2014: 22,490

2015: 20,325

2016: 23,512  

2017: 27,233

2018: 32,451

2019: 28,323

2020: 33,159

2021: 38,947

Statistics Source


2016:  1,609

2017:  1,518

2021:  2,527

2022:  2,199 

Historic Registered Deer Kill

1919     5,784

1920     5,829

1921     8,861

1922     7,628

1923        *

1924        *

1925     8,379

1926        *

1927     8,112

1928     9,051

1929   11,708

1930   13,098

1931   14,694

1932   15,465

1933   18,935

1934   13,284

1935   19,726

1936   19,134

1937   19,197

1938   19,363

1939   19,187

1940   22,201

1941   19,881

1942   22,591

1943   24,408

1944   21,708

1945   24,904

1946   31,728

1947   30,349

1948   35,364

1949   35,051

1950   39,216

1951   41,730

1952   35,171

1953   38,609

1954   37,379

1955   35,591

1956   40,290

1957   41,142

1958   39,393

1959   41,735

1960 37,758**

*  No records

** Preliminary

Source:  Deer in Maine, Game Division Bulletin No. 6, 1961

A List of Articles in the Archive


History of Maine Moose Hunt October 7,  2021

State biologists propose 40% increase in any-deer permits this fall May 4, 2021 Maine


2020’s deer harvest was the highest in 18 years December 18, 2020 Maine

Knowing the history of Maine deer hunting a window into state of today’s herd September 27, 2020 Maine

Maine biologists seek a record 100,000 any-deer permits for first time May 20, 2020

Moose hunt begins in Maine September 28, 2020 Maine,

The wildlife Maine has lost in the past 200 years February 29, 2020, Maine


Plotting Deer Harvest on Map Paints Different Picture March 30, 2019 Maine

State biologists propose more moose hunting permits for 2nd consecutive year March 21, 2019 Maine

Bigger, bolder, more aggressive coyotes destined for Maine March 21, 2019 

State biologists propose more moose hunting permits for 2nd consecutive year March 21, 2019 Maine

Save Maine deer from being killed with crossbows along the entire coast of Maine March 7, 2019 

Interesting report on Maine deer February 28, 2019 Maine,

As youth hunting numbers steadily drop in Maine, lawmakers and state officials grapple with the problem February 11, 2019 

Maine 2018 Deer Harvest And Other Data January 30, 2019 

New bill would allow crossbows during archery season January 27, 2019 Maine

Biologists are wrestling with deer so they can study how they die January 18, 2019 Maine

Deer hunt still in need of a boost January 13, 2019 Maine

Early numbers show strong hunting season January 6, 2019 Maine

Despite deep snow, deer numbers strong heading into spring April 13, 2019 Maine

History of Maine Moose Hunt October 7, 2019

Maine by the numbers: We add up some of the key indicators August 25, 2019

Moose permit increase approved, but any-deer hunting permits may be reduced May 21, 2019 Maine

State biologists propose more moose hunting permits for 2nd consecutive year March 21, 2019 Maine

The highs and lows of tourism October 9, 2019 Maine


Technology gets deer results out quicker December 15, 2018 Maine

Maine is challenged to recruit deer hunters, even with bigger harvest November 30, 2018 

Maine deer harvest is highest since 2004 November 27, 2018

South Paris hunters take their bucks to Doe's November 26, 2018 Maine

Bigger deer draw out-of-state hunters November 17, 2018 Maine

Year after woman shot by hunter on her property, some question the law that allowed him to be there November 9, 2018 Maine

New electronic tagging system adds convenience to Maine’s deer hunt October 28, 2018

Population Density,  Managing deer herd is a daunting task October 21, 2018 Maine

Maine Deer Population, Fears over chronic wasting disease give deer hunters pause October 15, 2018 

Digital big-game registration system gives Maine wildlife biologists real-time harvest data September 17, 2018

Struggling for clarity regarding new deer plans September 1, 2018 Maine

Maine's deer stewards falling short of goals August 31, 2018 

New study finds zoning ineffective for deer winter habitat conservation August 24, 2018 Maine

