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United Kingdom Deer in the News Archive

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'Keep dogs under control near deer' May 1, 2012 United Kingdom

'Red nose' deer trapped behind Dulverton shop December 31, 2011 United Kingdom

A sight to warm the hart: Rare sighting of white stag spotted in Dartmoor September 23, 2011 Scotland

Animal cruelty: SSPCA anger over deer killed in Craigneuk woods April 17, 2012 United Kingdom

Applause as trapped deer is saved in Weymouth June 22, 2012 United Kingdom

Baby deer has lots of bottle July 26, 2012 United Kingdom

Bambi boom - Red deer calf kicks off the season at Leightonoss July 3, 2012 United Kingdom

Blyth man took pictures of his dogs killing a deer May 10, 2013 United Kingdom

Borders estate deer 'torn apart' July 12, 2012 United Kingdom

Brave Sandy's move saves life of deer attacked by dog May 17, 2011 United Kingdom

Charity starts appeal for East Sussex deer hospital July 31, 2011, United Kingdom

Decapitated deer and fawn found in Darlington January 20, 2015 United Kingdom

Dedicated schools' website will focus on deer June 30, 2012 Scotland

Deer antler found on beach believed to be 6,000 years old January 30, 2014 United Kingdom

Deer antlers [Irish Elk] June 28, 2011 United Kingdom

Deer at Culzean, Adopt a Deer August 30, 2011 Scotland

Deer emerging from the sea at Sandbanks amazes onlookers July 12, 2013 United Kingdom

Deer Escapes Flooding In Wimborne July 23, 2012 United Kingdom

Deer found hanged from tree near Ayr August 29, 2012 United Kiingdom

Deer freed after days trapped in compound September 14, 2012 United Kingdom

Deer guests are a hit at Amanda and Paul's big day April 16, 2013 United Kingdom

Deer hunters suspected after two middle school students are shot and wounded on outdoor basketball court December 13, 2011 United Kingdom

Deer killed after illegal shooting at ancient deer park in Maidstone June 15, 2012 United Kingdom

Deer left for four hours with broken back due to road closures August 26, 2011 United Kingdom

Deer mauled by dogs at St Catherine's Hill near Winchester May 30, 2012 United Kingdom

Deer me, SSPCA comes to injured roe's aid March 22, 2012

Deer most recognised Scottish animal, survey finds November 23, 2011

Deer new arrival is smallest bundle of joy for zoo July 13, 2012 United Kingdom

Deer oh Deer - Leighton Moss June 13,2012 United Kingdom

Deer park of the Welsh princes discovered in Gwynedd December 15, 2014 United Kingdom

Deer rescued from the sea off Crosby beach August 6, 2011 United Kingdom

Deer rescues are dangerous Dec 1, 2011 United Kiingdom

Deer Rut - Every weekend September 20, 2012 United Kingdom

Deer rutting boost for Scottish tourism September 16, 2013

Deer rutting season begins in Scotland September 26, 2013 United Kingdom

Deer stuck in tennis net rescued February 28, 2012 United Kingdom

Deer takes a dip in the sea May 9, 2011 United Kingdom

Deer trapped at Sutton Fields site finally rescued June 15, 2012 United Kingdom

Deer, oh deer - on safari at Snettisham, in Norfolk August 8, 2011 United Kingdom

Deer, rabbits and even rats should be spared legal culling, millions in UK believe January 4, 2015 United Kingdom

Dog hunting thugs butcher deer near a Milngavie school September 6, 2013 United Kingdom

Dog walkers sought over deer death April 11, 2012 United Kingdom

Dorset, Mutilated deer dumped on pathway April 20, 2013 United Kingdom

Dramatic deer rescue in Abbots Wood September 26, 2011 United Kingdom

Driver dismayed at lack of Christmas spirit as she tried to help injured deer December 17, 2012 United Kingdom

Durham crowbar deer-death police face disciplinary hearing December 16, 2014 United Kingdom

Durham Police officers probed over deer 'crowbar death' July 30, 2014 United Kingdom,

Emperor Of Exmoor Red Deer Stag 'Found' Head Mounted In Hartnoll Hotel In Devon December 12, 2011 United Kingdom

