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Wyoming Deer in the News Archive

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2 men fined for illegally killing buck mule deer in Wyoming June 3, 2015 Wyoming,

5 Free Things in Southeast Wyoming August 22, 2013

Baggs, Two deer killed near Baggs January 22, 2014 Wyoming

Cody, Poacher of town deer sentenced January 30, 2017 Wyoming

Cody, G&F frees deer with stuck cage October 15, 2014 Wyoming

Deer rescued from icy waters December 31, 2014 Wyoming

Deer shot in head with arrow treated, released September 10, 2014 Wyoming

Deer Visits Wyoming Family Regularly October 9, 2017

Dillon couple sentenced in one of biggest poaching cases in southwest Montana January 16, 2015 Wyoming

Dogs, deer clash on levee December 19, 2015 Wyoming

Drone Causes Elk Stampede, Man Gets $280 Ticket February 24, 2017

Fabled wildlife park failed fast September 25, 2018 Wyoming

Fawn euthanized after being adopted by Cheyenne family July 9, 2016 Wyoming,

Growing popularity of shed hunting brings problems that led to restrictions in other states May 22, 2018 Wyoming

John the deer: Rescued buck taken from family, relocated October 19, 2017 Wyoming

Man befriends deer herd on PBS tonight April 16, 2014 Wyoming

Man receives $7,540 bill for poaching deer October 22, 2015 Wyoming

Mountain View, Tips help solve deer poaching case October 9, 2015 Wyoming

Mourning my deer September 27, 2012 Wyoming

Mule deer with unusual rack dies January 14, 2103 Wyoming

My Day as a Mule Deer November 12, 2014 Wyoming

Plea shot down for alleged deer poacher February 4, 2016 Wyoming

Poachers convicted in Pinedale area November 6, 2013 Wyoming

Riverton man convicted of poaching a mule deer buck with help from two accessories February 10, 2014 Wyoming

Riverton man pleads guilty to poaching trophy buck mule deer with illegal ammunition near Lander January 8, 2014 Wyoming

Roads Opening Earlier In Effort To Make Antler Rush Safer March 22, 2016 Wyoming

World-Class Buck Poached: Jail Time? April 11, 2016 Wyoming,

Wyoming man sentenced for poaching more than 100 deer October 19, 2019

Wyoming shed hunters offer tips for training dogs to find antlers April 9, 2014

Wyoming “Super Tag” hunting raffle has raised $3.7 million for big game management January 28, 2019