Wildlife watchers need a seat at the table August 23, 2018 Maine

Hunters may apply for any-deer permits July 30, 2018 Maine

Applications for any-deer permit lottery available July 17, 2018 Maine

Trying to get a handle on state's moose population July 7, 2018 Maine

Big-game plan favors revenue over conservation July 7, 2018 Maine

Deer Kill Largest In Last Ten Years June 14, 2018 Maine

DIFW proposes to manage for less moose in new management plan  June 15, 2018 Maine

Ineffectiveness of local zoning to reduce regional loss and fragmentation of wintering habitat for white-tailed deer  EM Simons-Legaard, DJ Harrison, KR Legaard - Forest Ecology and Management, 2018

We're still waiting for 2017 deer hunt numbers June 2, 2018 Maine,

Lots of deer issues from ticks to antler restrictions May 30, 2018 Maine in special urban deer hunts ...

Maine's deer herd increased with the extirpation of wolves and cougars May 28,  2018

Maine wildlife biologists recommend record number of any-deer permits in 2018 May 22, 2018 

Wildlife biologists say Maine need to shrink its moose herd to keep it healthy May 16, 2018 

How deer management has evolved overtime in Maine May 14, 2018 

Maine has a new plan to manage its 'big-game' species May 9, 2018

Turkeys are the guinea pigs as Maine embarks on digital recording of hunters’ harvests May 5, 2018

Is Maine’s Big Game Management Plan Really Shifting Toward Focus on Animal Health Not Numbers? May 2, 2018

Conservation group aims to save one deer at a time April 18, 2018 Maine

Maine lawmakers uphold reduced penalty for deer baiting April 4, 2018 

First Maine reindeer in 20 years born in Winslow on Easter morning April 4, 2018 Maine

... at a petting zoo... “We had purchased a couple this fall to add to our herd and they actually had bred,” ...

Recent blizzard shouldn’t pose a major problem for Maine’s deer  March 14, 2018

Maine hunters are still killing lots of moose March 8, 2018 

Maine wildlife biologists propose 20 percent increase in moose hunting permits March 7, 2018

Even after reported sightings, wildlife officials declare cougar extinct in Maine February 20, 2018 

Sen. Davis seeks to amend penalties for hunting deer over bait February 8, 2018 Maine

Maine Big Bucks and Estimated 2017 Deer Harvest February 3, 2018 T

Perhaps Maine DIFW Should Take a More Proactive Approach to Feeding Deer January 13, 2018 

Balancing the deer herd is often a thankless task January 7, 2018 Maine

Applications for any-deer permit lottery available July 17, 2018 Maine

Deer Kill Largest In Last Ten Years June 14, 2018 Maine,

DIFW proposes to manage for less moose in new management planJune 15, 2018 Maine

Even after reported sightings, wildlife officials declare cougar extinct in Maine February 20, 2018

How deer management has evolved overtime in Maine May 14, 2018

Maine deer harvest tops 32,000, highest since 2002 December 11, 2018

Maine Deer Population, Fears over chronic wasting disease give deer hunters pause October 15, 2018

Maine wildlife biologists propose 20 percent increase in moose hunting permits March 7, 2018

Population Density, Managing deer herd is a daunting task October 21, 2018 Maine, Portland Press Herald

Recent blizzard shouldn’t pose a major problem for Maine’s deer March 14, 2018


For a strong deer herd, factor in the winter habitat December 24, 2017 Maine

Applegate Deer Farm harvesting antlers for health capsules December 18, 2017 Maine

Coyotes impacting Maine deer December 3, 2017 Maine

Biologist says mountain lions aren't the only cats who prey on deer December 1, 2017 

Bad News! Maine coyotes are becoming wolves. November 26, 2017 

A deer by any other name … November 26, 2017 Maine

Maine hoping hunters harvest at least 7,000 does this fall to cull deer herd October 28, 2017 

Outdoors in Maine: ‘Coywolf’ ploy explained August 1, 2017   

Series of mild winters leads to major increase in any-deer permits 

Here's why state is issuing a lot more any-deer permits July 20, 2017 Maine

Deer feeding ban extended from June 1 to December 15 June 27, 2017 

2016 Deer Harvest Data is Out…Finally June 21, 2017 

White-tailed herd OK following a mild winter June 21, 2017 Maine

Proposal would increase Maine deer permits by 45 percent  June 1, 2017 

Maine's deer hunters to see another bump in permits June 1, 2017 

Legislature kills lots of deer bills May 31, 2017 Maine

Maine coyotes getting bigger, more wolf-like May 7, 2017 DNA becoming more “wolfy” ... hunters offer anecdotal evidence that coyotes can take down even large, healthy deer.