Enjoy a close-up view of Tatton's parkland deer this summer June 26, 2011 United Kingdom

Exotic deer in Lancashire woodland January 30, 2013 United Kingdom

Fur flies over the luxury clutch bags and iPad cases made out of deer fur: Horrified charities say 'don't wear Bambi' August 22, 2014 United Kingdom

Gamekeepers hit out at deer killers July 16, 2012 United Kingdom

Has Waterford deer park turned the corner? May 17, 2012 United Kingdom

Herd of deer loiter in Woodland Cemetary April 17, 2012 United Kingdom

Horror as woman finds pile of deer heads near Highland beauty spot March 19,2011 United Kingdom

Horror as Yorkshire poachers decapitate deer March 21, 2013 United Kingdom

Incredible moment a deer doggy paddles 1000ft against the tide to get to the other side of the harbor June 30, 2013 United Kingdom

It’s puppy love for Daisy the deer and her new pals, Photo gallery September 15, 2014 United Kingdom

Keighley, Oh deer! Doe stuck in railings is rescued at Cross Roads May 23, 2013 United Kingdom,

Keith Graham's Country View, History of Deer in Scotland June 16, 2012 United Kingdom

Locals join forces to protect town's greenspace from poachers May 25, 2011 United Kingdom

Lost 'Royal Deer Park' Discovered in Wales July 26, 2013 United Kingdom

Lugran, Outrage as severed heads of deer found at the side of road January 20, 2013 United Kingdom

Making dough from deer Antlers September 22, 2012 United Kingdom

Man arrested over ‘barbaric shooting’ of deer with crossbow December 30, 2013 United Kingdom

Man risked life to save drowning deer June 27, 2013 United Kingdom

Mary marvels over birth of deer twins at Grimsthorpe July 25, 21 United Kingdom

Neighbour helps to save trapped deer May 16, 2011 United Kingdom

Oh deer! Red fawn who thinks he's a lamb joins a flock of 100 friendly sheep January 16, 2013 United Kingdom

Oldest deer in the world dies aged 21 after long life attributed to her love of Polo mints May 25, 2012 United Kingdom

Pet deer Rudolph killed by dog after break-in at Jacksons Nurseries in Bagnall February 3, 2014 United Kingdom

Poachers could be responsible for dead deer at nature reserve March 26, 2013 United Kingdom

Poachers dump mutilated deer at side of road September 6, 2012 United Kingdom

Public warned of deer poachers in Wealde January 27, 2011 England

Reindeer in Scotland: Gardening with Lynne Allbutt December 3, 2011 United Kingdom

Rescue mission after deer is caught on the tracks May 22, 2012 United Kingdom

Residents rally round to protect Cemetery Junction deer February 14, 2014 United Kingdom

Row Town residents turn out to feed deer cut off from herd February 9, 2015 United Kingdom,

Scottish bed & breakfast placed in world's top ten January 18, 2012 Scotland

Scottish Deer Centre awarded zoo status September 8, 2011 Scotland

Scottish Natural Heritage study highlights deer cull concerns June 10, 2013 United Kingdom

Shock as dog seen killing deer in Judy Woods April 3, 2013 United Kingdom

Stag called The Monarch found dead in New Forest shot by poachers March 14, 2014 United Kingdom,

Summer walk to spot deer June 20, 2012 United Kingdom

Surrey deer attacks by dogs prompt warning April 17, 2013 United Kingdom

Surrey, Wildlife charity called out to rescue pregnant deer savaged by dogs April 17, 2013 United Kingdom

Sussex, Deer rescued from near busy Uckfield High Street March 5, 2013 United Kingdom

Swanage lifeboat crew rescues fallen deer June 6, 2011 United Kindgom

Taking the deer trail at Tatton Park July 12, 2013 United Kingdom

Two deer fawns die after dog attacks on Earls Down August 5, 2012 United Kingdom

Welsh Reindeer Is Britain's Oldest Rock Art, U-Series Dating Suggests June 29, 2012

Where to see deer in rutting season October 14, 2011 United Kingdom

Who shot the Goodleigh Giant? Huge stag is latest victim of poachers October 27, 2011 Scotland

Wildlife rescue centre unveiled April 22, 2012 Scotland