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Colorado Deer in the News Archive

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A Man and His Deer Friends Share Breakfast at His Colorado Home January 4, 2014

Beer for Deer: Drink Gray Ghost to Fund Mule Deer Conservation April 25, 2014 Colorado

Born Free: Stories from the heart August 23, 2015 Colorado

Boulder animal control officers free deer stuck in hammock February 5, 2016 Colorado

Broken antlers the only thing left behind by Rockrimmon buck January 24, 2013 Colorado

Buck rescued from frozen lake in Colorado Springs November 30, 2019 Colorado

Buck Seen Thriving Two Years After Having Arrow Removed From Head January 20, 2019 Colorado

California poachers confess to multi-state cimes March 22, 2014 Colorado

Canon City wants suggestions to name albino deer March 6, 2019 Colorado

Colorado couple, wildlife rehabbers working with 14 fawns among other animals July 3, 2019

Colorado deer rehab centers overwhelmed as their partners close June 21, 2019

Colorado Parks and Wildlife: Keep dogs away from wildlife February 14, 2014

Colorado rescuers free festive deer with head, antlers wrapped in Christmas lights December 28, 2016

Colorado Springs homeowner rescues baby deer lying alone in intersection, action leads to controversy June 18, 2014

Colorado Springs woman has special connection with deer in her yard December 17, 2017 Colorado

Colorado wildlife officers, construction crew rescue yearling deer from 10-foot-deep man hole in Aurora January 6, 2019

Colorado's 'Crazy French Ranch' Gets $20 Million Price Cut May 29, 2014 Colorado

CPW receives 9th fawn in 11 days from misguided citizens June 22, 2018

Craig, Mule deer illegally shot with arrow in Craig last week September 14, 2015 Colorado,

Craig, Officials seek deer poacher near Craig September 29, 2015 Colorado

Curtis Keetch wins award for work with mule deer April 5, 2015 Colorado

Deer Found Shot In Head With Arrow February 25, 2014 Colorado

Deer impaled by fence in Colorado Springs November 28, 2018 Colorado

Deer life cycle baffles tourists July 13, 2013 Colorado

Deer mating season prompts call for clean yards, caution November 14, 2017 Colorado

Deer Raised by Family Forced to Return to Wild December 4, 2016 Colorado

Deer rescue caught on video May 15, 2013 Colorado

Deer rescued by his antlers from icy reservoir in Lakewood January 21, 2018 Colorado

Discovery of dead deer shows danger of feeding wildlife March 21, 2019 Colorado

Eagle, Vail Valley locals Robbie Berry and Taylor Patton saved a deer from an icy river death November 21, 2018 Colorado

Elk and German shepherd caught on camera frolicking in Colorado December 11, 2019

Fawn euthanized after being adopted by Cheyenne family July 9, 2016 Wyoming

Firefighters give oxygen to deer rescued from icy Douglas County lake December 2, 2019 Colorado

Fort Morgan, Deer causes commotion in Fort Morgan June 24, 2016 Colorado

GMUG biologist receives national award March 14, 2014 Colorado

Happy ending for deer with wire wrapped around chest May 12, 2019 Colorado

Herd of Elk Die in Southern Colorado as Ice on Reservoir Gives Way January 2, 2015

Holiday Lights Tangled in Buck's Antlers December 6, 2011 Colorado

Hunting safety in crosshairs after fatal shooting November 12, 2015 Colorado

Ignacio outfitter banned from hunts November 28, 2012 Colorado

Lakewood, Deer Rescued From Frozen Reservoir Seems To Be Doing Well March 12, 2018 Colorado,

Man concerned after injured deer sits outside of building for days October 23, 2018 Colorado

Man Rescues Fawn From Window Well July 8, 2014 Colorado

Man Told Bird Feeders Have To Go September 23, 2015 Colorado

Meet Tilde: Cañon City's beloved white deer gets a name June 17, 2019 Colorado

Moose gets caught in backyard swing of Colorado home January 27, 2016 Colorado

Moose tranquilized and relocated in Colorado Springs September 5, 2018 Colorado

Mountain Lion Kills Deer in Springs Family's Front Yard January 28, 2013 Colorado

Mule deer carcass abandoned near Granby, rewards may be offered March 27, 2012 Colorado

Mule deer rescued on icy lake near Coors brewery January 11, 2013 Colorado

Mule deer shot with arrow in Canon City March 25, 2011 Colorado

Neighbors rescue deer struggling in flowing Dolores canal May 1, 2019 Colorado

NM man charged letting his dog kill baby deer in CO July 30, 2019 Colorado

Olympic wrestler cited for shooting deer at dealership August 15, 2014 Colorado,

Panel OKs bill allowing hunters to dress in pink February 4, 2015 Colorado,

Residents report goat joining elk herd near Loveland December 17, 2018 Colorado,

Reward grows to $6,000 for information leading to arrest of poacher in Morrison August 9, 2019 Colorado

Time for winter wildlife watching January 13, 2016 Colorado

Two New Mule Deer Foundation Chapters Formed in Colorado October 29, 2014 Colorado

Who takes care of all the injured fawns in El Paso County? Septeber 13, 2018 Colorado

Wildlife agency warns deer can get caught in holiday decorations November 21, 2018 Colorado

Wildlife officers forced to put down deer shot with crossbow in Coal Creek Canyon December 18, 2019 Colorado

Wildlife officers keep tabs on deer shot with arrow July 3, 2013 Colorado

Wildlife ranger fined for poaching mule deer May 15, 2013 Colorado

Wounded mule deer have arrows lodged in heads; Investigation underway March 16, 2018 Colorado