Deer feeding ban and baiting penalties increased April 25, 2017 Maine

Deer feeding, baiting, antler restrictions, and more debated at legislature April 17, 2017 Maine

New wolf hybrid takes hold in Maine April 11, 2017 

Protecting the deer yards April 8, 2017 Maine, Sun-Journal

Playing With Maine’s Big Bucks…Numbers That Is April 5, 2017 

Another Proposed Maine Sunday Hunting Bill Defeated March 18, 2017 

Antler Restrictions,

Bad News! Maine coyotes are becoming wolves. November 26, 2017 Bangor

Bill to allow deer-baiting shot down in committee March 7, 2017 Maine,

Coyotes impacting Maine deer December 3, 2017 Maine

Maine hoping hunters harvest at least 7,000 does this fall to cull deer herd October 28, 2017

Maine Moose Harvest for 2016 [PDF] February 17, 2017

Maine moose hunt success rate increased last fall January 25, 2017 Maine

Maine's deer hunters to see another bump in permits June 1, 2017

So many interests and opinions on managing deer January 29, 2017 Maine

Wildlife Restoration Projects: Part II February 18, 2017 Maine


Any-deer permits increased a stunning 60% July 11, 2016 Maine

Big challenges ahead as new big game management plans are created August 18, 2016 Maine

Checking in on Maine's deer herd after mild winter April 23, 2016

Checking in on Maine's deer herd after mild winter April 23, 2016

Cold Stream may be Maine's last wildlife habitat conservation project March 31, 2016

Eastern coyotes are here and they’re a challenging quarry January 24, 2016 Maine

Firearm season for deer begins Saturday, Oct. 29 October 27, 2016 Maine,

Focus on antler restrictions might miss greater point January 3, 2016 Maine

High-tech rifles used in hunting raises ethical debate April 16, 2016 Maine

In Maine, game management affects us all March 9, 2016

Land purchase highlights power of conservation March 31, 2016 Maine

Maine Deer Population August 4, 2016

Maine will suffer if Obama designates national monument June 1, 2016

Maine's deer hunters disappeared along with the deer January 8, 2016

MDIFW seeks input on Maine's most popular wildlife, fish species February 25, 2016 Maine

Mobile-ready Maine hunting and fishing licenses unveiled March 29, 2016

Moose lottery now open; fewer permits being issued March 26, 2016 Maine

Nuts help both the hunters and hunted October 9, 2016 Maine

Prime brook trout habitat protected in northwester Maine March 25, 2016

Proposal would boost Maine's deer permits by 59 percent May 4, 2016 Press Herald

Sometimes there ought not to be certain laws when it comes to hunting January 10, 2016 Maine

We'll never hunt on Sunday in Maine December 9, 2016 Bangor Daily News


A fish and wildlife wish list April 15, 2015 Maine

A lot transpired when it came to Maine's outdoors December 26, 2015 Maine

All Maine outdoorsmen play role in fighting poaching September 14, 2015

Antler restrictions a tricky issue because there is no typical deer hunter December 6, 2015 Maine

Any-Deer permit applications now available July 1, 2015 Maine

Are We Losing the Desire for Quality Whitetail Deer in Maine? March 8, 2015

Big changes coming for Maine's big game plans October 26, 2015

Central Maine project the first to receive Land for Maine's Future funds December 21, 2015

Conservancy buys forest land in Sunkhaze-Bradley corridor October 31, 2015 Maine

Debate gets ugly about selling wild game December 24, 2015 Maine

Deer are big business May 30, 2015 Maine

Deer can survive cold, snow, but need a thaw February 26, 2015 Maine

Deer harvest second highest in six years May 15, 2015 Maine

Deer herd staging comeback in The Forks, boosting business November 29, 2015 Maine

Deer management study raises eyebrows, plenty of questions June 20, 2015 Maine

Deer Plans Pile Up While Deer Population Goes Down February 23, 2015 Maine

Deer season starts Saturday for residents, Monday for nonresidents October 29, 2015 Maine

