New Mexico Deer in the News Archive -  New Mexico

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Mule deer: Nature's ‘pogo stick’ December 9, 2013 New Mexico, The Taos News 

... Their bouncing gait is one of their best-known attributes which is known as “stotting” or “pronking.”  When it stots, a mule deer bounds and lands with all four legs simultaneously... The people of Taos Pueblo honor the mule deer with a detailed oral history and a Deer Dance which gives thanks to the spirit of the deer and occurs on or about Dec. 25 ..

Santa Clara man ordered to pay $6,000 for allegedly poaching a deerMay 20, 2014 New Mexico, Deming Headlight 

...  a mule deer buck he was found guilty of poaching in January 2013. The buck scored 184 inches and was considered a trophy, allowing for higher civil penalties, according to the release.  The case was initiated by an anonymous tip to the Operation Game Thief hotline...