Deer Wintering Areas in Maine June 19, 2015

Good and bad legislation in the hunt January 25, 2014 Maine

Harsh winter could affect deer hunting permits May 16, 2015 Maine

Here's why Maine will never restrict deer antler size October 5, 2015

Homeless Deer may be doomed in Maine's north woods February 10, 2015

How much do you know about the rut? November 5, 2015 Maine

Hunting bill reflects legislative unfairness March 23, 2015 Maine

Keeping an eye on Maine’s deer population in winter September 26, 2015 Maine

LePage under fire for delaying $11 million in conservation spending March 10, 2015 Maine

Maine biologists recommend reducing deer hunting permits May 7, 2015

Maine firearms deer hunting season now open October 31, 2015 Maine

Maine game wardens host regional conference on poaching September 9, 2015

Maine hunters ready for reduced Sept. 9 deer permit drawing August 18, 2015

Maine Moose Hunt November 6, 2015

Maine reducing deer hunting permits by 23 percent to protect herd July 2, 2015

Maine sporting camps – going, going gone? September 27, 2015

Maine to eliminate minimum age for hunters. What do you think about the new law? September 18, 2015

Maine wildlife department backs off on cow moose proposal in Greenville area May 6, 2015

Maine's annual deer hunting permit drawing is Wednesday September 6, 2015

Maine's deer hunting season opens Saturday for residents October 29, 2015

Maine's new big game plans are all about you December 18, 2015

Maine, Vermont scale back on deer hunting permits as rough winter shrinks herd October 3, 2015 Maine,

Maine’s new hunting silencer law draws fire as deer season begins November 1, 2015

Managing moose numbers best left to pros July 11, 2015 Maine

New England Deer Forecast October 21, 2015 Maine

Northern New England states can provide good venues for hunting April 23, 2015 Vermont

Public Lands Commission slams the door on Governor's demands October 29, 2015 Maine,

Regional numbers low for opening day of deer season October 31, 2015 Maine

Republicans and conservation — not the partnership it used to be May 5, 2015 Maine

Rulebook is wrong: Expanded bowhunting doesn’t start until Sept. 12 September 4, 2015 Maine

State must make a point out of letting bucks replenish September 13, 2015 Maine

State to issue 23 percent fewer any-deer permits this year July 9, 2015 Maine

The Fuss Over Maine's “Endangered” Lynx: What About the Whitetail Deer? January 20, 2015

There are many factors when calculating moose harvests February 14, 2015 Maine,

Time is of the essence in Falmouth effort to help hungry deer March 10, 2015 Maine

Tough winter to call for Maine wildlife biologists and any-deer permits March 14, 2015 Maine

US wildlife managers declare eastern cougar extinct June 17, 2015 Maine

Warming climate and winter ticks decimating moose populations June 7, 2015 Maine


2013 Deer Harvest Up 15% From Previous Year May 2, 2014 Maine

Bountiful deer hunt noted with caution May 3, 2014 Maine

Bow Hunting Law March 8, 2014 Maine

Care about deer? Vote to hunt bear! April 21, 2014 Maine

Caribou also known as reindeer January 15, 2014 Maine

Common ground no matter where hunter stands December 28, 2014 Maine

Deer hunting numbers and fishing are items on agenda June 20, 2014 Maine

Encouraging numbers from the deer harvest May 17, 2014 Maine

For deer hunters, season looks mighty promising November 1, 2014 Maine

Harsh winter trims Maine deer herd, cuts permits April 4, 2014

In northern Maine, deer herd shrinks despite efforts to rebuild it April 13, 2014

In northern Maine, deer herd shrinks despite efforts to rebuild it May 13, 2014

Keeping a close eye on Maine's moose population January 11, 2014

Lodges unsure if new law allowing them to sell moose hunting licenses will help January 31, 2014 Maine

Maine Biologist: Bad Winter for Deer, but not the Worst March 27, 2014

Maine deer permit lottery this week August 10, 2014

Maine game wardens charge 8 in poaching sweep February 6, 2014

Maine gives land conservation a $9 million boost July 17, 2014

Maine moose population holding steady, NH's down January 18, 2014

Maine to issue 9,525 less deer hunt permits July 8, 2014

Maine to reduce moose hunt permits by 25 percent because winter ticks have taken toll on herd May 9, 2014

Maine's deer habitat goals are unrealistic and unattainable report forestry experts January 6, 2014

Maine's Deer Harvest Data Missing, Something Going on With Moose? March 11, 2014

Maine's moose population holding steady May 1, 2014

Maine's Number One Game Animal Getting No Attention May 15, 2014

Maine's winter deer kill estimated at above average March 31, 2014

Maine's “Benchmark Report” for Deer A Bit Anti “Holographic” March 20, 2014

Maine's “Benchmark Report” for Deer A Bit Anti “Holographic” March 20, 2014

Maine’s Declining Deer Habitat. This is an audio interview about a new study from the University of Maine School of Forest Resources ... Bob Duchesne- November 8, 2014

Protect Maine’s moose, limit hunting permits February 3, 2014 Maine,

Some deer hunters can't skip the chance to shoot a skipper January 26, 2014 Maine

Spruce Budworm threatens Maine deer yards ... May 7, 2014 Maine

Start thinking about those any-deer permits July 19, 2014 Maine

This land is our land — 50,000 acres added to Land for Maine's Future purchases August 5, 2014 Maine

Translation needed: A voluntary, industry ‘plan’ to save deer yards won’t December 18, 2014 Maine

Twenty percent cut in Maine's any-deer permits will give resident adult hunters only 12,395 permits May 14, 2014

We can’t afford to let deer go down for the count August 23, 2014 Maine

With help, deer herd will rebuild November 23, 2014 Maine

Without wintering areas, deer herd will not survive March 19, 2014 Maine


Any-deer rules revised to attract young hunters August 18, 2013 Maine

Big deer, lots of sightings for hunters November 29, 2013 Maine

Climate Change Impacting Game Species in Maine November 27, 2013

Compromise Over Hunting and Fishing Access Boosts Odds for New National Park in Maine September 20, 2013

Coyote Trapping Bill Dies June 26, 2013 Maine

Deer driving law reinterpreted March George's Outdoor News

Deer harvest up 15 percent in 2013 from previous year May 2, 2014 Maine

Deer harvest up across the state December 13, 2013 Maine

Deer hunters may profit from experiences elsewhere August 4, 2013 Maine

Deer hunters may see more action this year October 29, 2013 Maine

Deer kills vary around Maine November 3, 2013

Deer permits and youth hunting opportunities expanded August 1, 2013 Maine

Deer projections good around the state October 31, 2013 Maine

Hunting in Maine more challenging than Wisconsin November 17, 2013 Maine

Land for Maine's Future Board Invites New Proposals December 19, 2013

Maine Deer Herd October 31, 2013

Maine Deer Herd November 13, 2013 

Maine deer herd, after hard times, making comeback August 20, 2013

Maine Herd Status, Too many restictions mar hunting opening days September 30, 2013

Maine hunters take 13 percent more deer March 22, 2013

Maine Lawmakers Consider Expanding Coyote Trapping February 19, 2013

Maine lawmakers, farmers show support for turkey control bills February 13, 2013

Maine Moose Population Strong despite NH decline December 5, 2013

Moose in New Hampshire and Maine November 11, 2013

New Maine deer biologist winning over a tough crowd November 3, 2013 Maine

Numbers that are en-deering to all hunters November 16, 2013 Maine

Penobscot region biologists seeing big deer, healthy moose ... November 14, 2013 Maine

Perseverance works when it comes to collaring coyotes May 5, 2013 Maine

Putting a perspective on hunting big game in Maine June 1, 2013 Maine

State's moose herd is thriving, national population population concerns complex October 30, 2013 Maine

Strong deer season in Maine includes 260-pound Otisfield buck November 15, 2013 Maine

Using a Double-Count Aerial Survey to Estimate Moose Abundance in Maine August, 2013b LE Kantar, RE Cumberland

Video camera will give bear's-eye view of world February 4, 2013 Maine

York’s the happiest of hunting grounds December 1, 2013 Maine


A chat with the 'Bear Man' August 12, 2012 Maine

An Act To Resotre the White-Tailed Deer Population and Improve Maine's Wildlife Economy and Heritage: Deer Population goals and 5-Year Benchmark Report [PDF] January 25, 2012

Bad hunting, no snow, sink rural Maine's economy June 28, 2012

Coyote bounty continues tradition of ill-conceived wildlife measures September 10, 2012 Maine

Coyotes a symptom, not a cause January 14, 2012 Maine

Crying wolf on deer population June 1, 2012 Maine

Decisions impact nature, wolves January 7, 2012 Maine

Decline in agriculture means dwindling deer population June 10, 2012 Maine

Decline in out-of-state hunting licenses has Mainers feeling economic sting August 22, 2012 Maine

Deer Feeding Discouraged April 4, 2012 Maine

Deer herd gets help from IFW January 7, 2012 Maine

Deer recovery efforts in Maine are working November 4, 2012

Deer still face challenges February 4, 2012 Maine

F&W commissioner gives talk on the wild side March 1, 2012 Maine

Group backs bond issue for Land For Maine's Future May 14, 2012

Human choices drive climate changes May 5, 2012 Maine

Is Maine's Whitetail Deer Age Structure Changing? March 15, 2012

Lack of deer yards are cause of low deer numbers February 25, 2013 Maine

Land for Maine's Future bond to support farmers, fishermen, hunters October 14, 2012 Maine

Land for Maine's Future funding needed to restore deer population May 1, 2012

Lots of News From Deer Plan Briefing January 9, 2012 Maine

Maine governor signs fish and game bills [predator control] May 22, 2012

Maine Has a Deer Problem. Why Blame and Insult the Hunters August 28, 2012

Maine: Preliminary 2011 Deer Harvest Numbers Released March 14, 2012

Mainers appear to approve all bond referendums November 7, 2012 Maine

MDIFW estimates at least 21, 000 deer harvested in 2012 December 31, 2012 Maine

Mild winter does help, but deer still facing significant challenges January 28, 2012 Maine

Moose count is in, but what about the rest? (deer numbers) September 15, 2012 Maine

Months in the Making, Maine's Deer Harvest Numbers Finally Made Available March 9, 2012

Penobscot County Conservation Association joins effort to help Maine deer May 10, 2012

Poaching is on the rise in Maine November 12, 2012

Prioritize protecting deer wintering areas October 19, 2012 Maine

Proposed Rule Change on Youth Day Doe Hunting May 7, 2012 Maine

Rangeley's Deer Forage Project Deemed Successful as it Closes September 25, 2012 Maine

Some feedback on feeding deer January 15, 2012 Maine

Sporting groups unveil Maine Deer Management Network February 25, 2012

State gains more moose data, winter was good for deer March 9, 2012 Maine

Supplemental feeding of deer can be a benefit September 29, 2012 Maine

Survey shows Maine has about 76000 moose September 7, 2012

The case for predation management for improving deer survival August 31, 2012 Maine

UMFK collaring white-tailed deer for study August 6, 2012 Maine

Wildlife policy without demonization, wolves February 5, 2012 Maine

With more money comes more possibilities; how IFW will spend the money? July 17, 2012 Maine

Wolf rebound depends on US/Canada plan May 14, 2012 Maine


$233 Coyotes – Pretty Expensive! February 1, 2013 Maine

Allen Afield: If there were deer, access leases would come April 10, 2011 Maine

Battle in Augusta to focus on protection of wolves June 5, 2011 Maine

Before feeding deer, consider other ways to offer winter aid such as food plots January 9, 2011 Maine

Bill to bolster Maine deer population advances October 6, 2011

Casco Bay: Near and deer December 23, 2011 Maine

Chandler Woodcock looks to rebuild Maine's deer herd August 2, 2011 Maine,

Chasing wily coyotes May 29, 2011 Maine

Closing in on coyotes November 6, 2011 Maine

Decline in Maine hunters December 24, 2011

Deer Déjà Vu all over again — Maine Opinion — Bangor Daily News Deer decline based on forestry practices, not enough edge March 25, 2011 Maine Population Habitat

Deer hunting permits nearly cut in half in Maine as dwindling population declines May 21, 2011

Deer plan shows state's shared focus March 18, 2011 Maine Populatio

Deer population on upswing October 26, 2012 Maine

Deer? | Maine Outdoors (even fewer deer?) March 31, 2011 Population

Deirdre Fleming: Biggest challenge: protecting deer habitat March 27, 2011 Maine

Deirdre Fleming: Taking action on deer issue (shrinking herd) February 27, 2011 Maine

DIF& W to consider any-deer permit proposal April 30, 2011 Maine

Feeding deer: What's right? (declining deer in Maine) February 13/2011

Feeling tasked by all these studies [deer and coyotes] July 31, 2011, Maine,

Gov unveils strategy to rebuild Maine deer herd 3/17/2011 Population

Hunt may be expanded to Marsh Island August 13, 2011 Maine

Hunters, biologists disagree on coyote's impact on deer November 20, 2011 Maine

Hunting: A look inside the biologists' black box (estimating deer populations) January 2, 2011 Maine

IF&W considers a delicate balance with each change January 1, 2011 Maine

Isleboro Lyme disease 'epidemic' may call for unusual treatment-guns August 23, 2011 Maine

Islesboro voters approve killing 400 deer to help prevent Lyme disease August 25, 2011 Maine

It's all about the big bucks, deer farming April 28, 2011 Maine

It's either feast or famine when it comes to deer herd November 13, 2011 Maine

Keeping Maine's Forests Pilot Project Summary November 8, 2011

Keeping Maine's Forests Pilot Project Summary September 6, 2011 Maine

LePage seeks to slice buffer zone around vernal pools June 5, 2011 Maine

LePage Wildlife Department Nominee Wins Committee Endorsement February 23, 2011 Maine

Maine Deer Hunting Season Begins Amid Conservation Efforts October 26, 2011

Maine Deer Management Plan June 6, 2011

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife - Laws and Rules August 23, 2011 Public Law, Chapter 381: An Act To Restore the White-tailed Deer Population and Improve Maine’s Wildlife Economy and Heritage

Maine fisheries and wildlife commissioner discusses deer restoration effort July 30, 2011

Maine game chief says big deer here, but population down July 31, 2011

Maine takes aim at coyotes to bolster deer population March 17, 2011

Maine to Reduce Antlerless Deer Permits April 12, 2011 Maine

Maine Working On Improvements To Moose Lottery and Deer Management July 10, 2011

Maine's deer herd takes some surprising turns April 17, 2011 Maine

Maine, landowners endorse new deer wintering area guidelinesAugust 4, 2011, Maine

Maine: 2011 Whitetail Forecast October 24, 2011

Mark Latti: 'Game Plan for Deer' puts coyotes in the crosshairs Press Herald March 27, 2011 Maine

New Commisioner to continue research into deer population concerns in northern, eastern and western Maine July 7, 2011

New Law to Prioritize Maine Deer Populations June 13, 2011

Number of any-deer permits reduced May 19, 2011 Maine

Outdoors in Maine: The coyote/wolf parallel April 10, 2011 Maine Population Managemen

Pace of hunting too slow for children of today September 6, 2011 Maine License Sales

Protection of wolves in Maine debated June 9, 2011

Sportsman's Alliance of Maine director says he's seen coyotes here hunt in packs November 20, 2011 Maine

State offers meetings on new trapping permit December 10, 2011 Maine

The Good Old Days Maine's Deer Hunting Past…And Future July 26, 2011

Theories abound on peak rut dates November 13, 2011 Maine

Tough winter another twist for deer May 28, 2011 Maine

Using Wild White-Tailed Deer to Detect Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus Activity in Maine July 9, 2011

Weaving Tangled Webs of Deception? Predators Overprotected? July 15, 2011 Maine

What happens to deer when Maine's snow pattern isn't predictable? February 5, 2011

Wildlife Management in Maine September 24, 2011 U. Maine

With fewer deer up north, coyotes move south in search of food April 12, 2011 Maine

Wounded deer also hurt hunters, 50% wounding from archery December 18, 2011 Maine


Deer no longer thriving in the north woods October 31, 2010 Maine

History of Maine Moose Hunt October 7, 2019

Hunting: Problems of northern deer getting attention, potential critical problem for Maine's deer population December 26, 2010

It's not like the deer old days October 31, 2010 Maine

Maine Deer Herd November 13, 2013

Maine needs coyotes and deer October 31, 2010 Maine